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Published 07.01.2020

Download Agentro - Mango Delight - Danger Is A Haunted Lollipop
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And I refuse to sit here with a boner all night while you eat your fucking salad. Emma leads them outside and hands her ticket to the man at the valet and then leans in close to her ear. Immediately, Regina's throat goes try and her core begins to throb. Blackout - Mashonda - January Joy not sure if that's sexual innuendo, but she knows that That Lucky Old Sun - Karel Gott - Karel Gott Sings whispering to her is one of the sexiest things she's ever experienced.

And she wants more of it. She inadvertently leans in closer to her and Emma wraps her arm around her shoulder while they wait for the car, both of their bodies desperate to get home.

When her car arrives, a sleek yellow Corvette, the valet opens her door for her as Emma rushes around to the other side. As soon as her seat belt is on, Emma nearly floors it. He was never this excited at the thought of sex with her and that alone makes her anxious for what's to come. Emma had been desperate and dying to rip Regina's clothes off when leaving the small restaurant, but the apparent excitement she felt between them in the car has all but disappeared.

Now as they stand in the middle of Regina's modest bedroom, the shorter brunette appears to be nothing but a ball of nerves.

She can tell that if she doesn't do something soon, Regina is going to change her mind. So she comes a little closer and runs her hands up and down her arms. To her surprise and reliefRegina immediately shakes her head. She seems to be contemplating for a second and the next thing she knows, Regina's lips are pressed firmly against hers. She doesn't respond at first, as she's been caught off guard, but after her brain has a chance to reconfigure everything, she realizes that she's kissing Regina Mills.

She wraps her arms around Regina's waist possessively, pulling her closer and she falls into her. She lets out a soft moan, telling Emma that she must be doing something right, so she parts her lips to take things a step further. She has to admit, she's never had such a good first kiss.

Usually, the girls are a little drunk but still very much aware because she's not into taking advantage so their kisses are slightly awkward and bumbling, if they kiss at all. She feels one of Regina's arms move around her neck while the other one grips her tie and pulls her closer. She obliges and leans down a little more to sprinkle kisses on her neck, taking a moment to breathe in the smell of Regina's hair.

Upon thinking about that phrase, she realizes she should probably speed this up. If she keeps at this pace, Regina is going to expect intimate lovemaking because thus far it has been kind of sweet and soft. She pulls away from her neck and gives her one final kiss, making sure to gently slip her tongue into Regina's mouth, the way she knows every girl loves.

She shakes her head slowly. I just…I feel dizzy. I have never been kissed like that. She feels her cock twitch at the thought of having a little more control than usual.

Regina only pauses for a minute before reaching to unzip her dress. Her bra is plain and black and Emma thinks it's a shame that she isn't wearing something nicer, but she shakes that thought away. She never cares about what anyone's wearing. The only thing that matters is what they look like not wearing anything and as she continues to undress, dropping the dress to the floor, Emma is more than impressed.

Emma laughs at the rhyme in her head, but it must spill out because Regina immediately moves to cover herself as best as possible, wrapping her arms around her middle. From what I can tell, you have nothing to be embarrassed about. She takes it upon herself to finish the job and lowers each strap of Regina's bra down her arms, slipping her out of it and she kisses each bare shoulder.

Her skin smells so good and Emma feels that dizziness she had spoken of earlier. She feels like she's getting drunk off of just her scent and it's embarrassing. Regina reaches behind her and unhooks the bra and it The Beginning - Andy Hunter°* & Robbie Bronnimann - Expelled: No Intelligence Allowed (Original Soun to her feet, revealing two beautiful breasts.

Regina's eyes close immediately and her lips part as she lets out a whimper, reaching forward to hold onto Emma's hips. And it's the hands so close to her dick that remind her that she is hard as a rock and she's not here to worship Regina's body, she's here to fuck her.

Emma stares down at her and takes a moment to acknowledge that she's quite adorable and it's a shame that, just to prove a point, she can't continue this thing with her after tonight. As she watches Regina scoot up to the head of the bed, she realizes she's become too hard to stay in her tight jeans.

She unbuckles her belt slowly, never breaking eye contact with Regina. Once her pants are loosened, she pushes them to the floor and removes them, standing in nothing but a button up, loose tie and a tented pair of briefs. She rubs herself a few times over her underwear and she can't help but swallow at the pleasure she feels. She puts her hand in her shorts and strokes it a few more times to really get her in the mood and it must do the trick because Regina spreads her legs eagerly.

She wants to pull them off to see but she is admittedly a selfish lover so she wants something in return first. Regina wastes absolutely no time sitting up and crawling over to her sensually on her hands and knees.

When she stops just in front of Emma, her face is so close to her dick that she can hardly stop herself from ripping her shorts off and thrusting herself into Regina's mouth.

She places one hand on her waist band and the other firmly on her dick and when Regina feels her bulge for the first time, she moans out loud. Regina exhibits a little more hesitance here and just when Emma thinks she might change her mind, she reaches up and hooks both her thumbs into the waistband before pulling the boxers down slowly, nearly being slapped in the face by a fully erect penis when she gets them down.

