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Intro To Beverly Bean - Donald R. Schmitt & Illusion Of Safety - UFO Crash At Roswell: An Audio Docu download full album zip cd mp3 vinyl flac

Published 11.01.2020

Download Intro To Beverly Bean - Donald R. Schmitt & Illusion Of Safety - UFO Crash At Roswell: An Audio Docu
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Throughout the night the wind never ceased, and fearful gusts blew occasionally - gusts of tremendous power and force which seemed as if they would carry everything before them. In this neighbourhood a good deal of damage was done.

A large elm tree in front of the Horton Infirmary was blown down, a popular in Prospect Terrace, another elm in the Causeway, and walls in various places. The roofs of hovels and cottages suffered considerably, the thatching of a cottage at Grimsbury being partially removed, to the consternation of the occupants. Two trees were knocked down at North Aston, knocking down telegraph posts and wires and creating other havoc.

The telegraphic communication was stopped, and the road was blocked up, so that the mail from Woodstock was greatly behind time. The engine-shed at Bletchley was blown down, doing much damage, but no person was injured. On page 3 of the Banbury Guardian is a further item Oxford was visited on Sunday night by one of the most violent gales which has been experienced for many years past, and considerable damage has been to property.

An extensive goods shed at the Great Western Railway Station, which was approaching completion, was blown down, doing damage to the extent of between two and three hundred pounds. It was feet long, and the walls were 20 feet high. They were built of brick, and were 14 inches in thickness, with piers 18 inches thick, at intervals of 9 feet. There were 26 cast-iron girders in the building, all of which were smashed to pieces by the fall of the walls. The contractor was Mr. Bishop of Reading. Several signal and telegraph posts have been blown down on the Great Western line near Oxford, but fortunately the telegraph wire had not been broken.

At Christ Church about 60 feet of the ornamental parapet wall over the Vice-Chancellor's residence was blown on the lead roof, which was seriously damaged thereby. Some of the University barges on the Thames were driven from their moorings, and rafts were sunk. Two or three of the large elms in the avenue known as the Broad Walk, were blown down, and large branches of other broken off. The end wall of a house at Cowley St. John fell, but fortunately the occupants escapen [sic] unhurt.

Garden walls in several places fell, and some ornamental stonework was blown off from All Saints College. A large number of chimney pots and slates from roofs were also blown off, but fortunately, so far as we can learn, no accident [to persons] has occurred. The Banbury Guardian goes on to refer to damage at St. Aldgate's Church, where the tower has already been demolished, and to the Spire of All Saints Church, which has been left in a "very dangerous condition".

There is also an account of the earlier tornado from the Pall Mall Gazettewhich is quoted in full Intro To Beverly Bean - Donald R. Schmitt & Illusion Of Safety - UFO Crash At Roswell: An Audio Docu has been an extraordinary, and, it may be added, singularly unpleasant atmospheric phenomenon near Banbury.

About one o'clock in the afternoon "something in the shape of a haycock and of great size" was seen revolving through the air. At first people naturally thought it was the "Claimant," but speedily to their cost discovered that it was something even more alarming and mysterious.

It was accompanied by fire and smoke, and sometimes was high up in the air and at other times close to the ground. Its noise was terrible, and resembled that of an express train running with extreme rapidity. It tore up no fewer than seventeen trees, injured thirty-six more, and threw down yards of stone wall, besides frightening everybody out of their wits. For a mile and a half this disagreeable thing, whatever it was, pursued its destructive career, and was accompanied in its progress by a whirlwind almost as mischievous as itself, for this latter nuisance, it is stated, swept everything before it - dried up a pond over which it passed, carried stones for a distance of forty yards, and knocked down hosts of railings.

Altogether a more troublesome couple than the thing like a haycock and its attendant whirlwind have rarely visited a quiet neighbourhood, nor are we surprised to hear that the inhabitants thought "the earth was about to open and swallow them up. David Reynolds of the U. The case is noticeable for the extraordinary damage reported - particularly to the newly constructed railway shed at Oxford and to the yards of stone wall.

The event involved typical tornado acoustics - "a railway train in motion", "a whizzing noise", "a noise like a train" and the tornado sometimes hovered and sometimes touched the ground surface. The "fireball" gave off a "hissing, roaring" sound and was revolving rapidly. The "smoke" effect may simply have been a misperception of swirling water condensation inside the vortex funnel.

The original account in the Banbury Guardian cites the tornado sucking away the contents of a small pond. Of course this is a clue to cases where small fish are seen to fall from the sky. Finally we see how some members of the local population interpreted what they saw in a religious sense, thinking that "the Claimant" the devil? This is not unusual but is more typical of accounts of medieval tornadoes, rather than those of the 19th century. Many thanks to Alan Watson for his research and thoughtfulness in sending us this superb account.

Case July David Muckle and W. McKay heard a sudden loud report. They turned to see a cloud of stones flying upward from a spot in a field. They examined the spot, which was circular and about 16 ft. There was no sign of an eruption nor anything to indicate the fall of a heavy body there. The ground was simply swept clean. Scientific AmericanJuly 10, It is listed along with other accounts of explosive vortex events in Corliss' Tornados, Dark Days and Anomalous Precipitation ].

Case September 27, Philadelphia, PA. Police officers John Collins and Joseph Kennan saw an object 6 ft. They approached the object with flashlights. Collins tried to pick the object up, the part touched by his hand dissolved leaving a stick, odourless residue.

