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My Heart And I - Antoinette Ventura & The London Starlight Orchestra* - Unforgettable (16 Romantic F download full album zip cd mp3 vinyl flac

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Download My Heart And I - Antoinette Ventura & The London Starlight Orchestra* - Unforgettable (16 Romantic F
Label: Star Inc. Music - CD 86069,Star Inc. Music - 86069 • Format: CD • Country: Netherlands • Genre: Electronic, Pop, Stage & Screen • Style: Instrumental, Theme, Ballad

Bryant was on his way to […]. The U. DeDolph—who will be back in court Thursday for a preliminary hearing—was formally charged in November with felony murder, conspiracy, obstruction of justice, burglary, hazing, and involuntary manslaughter in the strangulation death of Army Staff Sgt.

Melgar was nearing the end of his deployment when he was killed in the West African nation of Mali in June Days after Melgar was strangled, DeDolph, at the time a petty officer first class, was sent back to his base in Virginia Beach under suspicion of murder. He was a participant in the investigation but no charges were filed until November Retired Brig. He should have never been promoted. The investigation was started right away. They whisked them out of there as fast as they could.

Tamara Lawrence, a spokeswoman for Naval Special Warfare. Six SEALs tested positive for cocaine last year. Trump Tells Allies He Wants Absolved War Criminals to Campaign for HimSome of the same Creation - Creation - My Present were present in Mali, where there was widespread alcohol use, partying, and prostitutes at the safehouse, according to sources familiar with the investigation. In response to the recent incidents, Rear Adm.

Richard Clarke, the head of Special Operations Command, ordered an ethics review last August following several high-profile incidents.

Mario Madera-Rodriguez and Staff Sgt. Kevin Maxwell—spent the rest of the night plotting to choke Melgar into unconsciousness, pull his pants down and videotape the incident and then show it to him later to embarrass him.

Maxwell and Matthews have already pleaded guilty Red Bicycle - Bitterchupchupwelose, Up Yours - Split 7 exchange for plea agreements with prosecutors.

Matthews, 33, pleaded guilty to hazing and My Heart And I - Antoinette Ventura & The London Starlight Orchestra* - Unforgettable (16 Romantic F charges Club Mekon - The Mekons - The Mekons Rock N Roll (All Media, LP, Album) attempts to cover up what happened to Melgar.

He was sentenced in May to one year in military prison. DeDolph and Madera-Rodriguez are the last of the four men who carried out the attack to stand trial. Both men are expected to face courts martial this spring. An exact date has not been selected, according to Navy officials. Read more at The Daily Beast. Got a tip? Send it to The Daily Beast hereGet our top stories in your inbox every day. Minstrel; ventriloquist who used two dummies simultaneously.

Brother William H. Kennedy was his publisher and occassional collaborator. Lyricist, newspaper reporter, produced early amateur radio show; radio editor of New York Daily Mirror. Composer, violinist, author. Collaborated with brother Nick. Considered the most prolific composer of Broadway musicals. He extended the popularity of the musical play form by introducing songs and themes, avoiding operatic styles, and using jazz rhythms and chords instead to characterize the dramatic demands of plot.

Wilson, and Mrs. Staff composer for music publishers. Appeared in vaudeville. Author, poet. Best remembered for his celebrations of British imperialism, his tales and poems of British soldiers in India and Burma, and his children's stories.

He won the Nobel Prize for Literature in Composer, pianist, violinist; arranger for Broadway musicals, music publishers, dance bands, and performers. Professional violinist, pianist, and accordianist.

Began music career as pianist for nickelodeon, silent film theaters. Wrote for Cotton Club, other stage shows, and films. Most successful collaboration with Harold Arlen "Stormy Weather". Composer, arranger; cellist in theater orchestras; arranger for vaudeville and muscial comedy singers. Compiled and arranged many music folios. Collaborated with wife, Joan Whitney. Hits include "High on a Windy Hill" and "Candy. Composer, playwright. Wrote scores and librettos for Broadway.

Successes include "Bluebird. Pianist, singer, composer. Arranged piano rolls. Original member of Roxy's Radio Gang. Successful songs include "Sunday Go to Meetin' Time.

Organized bands for the armed services. Composer, author, singer, actor; professional baseball player. Performed in minstrel shows, sang in variety shows. Fought in the Spanish American War.