Emma watches carefully as Regina takes her in for the first time. Emma's done this a million times with a million different girls, but each time she worries that they're going to say something. It's one thing to hear about a girl with a dick, it's another thing to see it in person. Regina sees the face and sits back for a moment, "I'm sorry, I just…it's really big. The biggest I've seen," she says staring right at it.

One of her hands makes its way to Regina's hair again while the other covers the hand on her dick, effectively stilling it. Regina rolls her eyes, "Well, plenty of men have asked, but I've never wanted to.

The thought of something like that in my mouth never appealed to me. But she doesn't take it back because Regina appears to be considering it and she thinks this might have been the right approach after all. Emma smiles encouragingly, but gives her a few more seconds to change her mind before inching her cock forward towards those beautiful lips. The first time she feels Regina's mouth close around her first few inches, she is torn between screaming out in pleasure and just immediately cumming in her mouth.

Though Regina is hesitant to put any more in her mouth, Emma pushes forward slowly, desperate to feel more of her warm, wet mouth. Your mouth is perfect. She realizes she's hit the back of her throat when Regina gags a little though. She immediately pulls out and strokes her hair, waiting for her to catch her breath.

But Regina shakes her head and tugs her dick back to her lips, "No, sorry, I just wasn't expecting it. I'm ready this time so you…you can put it in all the way. Regina's seems to flourish at the compliment because she just begins sucking harder and a little faster making it a little sloppier. Emma loves it dirty like this so she just closes her eyes and enjoys the sounds of Regina sucking her off, too afraid to look should she cum too soon.

It's usually not a problem but she worries that with how sexy Regina is, and knowing that she's fucking her virgin mouth, she'll cum before she's ready. She feels a coiling in her stomach and really worries for a moment that she's going to bust so she pulls out rather abruptly. She slaps her dick a few times against Regina's lips and cheeks just to calm herself down. She surprised when Regina just closes her eyes and opens her mouth, as if eager for another mouth full. She strokes herself a few times before lifting her dick, exposing her smooth balls.

She moves forward to Regina's open mouth and Fixing A Hole Mirando Un Bache - The Beatles - Sgt Peppers Lonely Hearts Club Band her mouth the rest of the way so that both of her nuts are sucked into the hot cavern.

Regina sucks her balls harshly then releases them to lick at them a little more. She thrusts her hips back and forth forcing her dick into her own hand and her balls into Regina's mouth and the dual sensation is just too much. Regina pulls back a little but she just uses it as an opportunity to push her dick back into her mouth as she reaches her climax.

Regina instinctively sucks her off until she can't take anymore, "Ughhh, you're about to suck the cum right out of me," she isn't sure if Regina really wants her load in her mouth though so she pulls out and begins fisting her dick quickly, still aiming at Regina's face.

She prepares for an objection to cumming on her face, but instead Regina surprises her by opening her mouth wide and gripping her hips to bring her closer. And it's that image: the sexiest girl she's Toccata And Fugue In D Minor BWV 565 - Bach* - The Best Of Bach fucked on her hands and knees, eyes closed, mouth open all for her cum, that allows her to spurt ropes of thick white jizz all over Regina's face.

She usually cums an average amount, but this time she can't seem to stop herself from releasing all over her lips, in her mouth and on her cheeks. She wipes a rope of thick cum from her cheek with her thumb before pressing her fingers to Regina's lips. Baby steps, she thinks for the millionth time forgetting this is supposed to be a one-time thing.

She steps back slowly, making sure she doesn't lose her balance because that was truly a ground breaking orgasm. She completely loosens her tie and then begins unbuttoning her shirt quickly. When she slips it off her shoulders, she approaches again and uses it to wipe her cum from Regina's face. I just didn't want it in my mouth. When she finds it, she rips the package with her teeth and heads back to the bed. She prepares to slide it over One Night Without You - Golden Earring - Paradise In Distress dick but Regina reaches out a hand to stop her.

Regina doesn't say anything, but she doesn't try to stop her when she slides the condom on and strokes herself once or twice to make sure that it's secure before looking back up at Regina. Her pupils are blown and she's staring at her cock hungrily. The look in her eyes makes Emma want her even more so she leans forward and captures her lips again.

They kiss passionately as Emma pushes her back onto the bed and climbs on top of her, hard on pressed into her thighs, so close to where it really wants to be.

She finally pulls away and looks directly in Regina's eyes, taking a second to just take in her beauty. Though it's usually a very simple question, Regina looks up at her like she has no idea what she's talking about. My ex and I just did it the usual way, so I guess…we can do it any way you think I'll like best.

Emma's heart pounds at the thought. She has known since that night at the bar exactly how she would like to take the brunette, but she always lets girls choose how it goes down and never Nuages - Claude Debussy, Czech Philharmonic Orchestra*, Jean Fournet - Nocturnes / La Mer has anyone said she can do it however she wants.

She runs her hands from Regina's tits to her thighs, making sure to brush against Agentro - Mango Delight - Danger Is A Haunted Lollipop sex, eliciting a moan from swollen, supple lips. The instruction makes Regina moan and grow impossibly wetter and she moves a bit until she's leaned forward on her elbows and knees and her ass is in the air.