Within a half hour the entire object had evaporated. A spot remained at the site. News slips. Frank was intrigued by abnormally high water vapour levels in the upper atmosphere as well as by UFO reports and reports of strange things falling out of the sky. He postulated that every day the earth's atmosphere is struck by thousands of mini comets - comets composed of inter-stellar ice but only a few metres in size.

Such comets would presumably evaporate in the upper atmosphere, where they might be mistaken for UFOs. A few might conceivably reach the lower atmosphere where they might behave in the manner described in this case. Frank's controversial theory has been widely debated in the scientific press and has attracted a good deal of skepticism. I've not heard of Frank's theory before so perhaps it is wise to reserve judgement. Case U. Former director of the Sedalia ASCS office was contacted by Joe Thompson and asked to look at an unusual area on his farm which had appeared overnight.

He found a perfect circle 16 ft. The soil was examined and no cause could be found. Case June Little Spring Creek, TN. Marks of legs and center spike in chirt sicalong with small heelless footprints.

Around 11 p. Object aluminium coloured, glowing orange and blue in spots, some of which were too bright to look at directly. Rotating lights on translucent ball at top. Object on 4 legs, each with a ball at the end, and a center spike. Stood ft. Men reloaded object, advanced toward witness with things in their hands that looked like guns, but stopped, apparently unwilling to cross a creek. Stanley L. Via Fred Merritt. This is a classic early close encounter case that exceeds the boggle threshold by some way.

I don't like single witness entity cases, particularly ones where the entities, despite having travelled from goodness-knows-where, were incapable of crossing a creek? It could so easily turn out to be a hoax. Case July 15th, Former Mayor Oskar Linke and his year-old stepdaughter saw a landed circular object and Cloud Loud - Illuminati Congo - Green Is All I Need. Witnesses moved to within 30 ft.

Object was 50 ft. A black cylindrical tower was seen at the top center; it was about 10 ft. Object slowly ascended, whistling sound was heard. Several people in a nearby village saw it flying overhead. A circular depression where the tower had rested was found. The New York Enquirer. Another awkward case. Its difficult to come to a rational solution unless we conclude that "it can't be therefore it isn't"! Case August 6th, James J. Allen, 51, saw a round object 8 ft. Small occupant seen. Footprints found.

The RobesonianLumberton, Not really enough information here. Case May 20th, A miner, John Q. Black, saw a silvery disk, 7 ft. He saw a creature about the size of a midget get out of the craft, scoop up water in a shiny pail and hand it inside. The witness and his partner John van Allen saw marks in the sand about 1 ft. The Humanoidsp. Case May 30th, White filaments seen coming to ground at time of UFO sighting.

Case June 20th, Incident identical to that of May 20th, The only real question is how the spiders' webs coalesce at cloud level]. Case June 24th, Woman saw a round object ft. Lighted red band around the middle, oscillating motion.

Noise similar to swarm of bees. Four portholes seen in top section along with red lights. Seen for 3 minutes. Two days later a yellowish moss was observed at the site. Object hovered over water. The trace is not very typical of a CEII and may not even be related to the object seen.

Case July 2nd, Maximo Munes Olivares, 14, saw a "big balloon" on the ground when a faint whistling sound attracted his attention. It was metallic. Three dwarfs emerged, they were dressed in blue. Footprints and four holes 2 in. Another single witness entity case. The traces - even the case itself - may have been fabricated by the witness or the newspaper.

Case August 17th, Salvidor Villanueva, 40, noted failure in his auto engine. As he tried to make repairs he was approached by two men, 4 ft. An object 40 ft. It ascended vertically at high speed. Bushes and sticks were found broken at the site. This formed a circle 40 to 45 ft. FSR Case August 18th, Ralph Dixon found a perfect 18 ft. The circle had a substance that appeared to be some kind of powder and had a burned odour, although it did not kill or scorch the grass.

George Fawcett. Case September 4th, A woman saw two objects on the ground and ft. They had large heads and wore helmets and boots. One entered the elongated object which was 18 ft. It took a vertical position resting on a tripod and took off with a spherical object into which the other two creatures had gone.

Traces were found. Vallee III. Case November, Tygve, Mrs. Buflot and a neighbour saw an object rose from behind a hill and follow their car, stopping ahead of them just above the ground. They stopped, and felt "pricklings" until the craft Song And Dance - Cornelius Cardew - Four Principles On Ireland And Other Pieces (1974) off vertically.

A watch stopped working, and numerous people vouch for the fact that the paint on the car changed from beige to dark green. The "pricklings" may well be due to the presence of static electricity. There are numerous cases on record where the UFO followed a vehicle - this could be because the car was electrically charged by the proximity of a natural electro- magnetic field. There are also plenty of cases where car bodies apparently changed colour, although it is not really clear if this was just a temporary illusion eg at night or a real effect witnessed in daylight.

We'll try and find out more details. Case December, Witness saw two "indescribable" shadows, a while later a large round object took off some ft. Police found broken bushes as evidence of an enormous weight. Animals reacted.

Case A flying object was witnessed by many citizens. It was watched by all at a distance of less than 50 ft. To date nothing grows in the circle.

We will be trying to find more information on this case for a future issue. The lack of a precise date and location is not very encouraging. It could be the "" case we published in our historical list in CW 14]. Circular Back To Hell - Various - 66 Trance Tracks (Unmixed Tracks) devoid of plant growth to date Case January 4th, Marignane Airport.