Wrote "Ida, Sweet as Apple Cider. Lyricist, author, publisher. Wrote special material for performers and films. Composer, lyricist; became a music publisher later in career. Hits include "Now's the Time to Fall in Love. Started as runner in a brokerage house. Sang in cafes; wrote material for self and other performers, also for stage and movies. Struggled with acting in Hollywood when met and teamed with Mike Stoller to write many hits, including "Searching.

Pianist, composer, lyricist, vocalist, bandleader. Had a popular radio porgram in 20's. Led a band in the 30's. Composer, lyricist, publisher. Wrote songs for college shows and later for Army shows. Worked as newspaper reporter and caricaturist in vaudeville. Became leading writer for Broadway and Hollywood musicals. Founded own publishing company.

Wrote sentimental ballads in collaboration with his mother, Viginia. Wrote "Missouri Waltz. Mother of Frederick Knight Logan. Arranger and composer in brother Guy Lombardo's dance band for forty years. Played sax with heavy vibrato and sang most vocals. Led own dance orchestra, The Californians. Began writing material for vaudeville after attending Princeton.

Lyricist, librettist for Broadway musicals. Started company with focus on popular music but added the more serious composers. His own early song success was "The Little Lost Child. Composer, bandleader. Active in the midwest into the 70's. Popular composer for movies during 30's's. Important collaboration with many songwriters, especially Dorothy Fields.

Daughter of President McKinley's youngest brother, Abner. Married Dr. Hermanus Baer of Reading, PA. Composer and lyricist with a gift for incorporating southern vernacular speech and images of country settings into songs. Wrote lyrics for Broadway musicals and words and music to many popular songs. Wrote special material for Eva Tanguay, Fanny Brice, and other prominent singers; also wrote for musicals.

Successes include "Jazz Baby. Singer early in career, studied in Italy and toured England and the Continent. Returned to U. Wrote about songs and many church works. Composer and music publisher. Hypnotised (Paul Vinitsky Club Mix) - Paul Vinitsky & Lizzie Curious - Hypnotised in ragtime songs and instrumental pieces.

His ragtime cakewalks and the non-ragtime piece, "Meet Me in St. Louis," popularized by Judy Garland, were particularly successful.

Irish poet, composer, lyricist, musician. Provided words and music to a selection of Irish songs and did much to kindle an interest in little known Irish tunes. As poet, he appealed to a wide range of tastes. Earned reputation as a Tin Pan Alley composer playing rag music in cabarets and nightclubs.

Wrote special material for vaudeville and scores for Broadway. Hits include "Rain" and "My Own Iona. Developed muted wha-wha trombone style with Freddy Martin. Wrote songs for Cotton Club Revues. Musical driector for Brunswick Records. Wrote under pseudonyms D. Esrom, Dorothy Terriss, and Dolly Morse. Collaborated with several lyricists including his wife, Theodora. Ragtime pianist.

Hits include "Frosty the Snowman. Composer, conductor; pianist in Scottish Rain - The Silencers - A Blues For Buddha and cabarets; orchestra leader. Wrote material for vaudeville and songs for movies. Successes include "Peggy O'Neil.

Wrote songs and short piano pieces, sometimes overly sentimental but expressive of gentler and amorous moods. Composer, My Heart And I - Antoinette Ventura & The London Starlight Orchestra* - Unforgettable (16 Romantic F, bandleader.

Established as outstanding leader of dance bands in England and then in USA after emigrating. Vocalist, Composer, lyricist. Entertainer in vaudeville and Broadway; blackface comedian in minstrel shows. Performed and collaborated with wife Nora Bayes.

Their most famous song "Shine on Harvest Moon. Started as a song demonstrator; established LaSalle Music Company. Wrote for early movie musicals. Composer, publisher, radio executive. Studied music professionally.

Worked as staff composer, then executive with music publishing companies. Attended Columbia and NYU. Staff writer for music publisher; began writing lyrics in 20's. Composer, vocalist. Performed in minstrel shows. Composer, pianist; accompanist in vaudeville. Popularized ragtime when touring US, Europe, and Australia.

Worked for NY publishing house. Hits include "Pal of My Cradle Days. One of the most thoroughly trained popular songwriters, whose theatrically elegant, sophisticated, and musically complex songs contributed to America's most popular music of the 20th century.