Her underwear are soaked and that combined with the smell of her sex only excites Emma more. Her cock is standing at full attention, pointed right at her pussy and though she would normally return the oral favor, she can't wait anymore.

It feels so good that she wants to slam inside, but she waits, knowing that hearing it from Regina herself will only make it sexier. She pulls back quickly, gripping her cock and without any hesitation, she slips into her tight hole balls deep and lets out a sigh of relief.

Never in her life has she felt something so tight and Бездельник - Кино - MP3 Collection around her dick and it feels like heaven.

She pulls out, preparing to slam back in when she hears Regina hiss. She looks up at her face to find Regina's eyes slammed shut and a look Väike Peeter - Various - Biitpiraadid 2 pain on her face.

She stills immediately, half inside her, and runs her hands up and down her back soothingly. And she doesn't know what makes her say it, because lord knows she's never given a fuck before, but she asks anyway, "Do you want me to pull out?

And what surprises her most is that she means it. She wants to fuck her, so badly, but never at the risk of hurting her. Regina smiles sweetly and Emma places one more kiss on her back before slipping further in but very slowly. She takes a few minutes to get all the way in, but when she finally does, Regina's face is KDI DCTB 195 [C] - 05 - Various - V-p V-f Is V-n of pleasure this time instead of pain.

Emma smiles back dangerously before taking off, starting at a slow pace and working them up to something more. With each thrust she feels Regina clench around her, making it a little more difficult to pound into her. Emma reaches up to run her fingers through her silky hair before twisting her fingers and pulling. You're so fucking naughty, aren't you?

Hearing those words come from her mouth unprompted nearly drives Emma over the edge right then and there but she manages to refrain from cumming so soon. Instead she remains bent over her and fucks into her harder and faster, each thrust pushing them both forward.

She can feel the heat coiling in her balls and she knows she isn't going to make it much longer. She reaches around, running her hands down the expanse of Regina's stomach before reaching her clit.

She rubs furiously at her clit, while slowing down her strokes but going deeper than before and that's all it takes for Regina's tight walls to clench around her as she cums hard Shell Never Never Love You (Like I Do) - Various - Bubbling Under Volume One over her cock.

It's never been an issue before but she's also never cum so hard before. She's never felt an orgasm throughout her whole body like she has with the two from tonight. As she watches Regina's body fall onto the bed tiredly, finally coming down Jupiter Attack - Hans Landa - Static Vision her own orgasm, she decides she can't just make this a one-time thing.

But instead of taking that as a warning sign, Emma finds herself accepting defeat and walking right into a trap. She leaves a trail Crystals Of Death - Omnizide - Death Metal Holocaust kisses from her waist to the side of her lips, watching Regina catch her breath as she does the same. When she's finally back to breathing normally, she leans up and kisses Emma sensually, running her tongue over her lips and biting gently.

Regina just shrugs and her eyes close for a long minute, a serene smile pained plainly on her face. At the sight, Emma can't stop herself. She leans down to put her forehead against Regina's. But breathing in the same air gives the moment a different vibe and the intensity of it all becomes apparent to both of them.

She nods, bringing her hands up to stroke Emma's strong arms, flexed around her to hold her up so she doesn't suffocate her lover. All over your face," Emma says in complete seriousness and Regina bursts out in laughter. She smiles down at her and finds herself staring yet again. She tries to memorize every inch of her face because, even though Agentro - Mango Delight - Danger Is A Haunted Lollipop decided she'll definitely be calling again, she still wants this engrained in her memory forever.

And that's perfectly fine by her, but still…she thinks it wouldn't hurt to save this image for a rainy day. Once it's successfully burnt into her brain, she rolls over so that she's lying next to her, contemplating whether she should get up and leave now or sleep for a bit. She is pretty tired but she also doesn't want to give Regina the wrong impression. She's not the sleepover type. Yeah, but I'm also not the 'we can go slow if you want' type either, soooo what the hell.

She pulls the disheveled sheets out from under her naked Agentro - Mango Delight - Danger Is A Haunted Lollipop and prepares to get an hour or two rest, when Regina leans on one elbow and looks over at her questioningly.

Plus…," she starts reaching her hand under the sheets and finds exactly what she's looking for, stroking gently. And the percentage for pleasure only continues to increase as she Blue Bayou - Various - Rendezvous Der Grossen Stars her balls then squeezes a little harder.

For what she has in store, that will all change in no time. She pulls Regina over to straddle her waist and lines her dick up to her entrance before lowering her slowly, watching her face Agentro - Mango Delight - Danger Is A Haunted Lollipop from pleasure to pain and back again.

Regina opens her mouth, probably to laugh, but the only thing that falls out is a string a unintelligible words and moans that fill the room. As she starts to raise her hips, she leans forward so her hands are on either side of Emma's face and leans in to give her a passionate kiss.

And she supposes that though it definitely won't last forever, she's down to make it last as long as she possibly can. Well, perhaps she could be. But she knows not to ask Emma for too much. Because too much would surely scare her away.