Case February Engineer A. Wheeler driving when he saw a metallic object resting on the road ahead. He stopped 10m from it. The object was a disk on which a hatch was seen. Object ascended disturbing gravel below. Object disappeared in 30 seconds. Nigel Frapple, cycling home from a dance, saw first a terrific light in a field and then a huge circular metallic object, 50 Harajuku Girls - Gwen Stefani - Love.Angel.Music.Baby. After a minute it moved off towards the northwest, climbing and increasing speed.

There was a slight swishing sound heard. The same sort of object was seen near Ringwood in Hampshire the same night. The next day Mr.

Frapple and a reporter examined the field and found "grass pushed flat in an area ft. The Humanoids. Like many of the earlier case the trace was in grass, thus disqualifying it as a crop circle according to some researchers]. Case June 21st, Guy Baker reported a round object some 50 ft.

They reported a dome and multi-coloured lights. The Baker car would not start during the observation. There was a large, brown circular area where the object was seen.

Case December 12th, A lady observed three UFOs, dull gray, emitting a strong light as they dived low over her house. A liquid substance dropped from one, like a silver rain. She ran to the spot where it had fallen and found a brilliant glowing stain, spread over the cement near the washing tank.

The stain was quite hot. The Intro To Beverly Bean - Donald R. Schmitt & Illusion Of Safety - UFO Crash At Roswell: An Audio Docu was analysed by Padre Mané - Kães Vadius - Psychodemia Chemist, Dr.

We'll get back to you on this one! Case December 19th, Jose Parra, an year-old jockey was training when he saw six small men loading rocks into a disc hovering near the ground. He tried to run but a violet-coloured beam from a device held by one of the men stopped him.

Footprints were found. Case December 29th, Gamba saw an oval red object ft. When he tried to approach it, he found he was unable to move.

As soon as this "paralysis" subsided, he ran to get his brothers and came back to the object, which turned white, then red. It rose and flew away toward the east.

It had been on the ground at least 15 minutes. Traces were found, as if the ground had been dug up. Intro To Beverly Bean - Donald R. Schmitt & Illusion Of Safety - UFO Crash At Roswell: An Audio Docu trees near the river were found damaged, as if they had been cut with a knife. Frank Huson reported the following incident which took place on his farm.

After a heavy rain, 'I walked up to an almost perfect circle, which was formed by the peculiar disposition of the dead weeds that had been uprooted. Inside this circle, no weeds stood at all. The uprooted weeds, where they were thick, were lying along the outer rim of the circle, against the weeds that were still standing, as if they had been pulled up, and moved by some force.

The ground was soft, and there were no marks showing that anything had sat down there. This circle was about 25 ft. Lucius Farish. What a pity it only involves weeds rather than mature vegetation. It would be very easy to read too much into this case so again we will try to find out more before coming to a conclusion. Case March 30th, Andy Florio, a musician, was driving from Tuscon to El Paso on Highway 80 when he saw a "disc-machine " Bluish-green lights were "shining and flickering upward" from its roof.

It yawed, swayed back and forth and turned over on its axis once as I stood out of my car on the driver's side It tipped over on its side and shot a brilliant, blinding white-coloured beam of light at me, bubbling the dome of the paint on the car as well as burning my elbow.

Florio felt a needle-like tingling sensation and heat all over his body and nausea a few weeks later. The radio stopped, lights dimmed and the motor chugged at a speed of miles an hour "as though it might stall any second.

Again note the reference to a "tingling" sensation and the affect on the car bodywork. We will be searching for more information about this case and will report back on what we find. Case July 22nd, He looked up and saw La Cura - Battiato* - Last Summer Dance pear-shaped object about ft. As he watched, his hands and arms began to burn painfully, but washing them immediately eased the pain.

When Mr. The grass below the tree had also died. OrbitSep 2, Semicircular imprints. Case October Case October 2nd, Case October 10th, Case October 27, All listed as White filaments seen falling to ground at time of UFO sighting.

A bright light was seen ascending from a wooded area. When neighbours investigated, they found the ground blackened in a circular area 56 ft. Several small trees were broken and pushed outward from the blackened area. In a bright light was seen again in the same place. Case Summer, Gear marks in triangular pattern, individual impressions similar to Case Car stopped. Lorenzen, Coral. Case Fall, Danti Vaghi and a friend found a circle of grass 18 ft.

In the center, a 3 ft. Around the outside of the burned area, the grass still contained traces of nickel and chromium. Bethel Home News This is sometimes wrongly assumed when plants rot and turn black. It would be interesting to find out who analysed the grass and found such interesting metals. Were these metals already present before the circle was formed? We'll be trying to track down more information]. Case Nov 16, Two men found their car stopping and lights going out when they were three miles from Vaddo, their destination.

In the next moment they caught sight of a shining object, about 17 yards long and yards high, which swooped down from their right and landed about 60 yards away.

It was circular and blue, with a shining yellow rim which lit up a circular area of yards. After about three minutes on the ground, the object begun to move, then vanished into the air.

After checking their car, which now started easily, the men drove to the spot where the "light" had been. They noticed a heaviness and "closeness" of the air, and saw that the grass was either pressed down or blown down. When they lighted the area with a flashlight, they discovered a bright, flat, thin "stone", which felt warm to their hands. Note the reference to the unusual atmospheric sensations.