Born in London, had early classical piano training. They started writing for Ziegfeld but were in Hollywood by The team broke up in He founded Realm Music Co. Worked in piano manufacturing business. Developed QRS artist-recorded music rolls and catalogs. Pianist on radio. Began performing and composing as a teenager. Played with Original Dixieland Band; wrote songs for London revues; made piano rolls; accompanied singers.

Hits include "Margie. Composer, lyricist, pianist, vocalist, bandleader. Radio performer most active in 20's and 30's. Collaborated with Lorenz Hart and Oscar Hammerstein II, whose partnership led to a series of musicals that enjoyed unprecedented artistic, critical, and financial success in both Hollywood and Broadway in the 's and 's. Composer and conductor. Composed musical scores in the traditional style of the operetta of the s.

Proved to be more flexible than rival Rudolph Friml in adapting to the new tastes and musical styles emerging in American music of the 's. Dancer-singer in vaudeville and on Broadway, first with sister, then with wife Marion Brent. Composer and music teacher. He was the son of George Frederick Root. One of the country's most active and successful singing teachers, F.

Root's School of Singing describes the first of his many singing methods. Composer and music educator. Pseudonym: G. Friedrich Wurzel. Best known for his songs of sentiment and patriotism published during the Civil War era. Also composed over 30 hymns and gospel songs rivaling Stephen Foster in number and popular success. Lyricist and producer.

Provided the lyrics to some of the most successful popular songs of the 's and 's. Also produced several Broadway musicals and perhaps known more for his editing, polishing, and promoting of songs than as a lyricist. Composer, pianist, vocalist, bandleader. Early training in Italy. Formed orchestra Successes include "Whispering. Pseudonyms: F. Heiser and F. Composer, journalist. Credited with coining the term 'Tin Pan Alley. Pseudonyms: Cleve Williams and W. Immigrated to USA from England in Appeared at Tony Pastor's.

Very successful publisher of popular music; initiated innovative marketing techniques for sheet music. Professional pianist at age 16; song plugger for Tin Pan Alley publishers; vaudeville performer. Older brother of Harry Ruby. Hits include "My Sunny Tennessee" and "Cecelia. Composer, pianist; sang with children's opera troupe; studied composition in Italy.

Came to US, worked as organist and choirmaster, then toured as one of the few major singers of his time to present unassisted entertainment.

Spare That Tree! Composer, pianist, vocalist, arranger, bandleader. Co-leader of the Coon-Sanders Orchestra in 20's and 30's. Known as The Old Le Silence - Téléphone - Téléphone from early days as amateur baseball pitcher.

Prolific leading composer from turn of century. Pianist in cafes, publishing houses. Teamed with William Jerome on Broadway shows and performed with him in vaudeville. Lyricist of the 30's. Worked for New York publishing house. Pianist in silent movie theaters early in career. Hits include "Dance with a Dolly. Composer, arranger, pianist. WWI military service. Composer, lyricst. As pianist provided mood music for silent movies; pianist for publishing house. Dance band pianist; worked for publishing house.

Song publisher. Composer, lyricist, bandleader. Wrote Michigan Union operas while attending the University. Wrote material for revues in London and Paris early 20's, then led dance band in US.

Later record company executive. Composer, lyricist, author; band singer with Abe Lyman, Paul Whiteman, and others; also worked as a single act. Wrote band material for Betty Hutton and others.

Hits include "Besame Mucho. Librettist-lyricist of Broadway musicalsone of most prolific. Brother of My Heart And I - Antoinette Ventura & The London Starlight Orchestra* - Unforgettable (16 Romantic F B. Collaborated with DeKoven on first American comic opera.

Music and drama critic for Chicago newspapers. Adaptations of French and German operettas. Successes include "The Sheik of Araby. Reporter for Brooklyn Eagle. Publicity for Casino Theater, wrote material for shows there. Collaborated with brother Robert B. Smith in Broadway shows. Adapted some stage shows to musicals.

Successes include "All the World Loves a Lover. Composer, My Heart And I - Antoinette Ventura & The London Starlight Orchestra* - Unforgettable (16 Romantic F, Mr. Personality - Gillette - On The Attack. Early career pianist in cafes and publishing houses.