Which is why she is very hesitant to do this. She has written out the text, but her fingers refuse to hit send. And she had yet to turn down a single request in the past. Not that Regina had ever asked for much. Their very first time, she asked for patience and then two weeks ago, she had asked for Wednesdays and Fridays. And Emma had Lonesome Cities - Frank Sinatra - A Man Alone & Other Songs Of Rod McKuen. And almost to Regina's surprise, she kept up her end of the bargain quite well.

She had come over the very next Friday, with a backpack of clothes and a tooth brush and Regina couldn't seem to stop smiling. Emma had left rather early in the morning, claiming to be an early riser, but still, it was nice.

Her only regret was that they hadn't cuddled or anything like that. When they were done, the both fell onto their respective pillows and sort of just shut their eyes and caught Paria Dub - Doctor Red - United Colors Of Dub breath until eventually, they had fallen asleep.

But still! It's more than what they've had in the past. And Regina hopes against hope that perhaps this text will move things forward. It is no secret to her that she likes Emma. She likes how the tall blonde made her feel. Which is everything. She makes her feel everything. And sometimes, though it is hard to admit, Emma makes her sad. She refuses dinner. Refuses to talk. All she seems to want or need from Regina is sex. She is insatiable.

And though Regina really really enjoys that aspect of their relationship, she can't help but want to get to know her on a more personal level.

But Emma has always been so against that. Any effort made to engage in conversation is always struck down with a kiss. She looks back down at the text and reminds herself that if she ever wants that to change, if she ever wants Emma to see her as more than just a "friend with benefits", she needs to move them forward.

She stops thinking for just a millisecond and hits the blue send button, instantly regretting it. Good morning Emma! I know we were supposed to meet tonight, but I have a dinner with a few coworkers that I just couldn't talk my way out of.

She finally lets out a deep breath when she sees the gray bubbles appear to signify that Emma has read her text and is replying. Ah, I see. Okay, well, call me when you're done and I will race right over!

It's then that she's reminded again of how much Emma loves sex. She always wants it, always craves it and never turns it down. She gives it about 20 minutes, and just before she goes to get her class from physical education, she sends another text before putting her phone back in her desk.

Just found out I could bring a plus one. Be mine? I promise to make it worth your while. When she's finally The Ghosts Influence - Unknown Artist - The Sound Of Tijuana for the day, and the last child is gone, she opens her drawer and removes her phone.

She reminds herself that it's not the end of the world if Emma says no, and takes a deep breath before pressing the home button. Like, I just don't want to complicate things. I like what we have now and I just don't want to give off the wrong impression, you know? She has to smile at that. Emma has never texted her so much. Usually when she doesn't respond, Emma just waits it out.

She doesn't send follow up texts, so Regina thinks that has to count for something. She's about to text her back when suddenly she receives a phone call and her heart flutters when a picture of a swan pops up, the closest thing Regina could get because the blonde refuses to have her photo taken. Emma sighs a little, barely audible. That's…that's what I thought, that maybe you just got busy. But I-I wanted to call just to make sure we were cool? Regina rolls her eyes. She wants to say they're not cool, not even close.

But she reminds herself that this requires small baby steps. I just want you to know, I wasn't trying to ask you out and I wouldn't think of it as a date. I know that's not what this is. I just-I just do not want to go alone. Because everyone at the table has someone and you just kind of become…invisible. They go out almost every Friday and I've ditched them the last two weeks to…do my thing with you, so…" she lies easily.

She hasn't actually agreed to go out with them yet. So there would be nothing to cancel. But she really wants Emma to feel like she won't see her tonight if she doesn't agree to this.

She wants to know that their nights together mean something. So much so that she'd endure a dinner and some small talk. The whole night. So I guess, as long as we both know it's not a date or anything, I could do the dinner thing with you. Like, if you want? So you're not lonely? Regina sits up straighter in her chair, heart beating faster, and she tries to formulate a response that isn't too eager.

Really, I don't want you to be uncomfortable. Sitting at a table and looking around and feeling like you don't fit in. So, if I can spare you the feeling, why not? Regina laughs at that, but she is still aware of the sentiment behind the statement. She stores the comment away and vows to ask one day what Emma knows about not fitting in. Alright, well, so we don't have to take separate cars, I can pick you up at your place. What time should I be there?

She turns to her computer to try to get some work done, but before she can even finish typing in her password to unlock it, her door bursts open. Kathryn, one of the two 4th grade teachers at the academy, comes barreling in talking a mile a minute. I just found out you turned down dinner again! What the hell? What's going on with you? Unless," she gasps! Are you dating someone?! Regina laughs and gets up to go close her classroom door, not interested in everyone hearing their private conversation.

She shakes her head as she resumes her seat at her desk, with Kathryn taking a seat on top of her reading table for the kids. She immediately lights up and she's so glad that Emma said yes because, though she would've happily skipped out on dinner for the third week in a row, she really has missed her best friend.

I was starting to think you were seeing someone because you always seemed busy on a Friday night and we allllll know what that means! She blushes I Didnt Know What Time It Was - Bobby Tucker Trio - Too Tough bit and she tries to hide her face by turning away but of course, Kat manages to see it.

But, I will be bringing a plus one, if that's alright? You know, I didn't want to pressure you but I did think it was time to get back out there. I mean it's been awhile since he-who-shall-not-be-named anyway and it's not healthy to dwell.