This too is a clue to the natural origin of the effect being described. We suggest that the failure of the car engine is due to intense ionisation of the Intro To Beverly Bean - Donald R. Schmitt & Illusion Of Safety - UFO Crash At Roswell: An Audio Docu.

Case December 20th, A disc 70 foot in diameter was observed and caused damage to the ground. Case December 28th, Joseph Bennett, a farmer, heard a strange noise and he looked up and saw a dark, round object 7 feet in diameter about 20 foot above the ground. It travelled NW and went above a row of trees. A 40 foot high oak tree, 2 foot in diameter was knocked to the ground, 8 foot above the surface.

A woman was in her driveway when she heard a humming sound. She glanced across the road and saw strange lights flying low over a field about 1, foot away. The object [sic] hovered and descended to the ground; the lights went out. Another object [sic] crossed the field and hovered above the landed UFO. The objects were disk-shaped with blue lights around a central rim. The landed object ascended and the two flew away at high speed. A small area of singed grass was found the next morning.

John Fuller, Incident at Exeter. The Turner case was part of a more complex sequence of UFO events spanning several weeks but in this particular case the witnesses were obviously too far away to experience any of the effects described in the Upland case. Farmer Nielsen reported a strange Anger One - Jimmy S - All The Shit From MFC Team (File, MP3, MP3) in his field. How about one generated by some obscure vortex mechanism surrounded by an electro-static field of some kind?

Case May 20th Two hunters saw a disc-shaped object on the ground feet away. It appeared to be aluminium and about 9 foot high with a dome. Grass was flattened. How much of the description is objectively reported and how much is conditioned by witnesses cultural stereotype of what they are supposed to be seeing?

Case July 23rd, Ring shaped trace. Case August In the vicinity of an unnamed village in Georgia, a UFO was said to have exploded, the event being witnessed Its A Laugh - Hall & Oates* - With Love From. The Best Of The Ballads a year-old labourer Vasily Dubischev. There were no remains apart from one strangely charred piece.

A certain Dr. Fyodor Petrov was said to have claimed it was not made of carbon but silicon. Case August 12th, A year-old farmer saw an egg-shaped object come down at high speed and land in a field near a river. It took off vertically, with an engine noise, not similar to a helicopter.

Traces [found]. Case September 7th, Disc shaped object hovered near the ground, took off vertically, moved away horizontally. A 13 foot stained ring was found. A spectro-analysis of the soil of the ring shows the sample contained chromium, iron and manganese not normally found in the clay soil of the area.

We'll certainly try to track down more information about it and report back. Case s: October The electrical power in the three witnesses' houses failed; when they ran outside they saw a blinding white light, it stopped and hovered. The object started to move, slowly descended and turned to the right, hitting and smashing a portion of a maple tree top sectionit then descended towards the ground. The witness was 10 foot from it. Through a large window he could see two occupants, with large eyes; the heads were high-crowned.

The occupants were small in size. The object was oval, about 12 feet long and 8 feet high. It was found that a gray-white substance covered power lines. The witness was Gideon Johansson, his wife and his son. FSR Imprints in a triangle, 3. Case p: April 12th, A witness reported a disc, red in colour, flying swiftly from the south.

It touched the ground about 1, feet away with a loud explosion heard by many people. A flame was seen. It bounced in an easterly direction, ascended, turned west and disappeared. The ground was scarred in nine places and a substance like metallic paint was found. Case May 14th, A witness saw two landed discs on a beach, and several small, pale-looking humanlike entities standing near them. They beckoned to the witness, who turned and fled in fright. Returning later with other men he found marks in the sand Open Your Eyes You Can Fly - Various - Aint Nuthin But A She Thing the discs had rested.

Don't you? Case May 24th, Diamond-shaped scorched marks found. Case June 10th, Two circles [ie rings, PF ], one inside the other, Intro To Beverly Bean - Donald R. Schmitt & Illusion Of Safety - UFO Crash At Roswell: An Audio Docu discovered by Bill Edwards. Jud Roberts. Intro To Marion Strickland. Marion Strickland. Intro To M. Louis Rickett. ABC News Broadcast 2. Intro To Lt. Robert Shirkey.

Intro To Robert Porter. Robert Porter. Intro To Col. Intro To B. Arthur Exon. Intro To Beverly Bean. Beverly Bean. Intro To Glen Dennis.

Glen Dennis. Intro To Glen Dennis 2. Glen Dennis 2. Intro To Glen Dennis 3. Glen Dennis 3. Intro To Sappho Henderson. Sappho Henderson. Intro To Mary Katherine Groode. Mary Katherine Groode. Intro To Dr. The marriage was filled with rejection, disappointment. Defreeze tried to work and support his wife and children, but differences drove him to California. In California, Defreeze began drinking, taking drugs, and collecting weapons.

From to US used the 7-headed cobra, later adopted by the SLA, for its symbol. June 9,Los Angeles, CA. Defreeze was arrested for robbery violation of the California Penal Code. He had been charged with two counts of possession of explosives, and one count of possession of a concealed weapon. On March 31,Defreeze had been arrested in possession of a bomb, knife and sawed off shotgun. He got five more years tacked on his prior probation.