Hired Irving Berlin as staff pianist for his publishing company; collaborated in early songs; Berlin later became partner. Successes include "Whos Sorry Now? Composer, bandleader, and writer. Known as the "March King" and as the most important figure in the history of American bands and band music. His contributions to band brass instrumentation includes the sousaphone and a bass tuba with bells, built in the 's.

Composer, arranger, singer. Studied voice with Enrico Caruso. In vaudeville for 12 years. Accompanist and arranger for prominent singers. Pianist, arranger for publishing house; wrote special material. Founder-President of Telefilm. Director and producer for record companies. Pianist for publishing house. Vaudevile accompanist for Mae West and Jack Norworth among others. Led dance band in early 20's. Songwriting mainly in 30's and 40's. Early piano lessons in New York. Moved to Los Angeles and met Jerry Lieber.

First hits were "Kansas City" and "Hound Dog. Composer, lyricist, pianist, bandleader. Early career in vaudeville. Leader of band in 30's. Musical director of company producing player-piano rolls. Collaborated with Sammy Cahn on several Broadway musicals. English composer and conductor. Composed comic operas whose music, written to librettos by W. Gilbert, represents a peculiarly English style of operetta that achieved exceptional renown in both England and the United States.

One of the most widely popular of all British composers. Composer, performer. Worked as a singing waiter, then toured in vaudeville, often performing with wife, Bonnie. Toured US and abroad as concert pianist. Worked for Remick publishing house. Wrote scores for several Broadway shows. Hits include "Alice Blue Gown. Lyricist, composer, vocalist. Prolific songwriter mid's into 50's. Collaborated with brothers Harry and Henry.

Early career sang in vaudeville, for publishing houses, and on radio. Formed publishing company in Son of Charles Tobias. Wrote special material for Carol Burnett and Julius Monk, among others. Brother Charles among several collaborators; most songwriting in 30's and 40's.

Wrote special material for movies. Hits include "It's a Lonesome Old Town. Lyricist, composer pianist, vocalist. Wrote for vaudeville and night club performers and for radio. Collaborated with brothers Charles and Harry. Directed and produced shows for summer stock and resort hotels. Best known for his collaboration with lyricist Harry H. Pianist on vaudeville circuit.

One of radio's "Happy Chappies. Wrote "I'm Forever Blowing Bubbles. Composer, lyricist, and publisher. Wrote some of the most popular songs of the early 20th century, and contributed songs to a number of films and Broadway productions. Like brother Harry, Albert's songs incorporate dance rhythms and slang idioms typical of Tin Pan Alley that have since become standards. Composer, lyricist, performer, and publisher. Wrote and published over 2, of his own songs and other sentimental and moralistic ballads.

Also wrote so-called coon songs for blackfaced minstrels and vaudeville acts of the period. Plugged and published many of the Gershwin and Berlin songs that later became famous. Irish composer, pianist, violinist. Debuted as composer at age Wrote songs for Broadway reviews, including several co-authored and produced with Billy Rose. Considered one of the most successful composers of American films. The wide dissemination of his music through the film medium made him one of the most influential of all 20th-century songwriters.

Early career in vaudeville as M. Popular lyricist from late 20's into 60's; wrote for Broadway shows and movies, including title songs. Wrote songs and comedy material for TV. Composer and performer. Toured in concerts of popular music. Managed a Connecticut troupe, The Erê - Fafá De Belém - Atrevida, and composed many of their successful songs. Public opposition to slavery forced several moves.

Published over songs, ballads, patriotic songs and hymns. After college became seaman, dancing instructor. To Hollywood mid's for movie work. In 50's and 60's wrote many movie and title songs; had several Academy Award nominations and awards.

Composer, lyricist, and pianist. Composer, lyricist, pianist, and singer. Among the most successful Tin Pan Alley songwriters of the s and s.

Own radio show; sang in clubs and hotels. Formed publishing firm with husband Alex Kramer. Hits include "Candy" and "High on a Windy Hill. Composer, actor, singer. Performed at Tony Pastor's before playing legitimate leading roles.

Toured in vaudeville. Studied in London, Paris. Taught music; was conductor, editor, writer. Compiled music collections. Pianist and singer while student at Harvard. Wrote for English movies I Created This Style (Instrumental) - Tom Caruana - The Splice Of Life. Coposer, lyricist, bandleader.

Saxman in bands; led own band; theater manager. Wrote for Warner Brothers, then Disney. Also wrote special material for entertainer Sophie Tucker for over 20 years. Wrote and produced three successful Broadway musicals.