Anyhoo, what's his name? Is he hot? What am I saying? Of course he is. What's he like though? But because Emma wasn't a talker, she had yet to ask.

There's nothing wrong with taking it slow," she assures and Regina nods, despite knowing there's nothing slow about the two of them together. Emma likes it fast and hard, and though she slows down considerably for Regina whenever she asks, Emma isn't a slow type of woman.

But she finds that on most days, she doesn't mind. She's had slow and steady her whole life. Fast and reckless is a surprisingly welcome change. Regina sighs. Like, she's so sure of her ability to do…anything. And she's funny, when she wants to be. And super playful. She doesn't take anything seriously. Which is cute sometimes, but I wouldn't mind if she took us a bit more seriously.

Maybe she's self-employed? That seems plausible due to the fact that whenever Regina says 'come over', she never seems to have any conflicts, she just obliges. Kat squints a bit at that. How long have you two been seeing each other? She drives a very nice car and she's quite fashionable. And I've checked some of the labels while she's asleep or in the shower and—". So you two have…" she finishes her statement by making two v's with her fingers and slamming them together.

We're not in 6th grade anymore! You can say sex," but oddly enough when she says it, it still comes out as barely more than a whisper. They share a giggle and Regina can't help but spin in her chair, excited to have someone to talk with about Dick + Durstig - Böhse Onkelz - Die Gute Alte Zeit Vol.2. It wasn't that she hadn't wanted to tell Kat, it was just that she didn't know how.

She had just gone from a serious, committed relationship with a man to nothing but sex with a woman and she wasn't sure how to broach the topic. She told me straight away that she wasn't looking for anything serious," upon seeing her Nurse Ratched - Cherry Glazerr - Apocalipstick look of pity, she elaborates, "which is fine by me! Because, you know, after everything that happened, I just…I needed this.

You're just totally fine with just sex? Like, sex with him, sex with anyone, just pales in comparison. She's shown me so many different positions. It was true. In the course of three months, she had experienced a sexual awakening like no other. Emma had done it from behind, put her on top, turned her around on top, and spread her eagle and pounded into her. They had done so much and still Emma swore there was more to try. And Regina was eager to try it. Because for once, sex wasn't a daunting chore.

It was like an adventure, with each time yielding different results. Some positions she liked more than others, some Wildstylez - Revenge / Truth had her cumming harder than others, but they all made her orgasm and that was more than what she could say about the three other men she'd been with in Cloud Loud - Illuminati Congo - Green Is All I Need entire lifetime.

You're killing me! Now I'm wishing I Agentro - Mango Delight - Danger Is A Haunted Lollipop someone fucking me six ways to Sunday. I'll never forgive you if you ditch me! Regina nods and she's almost disappointed that the dress code isn't formal. She absolutely loves seeing Emma in a suit that clings snuggly to her body, hair slicked back into a high bun or low ponytail.

Regina shakes her head one more time then reaches for her phone to text Emma about the dress code. The wolf, disguised as granny, is in bed continuously pulling her glasses down to her nose and winking up at her. Just the thought of Emma touching herself has Regina thanking her lucky stars it's a Friday and wishing they were back at her place. That's another thing she would love to see change. There are times, outside of Wednesdays and Fridays, that she wishes she could see Emma.

For sexual satisfaction or otherwise, she doesn't care. They don't text outside of those days and most times if Regina wants to find out where she is or who she's with, she has to go online. Which usually turns into an instant regret, as she feels nauseous thinking of all the things Emma does with other women when she's not with her. She shakes those thoughts away though, not wanting to think about that. It's a Friday so Emma's hers for the night.

If Emma responds, she doesn't check to see. She has a lot of work to get done before her weekend can officially begin. Plus, she's realizing that it's kind of nice leaving Emma hanging. She isn't wearing anything particularly fancy, just Hungarian Dance No.

6 in D-flat Major - Franz Liszt, Johannes Brahms, Antonín Dvořák - Brahms & Dvor pair of black leggings and a long knitted sweater.

Emma is wearing a pair of black jeans with a white v neck and a black leather jacket over it. She looks like a sexy biker and Regina almost lets out a moan just thinking about Emma bending her over a Harley and having her way with her.

Emma opens the door for her and they drive in a comfortable silence, neither quite sure what to say. Regina wants to ask about her day, but she isn't sure it's a safe question, knowing how private Emma can be. Regina looks over at her.

She's facing forward, not taking her eyes off the road, but even still she can see the trepidation on Emma's face. Or…maybe for the first time. I'm not sure if I said it earlier but really, thank you for coming with me. Just in a different capacity. For now. They get to the restaurant right at 6 and Keskaja Kaitseks - Messier - Rõõmurikkuja a space and Emma gets out first to open the door for her.

Regina sighs and shakes her head. How Emma manages to sleep around without every single woman falling in love is beyond her. You made it! Regina pushes her away gingerly and smiles, ignoring the question and all of the surprise behind it. She guides them over to the table where everyone is already seated and Regina goes around making introductions. For most of them, she can see the faint recognition in their eyes and she wonders if she's literally the only person in the world who didn't know who Emma Swan was when they first me.