He was placed on probation even though he had violated probation on priors; Penal Code Sections December 2,Los Angeles, CA. Defreeze was arrested for the fifth time on an arms charge. He had robbed and beaten a prostitute. Defreeze allegedly escaped from police custody, but never was charged on escape charges.

On December 6,Defreeze led police to an apartment where a cache of stolen weapons were found. Western Avenue in Torrance, CA; buying and receiving stolen property pistols and rifles ; and possession of marijuana.

Defreeze was given a relatively low bail. Subsequently, he had five 5 more years tacked on to his probation and walked again. April 4,Inglewood, CA. Defreeze arrested again on burglary PC and PC He was released no charges filed. Martin Luther King was assassinated on April 4.

August 16,Los Angeles, CA. Defreeze arrested again for Grand Larceny, PC On August 24,Glory Defreeze wrote to authorities, following the arrest of her husband, reminding them that they had promised him protection from arrest while he worked for them. Defreeze was released. April 20,Los Angeles, CA.

Defreeze told the judge that the weapon had been registered to him for a police officer friend. The weapon was intended for police work. May 9,Newark, NJ. After a trial, Cobb was acquitted of all charges. They were surprised that he was let out of jail and put back on the streets. October 11,Cleveland, OH. Defreeze was arrested in Cleveland outside a bank in possession of a 38 revolver. Subsequently, charges were never filed. He told the judge that he Wenn Du Willst Dann Geh Doch - Mike Bauhaus - Intensiv been high on pills.

November 25,Los Angeles. Defreeze exchanged gun shots with a bank guard and wounded him — using a. DuringDefreeze had also maintained a nice house, only a few blocks from the Los Angeles Airport. He was in the business of pimping for black judges and airport officials, fixing them up with women. He drove around in a city truck during the day, and gave the impression to one of his women that he was employed by the city. Behind the walls of Vacaville on a prison term of years, Dr. Hacker had an interesting and most convenient background related to the CIA and the creation of Manchurian Candidates.

He was Atomic Punk - Van Halen - Sonic Tokyo in Vienna, Austria. Inhe entered the Surfers Theme - Dave Myers And The Surftones* - Moment Of Truth · The Best Of Dave Myers And The Su. Army Neuropsychiatrist Dr.

William C. Chemist Stanley P. Sidney Gottieb. Gottieb, a Dr. Hamilton had been key operatives in Gottieb-Dr. He had access to Patty Hearst and psychologically examined her. Hacker, LA County Criminal-Psychological Profiler, rejected the idea of satanic ritual murders or drug-related vendetta.

Defreeze [77]. I am going to talk to you truthfully like I am talking to God. I will tell you things no one has ever known before. Under Dr. After mind control programming, Defreeze assumed a militant anti-white alter personality, while at the same time meeting with white SLA counterintelligence agents who were brought into the prison system.

Whichever Defreeze was teamed with inmate, Thero Wheeler, left, for one month. DecemberVacaville to Soledad Prison. Defreeze was transferred to Soledad Prison. He was placed in South Facility, set up for trusted inmates, and a holding section for informers. I have always questioned his departure as being a simple walk-away. He tried to give the impression of being super cool, and he came across as cold.

When I met him, he was working in the maintenance shop. I asked him if he was happy on his job, because if not, I might be able to find him something else. I know cons that have been turned down for that position. I should explain that no prisoners were kept at the South Facility at that time, because it had no security. No gun towers were in operation, and there were no guards posted. A few days later, Defreeze did get that job. Midnight to 8 a. On his first night, he was dropped off at midnight, and given a few instructions.

His job was automatic; it only required an overseer. He was left to Tell Her - Daisy McCrackin - Till Death Do Us Part, and when an officer returned an hour later to check on him, he was gone.

A few months after leaving Vacaville, Defreeze was given a special privilege at Soledad prison. He was allowed to use the marital trailers for visits with women, a privilege normally reserved for married men. March 5,Walk Away from Soledad Prison. Donald Defreeze walked out of Soledad prison. He passed himself off as Defreeze, who had lived with the family 15 years ago, and he knew intimate details of their life. August 2, Walk Away from Vacaville Prison.

Thero Wheeler walked away from Vacaville Medical Facility. An unknown left-wing urban guerrilla group called the Symbionese Liberation Army SLA took credit for the assassination.

Defreeze made his public appearance as General Field Marshal Cinque following the assassination. According to Mae Brussell, it was the beginning of terror and psychological sabotage, in the same vein Germany had been subjected to in the s.

February 4, Kidnapping of Patty Hearst. February 23, Assassination At The End Of The Lords Prayer - Keziah Jones - Wheres Life ? William F. Knowland was a strict U. He hated President Nixon and his Nazi Masters with a passion. Knowland was already unset about the U. Military-Intelligence slaying of Dr. Knowland was uncooperative and became no longer useful to the NWO.

MarchOakland-Berkeley. May 4,San Francisco, CA. Donald Freed, writer, and Lake Headley, independent investigator, held a press conference in San Francisco. May 17,Los Angeles, CA. His remains were sent to Cleveland, Ohio, with the head and the fingers missing.

In California, Donald David Defreeze had been arrested on 9 nine separate occasions. The charges involved possession of bombs and explosives, knife, sawed-off shotguns; robbery, assault, possession of firearms, grand larceny, kidnapping, and escaping arrest. In Ohio, he had been arrested for attempted bank robbery, possession of burglary tools and explosives. In New Jersey, he was wanted on a capital offense of kidnapping, assault and battery, and extortion. Through a scheme of series of concurrent bails and tack on probation sentencing, jail had become nothing more than a revolving door for a Black Manchurian Candidate.