Composer, violinist, conductor. Worked in radio and theater as violinist, arranger, conductor. Song hits include "Stella by Starlight" and "Sweet Sue. Pianist and composer. Studied and toured in Europe. Accompanist to prominent singers. Music director in Thomas A.

Edison's Experimental Laboratory. Composed for about movies including some of the earliest sound productions. Classical training included time under Antonin Dvorak. Roza Polka (Rose Polka) - Victor Pasowisty - New World Ukraine in Pittsburgh Orchestra under Victor Herbert. Wrote operettas. DeVincent after the donation to the Smithsonian.

The phonograph records described above were transferred to the University of Missouri at Kansas City. An ongoing, updated list of DeVincent topical series is available via the Smithsonian finding aid portal. Restrictions: Collection is open for research. Rights: Collection items available for reproduction, but the Archives Center makes no guarantees concerning copyright restrictions. Other intellectual property rights may apply.

Archives Center cost-recovery and use fees may apply when requesting reproductions. For the most part, this series is general business correspondence concerning routine activities of the Downtown Gallery, including the American Folk Art Gallery and the Daylight Gallery, both operated by the Downtown Gallery on the same premises.

Included are correspondence with clients, employees, other galleries, and colleagues concerning sales, loans, purchases, appraisals, and so forth; arrangements for shipping, framing, photography, reproduction permissions, and insurance; and gallery housekeeping and improvements, ordering of supplies, and other administrative concerns.

Also included is personal correspondence of Edith Gregor Halpert. There are letters and greeting cards from nieces, nephews, and other relatives; correspondence with longtime friends, including some who were art collectors, museum curators, or museum directors; and correspondence concerning upkeep and improvement of her Newtown, Connecticut, country home and entertaining there. See Appendix A for a list of selected correspondents from Series 1 Arrangement note: Letters with enclosures are arranged chronologically, with those of the same date alphabetized by name of correspondent; undated material is arranged alphabetically, followed by unidentified correspondents and letters bearing illegible signatures.

Box numbers provided in the Container Listing are approximate. Appendix A: List of Selected Correspondents in Series 1: Names and titles indicated in this list are those that appear on the letters. Where appropriate, terms have been standardized and cross-referencing provided. Because filing is not always consistent, researchers are advised to check both the name of an individual and the institution that he or she represented. Abate Associates, Inc. David, Abramowitz, M. Abrams, Inc.

Jack C. Larry K. William J. Trettioåriga Kriget - Efter Efter, undated, Alhorn, Richard E. My Heart And I - Antoinette Ventura & The London Starlight Orchestra* - Unforgettable (16 Romantic F J. Altman, Co. Ethan D. Walter Palmer, Anderson, Wayne V.

John E. Ralph F. Gerald M. Leonard M. Vincent, Astro Envelope Co. George H. High School, Auchincloss, Bayard C. Auletta and Co. Ayer and Son, Inc. Edgar My Heart And I - Antoinette Ventura & The London Starlight Orchestra* - Unforgettable (16 Romantic F. Grant, Baird, Joseph Armstrong, Jr. Roy A. John, undated, Barclay, Josephine E.

Theatre Benefit, A. Barnes and Co. Barrows and Company, Inc. Ives, Bartholf, Susan P. Herbert B. Robert E. Eugene H. James H. John A. JamesBeaven, William E. Clarence, Becker. Deana Mrs. DonaldBecker, Elizabeth L. Benjamin Sorry For Laughing - Propaganda - A Secret Wish. Edward H.

Ray,David Berdon and Co. Olaf, Bergen, D. David E. Adolf A. Samuel, Berlin, Rosalind K. Paul F. Glenn, Berne, G. Richard C. Pravin G. Howard M. Charles S.

Howard, undated, Bissett, Enid, undated,Bissett, J. Karl, Bixer, Mr. Melvin B. Blagdon, Donald P. Insley, Blair, John R. Thomas, Blanchard, Mrs. John Osgood, Bland, Shirley Mrs. Gerald, Bloch, H. Block Insurance, Block, Leigh B. Paul, Jr. Michael, Boericke, Dorothy S. Maxwellundated, Boigon, Helen W. Publishers, Bonner, Mrs. Francis E.