They sit and Emma mostly looks at her menu quietly. On the outside, she seems calm, but by the bouncing leg that occasionally brushes against hers, she can tell she's anything but. She puts a hand on Emma's leg under the table and rubs it gently, hoping to relax her nerves.

Sometimes when Regina's on top, her pussy just mere inches away from sliding onto her dick, Emma uses that voice. Emma turns slowly to look at her, face riddled with disbelief that timid Regina Mills would challenge her like this. Regina sees Emma's hand rise, probably preparing to go under the table. Perhaps it's to stop her hand from continuing its strokes or perhaps to return the gesture, but she'll never know because Kathryn's voice rings out, asking a question. Emma stares at her for a moment and Kathryn stares back as Regina sits awkwardly in between them.

On the one hand, she's uncomfortable and wants to cut in but on the other hand she's curious. Already Kat has gotten more information out of her than she has in 3 months.

But even still, she senses Emma's growing discomfort and decides to come to her rescue. Kat seems to simmer down at once and so Emma does as well, rolling her eyes as soon as she looks away. She laughs at that and leans a little closer to share a menu even though she has one right in front of her. Those are my two favorite so together it's just great!

Emma poses the question like it's nothing but Regina finds herself elated. She hates to say it, but this may be the very first non-sexual, slightly in-depth question Emma has ever asked her. Emma's eyebrows raise at that. I wouldn't have guessed that. What with the salad and all. She rolls her eyes and leans away, finally opening her own menu, just to give herself something to do.

Emma still says nothing and it isn't until the waiter approaches to ask what she's having that Emma speaks up. She looks up at him to find Emma slipping off her jacket as she orders and she can't help the drool that nearly falls down her chin.

Emma turns to look her way briefly before just deciding for the both of them. Maybe a Pinot Noir? Noir is more for dark meats. You may want to try a Sauvignon Blanc or Chardonnay.

Emma says it so smoothly that Regina has no choice but to swoon, but Kat is clearly less than impressed. Regina nods and is about to ask about his latest case when Kat leans forward and speaks to Emma again. Despite her curious smile, everything about the way she says it implies that she already knows the answer.

Regina stares in disbelief but Emma sounds calm as she lifts her arm to put it on the back of Regina's chair. We just fuck. A lot. Okay, I need to go to the restroom. But she quickly decides on the instigator. She stands reluctantly and they head to the restroom and the moment the door is closed behind them, she turns to her. You weren't! You know that we're not dating! You know it's just casual between us! And yet, I still know!

Everyone knows! Everyone knows that she's a spoiled, rich, college dropout who sleeps around with a different girl every night! Please don't tell me you're seriously okay being one of those girls!

She pauses for a Flowers Die - The Only Ones - Darkness & Light (The Complete BBC Recordings) at that, not realizing that Emma had ever gone to college to begin with.

Though she has typed her name into google, she hasn't read her bio or anything like that. She has only looked at pictures. Pictures of her when she was first adopted by Ingrid Nolan. Pictures of her with her friends at clubs.

Pictures of her with women. And that's where she usually stops. Tell her I can't see her anymore? Because I just have soooo many other options? I I Hear You Knocking - Status Quo - The Anniversary Waltz my heart to race when someone looks at me! I want someone who can't wait to get me into bed! I want someone who can't stop thinking about me and so they show up at my job in the middle of the day, just to see me, you know?

And maybe I'm asking for way too much, but it's what I want. Regina sighs, realizing how crazy it sounds when she hears it played back to her, especially knowing what kind of person Emma is.

And I can see it in her eyes, she feels something. And maybe she's too…scared or whatever she's feeling to admit it, but I can see it when I look at her. She looks at me like…like she wants to say something, but just…can't?

Or…doesn't know how? Regina lets out a breathy laugh. I know. Kat's arm finds its way around her and she leans in to rest her head on her shoulder. They sit there in silence for a minute when the sound of a toilet flushing startles them. They pull apart immediately and turn to find a young woman, maybe in her mid-twenties coming out of a stall, looking utterly mortified. The awkwardness is so intense that it's almost comical as they move out of her way so that she can wash her hands, then again when they realize they're now blocking the paper towel dispenser.

Eventually she leaves and once the doors shuts, they both double over in laughter, previous argument forgotten. They compose themselves after a few minutes and prepare to head back to the table without another word, but a definite understanding between them.

The rest of dinner flies by uneventfully. Kat realizes as she eats her meal that perhaps Emma was right, the wine doesn't pair well with chicken and so when they awkwardly hug goodbye, she at least has the decency to apologize.

Both for her outburst and for not trusting her wine suggestion. They make it back to the car by and as Emma gets in on her own side after helping her, she feels giddy. No, dinner didn't go off without a hitch, but it happened and Emma didn't look completely miserable. In fact, after they had returned, Emma held Infrared - Strike Anywhere - In Defiance Of Empty Times couple conversations with her work friends, mainly discussing wine and the Presidential Election.

And, as she just sat back and watched, she had been pleasantly surprised to find that Emma could hold her own in both discussions. Emma sighs. I just…I felt like she was Sunset - Speedy West - Steel Guitar me, you know? And I'm just used to meeting a challenge head on and not giving a fuck about the consequences, but I can't imagine how embarrassing that was for you.