Dead: Dr. Derwin Longmire began his career with OPD sometime intwenty-one years ago. Derwin Longmire had been a member of the Oakland Police Department for over 21 years and had an unblemished, discipline-free record. He had served his last 10 years in a variety of investigative positions, much of it in the Homicide Section, where OPD sent its best, brightest, most capable and hardest working investigators. Derwin had received countless accolades and commendations from district attorneys for his investigative work and his testimony at trials.

He stood tall and independent like a John Wayne. He was rough and ready, a no nonsense detective, a classic Gestapo styled cop. A straw man is one who deliberately accepts a liability. Imagine a fight in which one of the combatants sets up a man of straw, attacks it, then proclaims victory.

All the while, the real opponent stands by untouched. In the Wizard of Oz, the Scarecrow straw man must prove himself worthy to receive the benevolence from Oz. If he only had a brain. Derwin learned that the Bakery was participating in conduct involving fraud. He sought the commitment from the Police Chief at the time to obtain assistance from the FBI to conduct extensive surveillance and an investigation of the Bakery as a criminal enterprise.

Actually from toDet. Homeland Security, and the CIA. Instead of getting a brain and job with the D. They also intended to dismember him like the Scarecrow. For them it is not an idle threat. Janus was the god of gates and doors ianuabeginnings and endings, and hence represented with a double-faced head, each looking in opposite directions.

There is Malaguena - Jerry Anthony - I Hear Music doubt that they used him, and how want Derwin Longmire disposed of just like a classic patsy.

John J. Army Green Beret []. During a press conference in mid-SeptemberTackwood said he had been contacted by two CIA agents when he worked with the FBI on Squad 19 — a special group that was set up to plan disruptions at the Republican Convention, then slated for San Diego. Louis Tackwood stated:. There is a plan right now that is so monstrous that it is pathetic. It entails a detailed plan to blow up the Republican Convention. It has been worked out by the super-agencies…The blame will fall on militant organizations demonstrating at the convention.

The President will then be asked to declare a state of national emergency and martial law. Within 48 hours, they will arrest all known militants on the left, and a police state will then exist…I am only giving up two names. Are you ready for this? He was in Dallas when they got Kennedy; he left out of there for Intro To Beverly Bean - Donald R.

Schmitt & Illusion Of Safety - UFO Crash At Roswell: An Audio Docu Caribbean. This is my life insurance. Tackwood told The Washington Post he:. The object: To create a situation which would permit the President to invoke special emergency powers leading to the arrest and detention of political activists throughout the country; that the C. His testimony was preceded by that of Ronald Farwell who said that he first met Louis Tackwood in earlyand had used him as an informer against the Black Panthers.

At approximately p. Arnold L. This call was taken by a security duty officer, and referred to the responsible senior security officer for night calls. In Western culture, the number 13 is generally considered to be unlucky. The number 13 has commonly been avoided. It was a deliberate occulted rendering. Any multiple of these numbers have special meaning to the Illuminati.

Notice that the Bilderberg Group has core of 39 members who are broken into 3 groups of 13 members in each group. Notice that the core of 39 answers to the 13 who make up the Policy Committee. You know that the original number of states in the United States of America was The Constitution has 7 articles and was signed by 39 members of the Constitutional Convention.

There are 13 leaves on the left olive branch with 13 berries. There are 13 blocks top to bottom on the pyramid. Judas Iscariot was the 13th person at the Last Supper, and he betrayed Jesus Christ, and was thought to be possessed by Satan himself.

The number 19 represents manifestation, being the number of paths that have some existence below the Abyss in the phenomenal world. Mafia post adolescent gang money, fame and fortune beyond their dreams to sell their souls to Lucifer. As we come to know it, Mafia Murder, Inc is an ethnic secret blood covenant criminal organization that may control everything from unions, street crime, prostitution, protection rackets and drug trafficking to governmental corruption.

It has infiltrated deep and hides inside important corporate sectors of legitimate economies. Mafia businesses are set up like any other company, with a business structure that includes a CEO, managers, department heads and consultants. The killer and drug trafficking cult was ran out of a California Department of Corrections and OPD supported Oakland half way house for experimental mind controlled paroled felons called, Alternative House. I most vividly recall the moments of eerie exhilaration that I saw in the eyes and demeanor of Maalik El Maalik when he talked about El Contran and what it had been designed to become, a Black Mafia Murder, Inc.

Maalik could only have dreamed of running a criminal killer cult shielded behind a long established legitimate corporate business structure Wasted Love - Bonk - Western Soul a CEO, managers, department heads, Det Blir Aldrig Som Förr - Cool Candys - Cool Candys, treasury of money, resources and community goodwill.

Like Donald David Defreeze, they had developed early extensive psychological profiles of the brothers Antar and Yusuf Bey. They wanted all the fame, power, glory, women and money BLING that their father had, but mostly lacked the God given innate intelligence and inner faith to achieve their goals to raise to the top.

Indeed, they proved to the weakest link in the Bey Family chain. The Junior Mafia had a lot of legitimate professional business and corporate help to destroy the bakery. Remember that prior to the Jr. InRonnie was kidnapped off the street by the Berkeley Police Department. Ronnie said that they began poisoning him with hallucinogenic drugs while in city jail then driven insane at Santa Rita County Jail in Dublin. For decades, public and press access to Graystone had been closed and then highly restricted.