Le Roy, Borden, H. Malcolm J. Howard R. Bowker Company, Bowles, Dorothy S. Carl, Brandt, Carl D. Rexfordundated, Brandt, Renee G. John,Brants, Cynthia, Braquette, Inc. Ben, Jr. Melvin, Broudo, W. Broude Agency, Inc. Matthew,Brown, Edward F. Page, Brown, Mrs. Lathrop, Brown, Leonard M. Hermanundated, Brown, Mathilde C. Otis D. William H. Wiley Thomas, Jr. Carleton H. Ralph, Burke, A.

Charles L. RussellCadhill, Mrs. Joe W. Normanundated, Cain, Mabel Mrs. Joseph A. William A. Stuart, Campini, Frank A. Carlsruh and Co. Carter Foundation, Carter, Howard, Jr. Samuel, Caumont, G.

John C. Center for Inter-American Relations, Inc. Malcolm C. Howardundated, Chatham College,Chatham, Mrs. William, Chipp, Herschel B. Hamilton, Clark, Mrs. Ledyard, Cohen, Alfred B. One Last Play - Trisomie 21 - T21 Plays The Pictures, Inc. Charles N. David L. George R. Sheldon,Coopchik, Robert, Cooper, Mr.

James, Cooper, L. John J. Harry H. Ralph T. Crowell Company, Crowley, M. Emmet, Crumbach, Mrs. Anthony B. Kingundated Cummings, Mr. Harold P. Richard H. David S. Michael, Danzig, Lamont E. Daniel, Davidson, Leroy B.

Dwight F. Edwin L. Deegan Post No. Ralph J. Peter, de Graaff, Mr. Dent and Sons Ltd. John, Derecktor, Lina P. Leon M. Frank Hallundated, Deutsch, Mrs. James, Devean, Ross R. Howard, Dewald, Elsie, M. Douglas, Dillon, Enid K. Hurok, Terry Dintenfass, Inc. OziasDoemling, Robert W. George M.

Dorfman and Company,Dorfman, Robert L. Douty, Esther M. Harry M. Teissier, Dudensing Galleries, Inc. Albert, Duhl, Leonard J. Duroff and Sons, Inc. Frank J. Edison Industries, Editorial Projects, Inc.

Benjamin K. Julian, Eisler, Mrs. Lee, Elber, Mrs. George A. Elliman and Co. Richard M. DonaldEllis, G. William, undated Ellis, Garland A. Sten, Emmel, G. Milton B. William, Fagen, Abel E. Lane, Jr. George, Falmer, Daniel W. JohnFarrar, Straus and Cudahy, Inc. Marvin K. Brocks, undated Felson, H. Geraldundated Ferargil, Inc.

Leon,Ferguson, Mr. David J. Hawkins, Ferzinger, Dan, Fessler, Mrs. James, Festival Foundation, Inc. Samson R. Nathan H. Albert, Finn, Gloria, undated, Fione, A. Frank H. Frank M. Edward M. Lucien Lefebvre Foinet Co. Arnott R. Walter B. Joseph, Forman, Maxine Mrs. Maurice R. Frank, Forsythe, Jessie W. Spencer W. Herbert, Frank, Joseph, Frank, Mr. Leonard S. LouisFrankenstein, Alfred V.


Ibiza Swans (Lounge Mix) - Various - Pure White Beirut Two, Sax On The Rocks - The Hurrican-Kids, Johnny And The Blizzards, The Wild Angels - RockN Roll Comeb, Son Of Mr. Green Genes - Frank Zappa - Hot Rats, Romancing The Strings - Henry Johnson - Never Too Much, Surfs Up - Supenik - Riff Power Revolution, Since Ive Been Loving You - Led Zeppelin - Scorpio Rising, Dont Try To Stop Me Now - Maxus - Maxus, Erê - Fafá De Belém - Atrevida, E Per Non Farela Fine Di Quella Talpa - Rita Marcotulli - Koinè, Never Forgive Me - Carnifex - Until I Feel Nothing, Norman Ramin - The Dark Shadow, Get The Message - Electronic - Electronic, Eating On All Fours - Green Apple Quick Step - Wonderful Virus, Border Song (Holy Moses) - Aretha Franklin - Queen Of Soul: The Very Best Of Aretha Franklin, Me Czar Of The Magyars - Death Comet Crew - Ghost Among The Crew

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