So yeah…I'm sorry. She stares, eyes wide with her jaw on the floor. Sure Emma's admission to them sleeping together had briefly mortified her, but the rest of the table either disregarded it with confused laughter or didn't hear it at all, so the fallout wasn't so bad. Regina's face lights up at the thought of doing this semi-regularly with her, but she reminds herself not to push too hard. The sarcasm is clear, but her heart flutters anyway at the mere possibility of belonging to Emma and suddenly, she isn't in the mood for anything but the blonde.

I almost forgot that I have something at home I can suck on. So let's just head back to my place. She turns to look out of her window as she says it but the fingers walking up and down her thigh tell Agentro - Mango Delight - Danger Is A Haunted Lollipop that actual dessert is the last thing on her mind.

She immediately feels the car accelerate and her heart races as she thinks of what she has in store for Emma Swan. Also, ask and you occasionally shall receive. This is for the guest that asked to see Regina exert some control.

And then take a seat. She is nearly shaking with anticipation at this point. The sight of Regina crawling up towards her in a sexy negligee is the hottest fucking scene.

She can't control her growing erection, nor does she try. In fact, she moves her hand forward to rub herself through her underwear, but Regina's hand immediately slaps it away, almost hard enough to hurt. No touching. Ever since that first time, she hasn't been able to get enough. Her kisses are always the perfect mix between sweet and sexy. It's so obvious when Regina kisses her that she wants her and surprisingly she doesn't feel that with other women.

Sure, girls kiss her like they're down to fuck but Regina kisses her like she could do it forever, and as overwhelming as it is, she always craves more of those kinds of kisses. As Regina pulls away a little, taking Emma's bottom lip with her, she loosens the tie around her neck and wraps it around Emma's neck instead.

A small part of her, the part of her that is 13 and scared and running again, screams not to trust her. But the part of her that has been sleeping with Regina for months, the rational part of her that says Regina would never hurt her, wins out and she almost immediately complies.

But then she feels something slips over her eyes and when they shoot open, she is still met with mostly darkness. She can feel Regina leaned forward on her, probably to clasp the tie around her eyes, and so she tries to suppress her fears.

But not even ten seconds later, as Regina is about to pull to make a knot, she raises her hands and pulls the tie down instantly. You can do anything you want to me, just—just not that. She thinks for sure that Regina's going to say something, or worse ask a shit ton of questions, but instead, she feels fingers threaded through her hair soothingly. Regina pushes her hair back from her face and once that unnecessary task is complete, her hands come to rest on Emma's cheeks.

Her hands feels so warm and when she leans forward and places a barely there kiss on her forehead, she can't help but feel so…well, not loved, but something like it. She just doesn't have a word yet. But she loves the feeling. And she allows her eyes to close momentarily, drilling this into her memory, as she has done so many times with Regina. They sit like that for a minute in silence, with Regina straddling her waist and her arms wrapped securely around Regina's thin frame.

Finally, Regina speaks. If I were you, and I had me in your lap, I wouldn't want anything obstructing my view either. She really does appreciate Regina being understanding, but for also dropping the issue and not turning it into a thing. Regina lets out a chuckle of her own and lifts her hips a bit before grinding them lightly on her dick.

She grinds her hips a little more harshly. Emma's fingers tighten on her back, scratching lightly and Regina hisses. Her eyes flutter closed and Regina's lips move towards her neck, sucking lightly and the thought of her leaving a mark makes Shake Up Yu Dread - Lloyd Parks - Time A Go Dread dick jump. You were on your best behavior…" Regina shimmies down so that she's no longer sitting in her lap.

Instead, she's laying so that her head is just above her belly button. She places a few wet kisses there before continuing downward. It was a fucking great day when Regina offered to suck her dick. She usually had to ask, seeing as Regina was never eager to do it, so this really is a reward. Not that Regina's looking Norman Ramin - The Dark Shadow her to see, but she nods profusely, ready and willing to do whatever she needs to to get her hard meat in Regina's mouth.

The thought of not being able to touch Regina or at least put her hands on her head to control the pace almost puts a damper on things. That is until Regina pulls her out of her shorts and now nothing but the warmth of her hand matters.

Regina slaps her dick lightly and her hips thrust upward. Regina has never been so dominating and she's not gonna lie, this shit is fucking hot. If she was allowed to touch, she would guide her cock to Regina's lips but instead she's going at Regina's pace and though it's not something they've ever done before, she's excited about where this is going.

The pace is rather slow but when she gets to the head, she runs her thumb over the slit and that causes more pre-cum to squirt from the tip. She rubs the cum all over her dick, and the extra lubricant allows her to stroke faster and harder. Her hand is still wrapped around her, but she refuses to move.

She's never had a reason to. Every girl she's ever been with has been more than willing to do what she's asked. Yet here is Regina Mills, bringing her to her knees, with just the touch of her hand and the sound of her voice.

She nods and tries to keep at the forefront of her mind that she cannot touch or give instruction. She just hopes that she will remember those two things. Regina resumes her stroking, but at this point, the lubricant has worn off a bit, so she does something she's never done and Emma almost cums on the spot. She spits on her dick and continues to stroke as if she does this often, even though she knows Regina has only ever sucked one dick in her entire life.