InBilly had been kidnapped off the street by OPD. He was beaten and taken to Santa Rita where significant personality-alters suddenly took shape. September 30, February 27, The Murder of the Faithful Brother. I suspect that Dirty Derwin was the lead homicide detective. Murder is one of the highest crimes against society. There is no statute of limitations for that category of crimes. Solve the murder of the Faithful Brother, you move closer to solving the riddle.

You will see beyond the Looking Glass. Ahorita Vamos Pa Alla - Various - Recopilatorio Hip-Hop Balear had no significant executive business experience or education beyond a California High School Equivalency Diploma.

YBMB brain trust and business leader, John Bey, was assaulted and wounded outside his home in an ambush. August 5, How long Bey IV was taken off the street in their custody and control is also unknown. October 25, Antar Bey, CEO, was murdered. The OPD storyline is that he was killed in a fatal carjacking.

Dirty Derwin was the lead homicide detective. He was liquidated. Bey IV stayed on script. He never strayed from the program. November 15, He Final Transmission - Various - Bassleader 2010 Compilation no contest in this case.

He was sentenced to eight months in jail. However, a Solano County judge let Bey remain free on bail until his trial on a more serious case that occurred while this one was pending.

November 23, Bey and a group of post adolescents wearing suits and bow ties in a highly sensational public spectacle entered two North Oakland liquor stores smashed bottles and tore down merchandise displays demanding that the stores stop selling liquor to African Americans. Identified by police from the video surveillance tapes, Bey IV turned himself in six days after the spree and was released on bail.

Bey was most likely released pursuant to concurrent bail to the November 15, felony offenses. Concurrent is also used for bail amounts. Sometimes the judge will see a defendant Blue Bloody Mary - Of Arrowe Hill - Hexadelica And The Speed Of Darkness is arrested on several charges, and instead of giving a separate bail amount for each charge, he or she will issue one bail amount that will release the defendant on all the charges from that court.

January 26, No known disposition of the case. February 16, No known disposition of the case either. April 28, He was charged with three counts of assault with a deadly weapon California PC, Sec.

August 14, Vallejo PD Report number is No known disposition of the case either, particularly, with Bey IV wanted on a warrant. November 16, Cook and Bey IV had become entangled in a bitter love triangle. December 18, January 9, January 18, Again, they let him walk on an outstanding warrant. Derwin Longmire and the OPD. OPD found that the bullets from the murder victims matched the bullets 7.

August 1, Additionally, former U. Congressman and former Oakland Mayor, Ronald Dellums, was also deaf and dumb. They called Federal Security to escort the brother off federal grounds. She knew exactly what was going on with Junior Black Mafia and the takeover and deconstruction of the bakery by a government criminal enterprise and conspiracy.

A massive armed and expensive interagency law enforcement taskforce raid to arrest Bey VI for outstanding warrants; and raid YBMB as a criminal enterprise was intentionally stood down by OPD. August 2, Foster had been slain. August 3, August 4, At the time that U. Lee and Dellums had no comment when confronted about throwing their weight behind Jr.

He also had powerful collaborating Bay Area politicians, and a State and Federal interagency law enforcement force Squad 13 behind him. Bey IV was allowed to commit most of his crimes against society under a shroud of protection while on concurrent bails, unexecuted warrants, uncharged and pending serious felony and misdemeanor charges.

Dead: Yusuf Bey, Sr. Brown was found dead in a shallow grave in San Francisco bound with black electrical tape and covered with a blue tarp like the crime scene of Good Brother Aljawwaad. Ancient wisdoms say destroy the image. Houchins F. The Genius of Nicoka Tesla July 10, — January 7, is an extremely important detail deliberately and most conveniently left out of history books.

Inhe was credited with discovering rotating magnetic fields. When interacted with matter, an electromagnetic force field is created. With proper control and switching technique, this enormous, never ending free energy was free.

Tesla pioneered in ways to extract and harness electromagnetic energy for the world to use, instead of using fossil fuel as the main energy source. Tesla wanted to provide everyone in the world with free energy with his World Power System, a method of broadcasting electrical energy without wires, through the ground. Scalar also called longitudinal electromagnetic wave pairs and fields are invisible to the naked eye, but it is there, enormously, all around us.

Under the right conditions, it is visible. The Dynamic Theory of Gravity — which assumed a field of force which accounts for the motions of bodies in space; assumption of this field of force dispenses with the concept of space curvature ala Einstein ; the ether has an indispensable function in the phenomena of universal gravity, inertia, momentum, and movement of heavenly bodies, as well as all atomic and molecular matter ; and, 2.

Environmental Energy — the Discovery of a new physical Truth: there is no energy in matter other than that received from the environment. Robert After The Love Has Gone - Steps - Gold - Greatest Hits. Goddard, at his laboratory at Mescalero, New Mexico. Goddard developed the first functional liquid rocket on March 16,in Auburn, Massachusetts.

Goddard would be conveniently dead. Ina claim of patent infringement was made by Mrs. Esther Goddard on behalf of her late husband against the United States Government, specifically regarding the technologies being developed in building the Redstone and Jupiter missiles at Redstone Arsenal in Huntsville, Alabama. Goddard proving the direct link between the work of Dr. The United States, their Sponsor and Benefactor.

But he said that would be the third enemy against whom we would build space-based weapons. The next enemy was asteroids. Now, at this point he kind of chuckled the first time he said.

Asteroids- against asteroids we are going to build space-based weapons. And the funniest one of all was what he called aliens, extraterrestrials. Dornberger was convicted as a war criminal, then later was secretly brought to the U. Eventually he served on the board of several aerospace companies.

He helped develop a nuclear powered trans-atmospheric vehicle TAV. These vehicles began operating out of Area 51 in Nevada, and other places. Dornberger became a boss of Bell Aerospace Corporation and had about 30 former Nazi scientists working for him.

Author and Researcher Dr. James R. Farrell in his series of explosive and remarkable books such as Roswell and the ReichNazi International, and Brotherhood of the Bell, etc. The Trojan Horse is a tale from the Trojan War about the stratagem that allowed the Greeks to finally enter the city of Troy and end the conflict. In the canonical version, after a fruitless year siege, the Greeks constructed a huge wooden horse, and hid a select force of men inside. The Greeks pretended to sail away, and the Trojans pulled the horse into their city as a victory trophy.

That night the Greek force crept out of the horse and opened the gates for the rest of the Greek army, which had sailed back under cover of night. The Greeks entered and destroyed the city of Troy, decisively ending the war.

In the declassified documents subsequently to be reclassified back to Top Secret, Oglesby founded the existence of a secret literal treaty developed by the U. Foreign Intelligence Service for Eastern Europe. Government in the interest of National Security. For me, Heinrich Rupp has always been an enigma.

Yet, he was not a scientist. Taxpayers of millions. Tim said that he went to see Rupp at his home that was publicly listed. That was a key clue. At that time, the only people in that bunker had been the Blood-Covenant SS. Tim also said Rupp was no more than 18 years old at the time. Due to war casualties and lack of able pilots, it is assumed that the Luftwaffe had to enlist post- adolescents as pilots. That is damn exclusive company for a teenaged pilot! She also flew the above V-2 rocket ships.

I believe that he was. The Nazis had at least 3 three vertical takeoff-landing aircraft capable of carrying out an escape plan in the middle of Berlin. There are lot of talk that the Weserflug was only experimental and never left the drawing board, yet concede the paramount policy and practice of secrecy of the SS in the design and development of aircraft.

The Nazis also had the Triebfugel-Tail Sitter. Just pick one. It is a burial ground that remains secret as we speak. We also learn from Dr. Joseph P. In America, we celebrate a lot of individuals that climb the ladder to success, but a maintenance man to leaf in one big jump to CEO of a multi-million dollar corporation.

He was no more than 19 nineteen years old. He has no more than a high school proficiency diploma; questionable intellect, and a 5 five second- no more than a 2 two sentence resume. Even U. Congressman Barbara Lee and a U. Everybody wants results, but nobody wants to do what they have to do to get them done.

Sergeant Detective Derwin Longmire was a powerful high level intelligence detective. Longmire into YBMB to bring it down and destroy it. Longmire mission was to mentor and develop their young prospects along a counter-intelligence- False Flag Legendbut also to deceivingly place him right dead square in the middle of that Legend.

He was hardnosed, tough, rough and ready; no nonsense crime crusading detective that did whatever required for getting the job done for the State Gestapo against criminals and dissidents that included warrantless surveillance, detentions, assaults, [23] deception and human torture. Longmire that he was the lead investigative detective. He suddenly found himself in a puzzle wrapped inside an enigma.

It was too late to watch and protect his back. In an investigation of Det. In 17th century colonial North America, the supernatural was part of everyday life, for there was a strong belief that Satan was present and active on Earth. Some powerful and veiled entity made him, took good care of him. Do you realize what we accomplished today? Today the spaceship was born. Walter Robert Dornberger, spoken to Wernher von Braun, after the first successful flight of the A-4 rocket to the edge of space, 3 October [30].

Pictured front center is General Erich Fellgiebel. Gerhard Reisig. Normally, when brothers see and claim contact with Spaceships we automatically overlook them as crazy. However, in some instances, we need to take another look. A picture is a thousand words because it is subliminal dialogue with the brain. Instantly, this picture challenges conventional wisdom- everything you have come to know.

Some believe that this picture also contains a hidden mathematic formula of Unconventional Physics. Yusuf Bey IV is no conspiracy theory. He is associated with a serious body count. The Strategy of Tension is a theory that describes how to divide, manipulate, and control public opinion using fear, propaganda, disinformation, psychological warfare, agents provocateurs, and false flag terrorist actions. Minister Farrakhan received a vision during which he was beamed up on board a Spacecraft that he believes was the Mothership.

Comrade, I will tell you. There will be a class of overlords, after them the rank and file of the party members in hierarchical order, and then the great mass of anonymous followers, servants and workers in perpetuity, and beneath them again all the conquered foreign races, the modern slaves. And over and above all these will reign a new and exalted nobility of whom I cannot speak. But of all these plans the militant members will know nothing. The new man is living amongst us now!

He is here. I will tell you a secret. I have seen the new man [Anti-Christ]. He is intrepid and cruel. Ronnie was a member of a covert counter intelligence —agent provocateur pseudo Muslim group, El Constran. I actually saw the brother members of El Constran. They wore long black capes and black turbans.


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