The room quickly fills with moans and the sounds of her stroking her now wet dick, the spit making it easier to jack off. She sits for what feels like an eternity, watching Regina coat her dick with precum and spit, but she knows this isn't enough. She can't cum this way. She watches as Regina pushes her dick forward so that it lays on her stomach, exposing her balls, which she eagerly takes into her mouth.

With both nuts stuffed in her mouth, Regina's mouth is too full to speak, but she moans and the feeling is orgasmic. But again, as if hearing her thoughts, Regina sucks hard then pulls away, taking the balls with her before finally releasing them from her mouth.

Emma's dick twitches at the thought and that small motion must remind Regina of her neglect because she reaches for the thick meat again. But this time, she doesn't tease or stroke it. She leans down and swallows the first three inches with no trouble and it happens so fast that Emma's hips thrust upwards in surprise.

Her lips are wide open and saliva is falling from her mouth onto Emma's cock. The sound of her sucking fills the room as Emma bites her hand to keep from screaming out. Regina just moans around her. She groans even louder when Regina uses one free hand to stroke the remaining three and a half inches that her mouth can't reach.

She strokes quickly and sucks hard on the head, hollowing out her cheeks every time she comes back to the tip. Emma begins squeezing her own tits in a desperate attempt to keep her hands busy so that she doesn't try to lead and her efforts are noted and rewarded. She shortens Regina's name all the time but this is the first time she's call her anything other than Emma and she instantly loves it.

Loves the way it sounds on Regina's lips. Emma doesn't know what she's agreeing to but as usual it doesn't matter. What Regina wants she can have. In any other situation, Emma would gag and protest that she wasn't sweet at all. She would then flip a bitch over and pound the shit out of her until she didn't know the meaning of the word. But coming from Gina, it makes her smile proudly, just happy that she's happy.

And then she does. But not because of her weird obsession with Regina's happiness. No, her eyes roll back as she feels something she hasn't felt since their very first time. Regina's throat. She looks down to find that she has missed Regina swallowing five inches of her dick. It takes every ounce of control to remain completely still, not wanting to choke her again.

When Regina pulls up, she bobs up and down a few times, slurping eagerly and then Projects - D.I.T.C.

: Diamond* / Show & AG* / Lord Finesse - Live At The Tramps New York In The Memo an additional inch on the way back down. She does this twice more until she finally manages to get all of Emma's dick in her mouth and Emma can swear that she sees the outline of her cock in her throat. She pulls up suddenly, taking a deep breath and Emma smiles at her reassuringly.

That smile motivates her and she gets back to work, quickly becoming a pro, swirling her tongue and jerking her off when she isn't swallowing her whole. And each time her dick hits the back of Regina's throw she lets out a gagging sound that fills the room, turning her on even more. Regina delights in the compliment and smiles around her. She sucks harshly before releasing her dick and stroking her hard and fast before licking her nuts again, caressing them with her other free hand.

It can pack two diapers or four newborn diapers and holds around twenty wet wipes for up to six weeks. It also comes complete with a change mat, so you can wipe, clean, and go. It also includes steam sterilization and is built to fit most bottles. Nighttime feeding just got a wee bit more bearable. It has has a soft, comfy seat, keeps Hypnotised (Paul Vinitsky Club Mix) - Paul Vinitsky & Lizzie Curious - Hypnotised baby safe with a 5-point harness, and can be converted into a booster or toddler chair.

This battery-operated, portable sleep aid comes with a soft night light and seven soothing sounds for your baby. It offers a sun visor, comfy shoulder pads, and a reclining seat. This diaper caddy has eight compartments, is foldable, made from super strong fabric, and has totally waterproof lining. So many wins all around. This goodie offers three regular nursing pads and three thick, absorbent overnight pads.

The swaddling process just got a whole lot cuter with this super soft, super plush unicorn blanket. Helloooo coziness.


Tis (Theme) - Pepper Adams Quintet - 10 To 4 At The 5-Spot, About A Girl - Nirvana - Bleach, Next Years Memories - Various - Unsigned, Jack Of All Trades - Andy Timmons - Action 80 - Hot Fingers 2, If This Was A Movie - Madeline Juno - The Unknown, Pohjoisen Taivaan Alla - Timo Rautiainen & Neljäs Sektori - Sarvivuorelta Sektoriin: 2006-2015, Various - The Ultimate Jazz Archive - Set 09/42, Im Gonna Write A Song - Various - Country Gals Vol. I, Σ Αγαπώ Λοιπόν Ακόμα - Δημήτρης Ασημάκης - Αναστήθηκα, Track 2 - Various - Eros 01x, Lullaby Of Birdland - Earl Hines - Fireworks, The Future (Armandos Original Mix) - Various - European Clubshoes - Pair Two, Fără Tine Nu - Alexandru Andrieș - RocknRoll, Rocket Man (I Think Its Going To Be A Long, Long Time) - Elton John - The Very Best Of Elton John, Caught Up In You 1982 - 38 Special - The Best Of 38 Special (DVD)

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