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Published 28.04.2020

Download Service Station (Vocal Only) - Unknown Artist - RCA Thesaurus Hot Spots: Hot Spots Sell-Tunes
Label: RCA Recorded Program Services - ST-846,RCA Recorded Program Services - ST 846 • Series: New Thesaurus • Format: Vinyl LP • Country: US • Genre: Jazz, Pop •

Harry, I can understand because he looks at him like he hung the stars. Liam, because he so badly wants his charm, and you because you want to be liked. Not forgetting, you want all for of you to get along after Zayn leaving One D. He lived in hi-tech apartments and he was settled up at the penthouse.

The first thing he noticed were the high ceileings which Zayn took the liberty of decorating with framed paintings and photographs.

There were large couches all over, they looked moreso like they belonged in an Art museum rather than meant for, well, getting comfy in.

His eyebrows rose to his hairline at the sight of the balcony. It was humogousreally. It could practically fit eight Range Rovers!

He decorated it with a mix of red, orange and black plush pillows all around and a carpet underneath and he noticed shisha bongs lined up on the balcony walls. Zayn responded by rolling his eyes playfully and showed him the rest of the penthouse.

He was beginning to understand the theme of the house: black and any other color, really but black was the first color. His socked feet padded the black-tiled floor as Zayn took him round. There were photos to his left, photos to his right, above his head, and the ceiling was decorated with graffiti. He absentmindedly wondered how Zayn got up there, what with the high ceilings.

I found another but it was like 2 hours away from, well, basically everything. He badly wanted to take out his phone, snap photos, and send to his Ma but. He was not that close to Zayn, anyhow. He would not understand. Like a legit mixologist? Zayn shrugged, getting out two medium-sized glasses, straws, and something that looked like a salt shaker but mostly, he was certain, was not a salt shaker. Zayn chuckled, shaking his head and reaching behind the shelf filled with various bottles of black, brown, green, clear, opaque, with thousands of labels ranging from whiskey to soda to… even water.

Why Zayn has water in a glass bottle on the shelf, beats him. It seemed he had all his ingredients and looked at Niall. Zayn snorted loudly, his arms spread on the bar. I literally Googled what a siesta cuisine is and no such thing came up. I even went on Yahoo. YahooNiall. No one goes on Yahoo. Niall made an elusive hand gesture at him. Zayn clapped his hands once with a brilliant smile on his lips. Niall was amazed at how he concentrated on his tale as he measured vodka and dry vermouth in a tiny silver cup to which he poured into the salt-shaker-look-alike.

And that was it really. I began reading up on simple cocktails to make and I made them, failed a couple of times, got my cousins insanely drunk for weeks on end as I used all of them as guinea pigs for my Blurred Lines - Various - Maximum Hit Music Best Of 2013. Eventually, I became an expert.

He finished his tale by garnishing the Martini with a lemon peel then sliding the glass to Niall. He looked at the contents in the glass, his hands surrounding it. He looked at Zayn then gulped the drink in three goes. He felt like he has been shaking his head a lot because he shook his head at his question.

Niall drowned one after the other, waiting for the buzz to hit him but none came. He took a photo of each drink, and sent them straight to Eleanor who immediately texted back a crying emoji with where can I buy him?

He could be my personal bartender. Niall laughed out loud to which Zayn quirked an eyebrow. Niall continued laughing. Does it have sugar? Zayn went about setting his ingredients on top of the bar. He handed Niall a fresh, yellow lemon and asked him to squeeze it out the juice. But days I do wake up, like normal people, I eat toast Service Station (Vocal Only) - Unknown Artist - RCA Thesaurus Hot Spots: Hot Spots Sell-Tunes coffee.

Need to go buy some. But my mornings lately have been filled with promotions so I have something small like cereal. Niall handed him the freshly-squeezed lemon juice to which he poured into the cocktail mixer.

Somewhere beneath the bar where Niall could not see, Zayn fetched ice cubes and dropped them into the mixer. Rae Sremmurd. Yes, he had heard of the song he just did not know who the singer was Or was he a rapper?

Zayn slid the cocktail glass towards Niall. Zayn nodded at him, getting out the usual ingredients and handing Niall a new, fresh lemon from somewhere beneath the bar.

Niall slid the lemon juice to Zayn who then poured it into the cocktail mixer. He looked sincere, unsure if he was doing the right thing by asking Niall to listen to A. It was ridiculous. This is his penthouse yet it was as if he felt like Zayn was the one intruding. Just, um.

His album is A-L-L-A. Niall hummed and pressed buttons. What plays through the entire mind boggling amazing penthouse is Fine Whine. The beats are nice, he thought as he perched himself on top of the bar stool with his second Sidecar ready for the drinking, and the weird muffled voice pretty cool as well. As the song plays on, Zayn lightly bopping his head to the song, he noticed that the muffled voice continues and to be honest, he cannot hear anything this A. P fella is singing or he is rapping?

He drowned the last bits of his Sidecar and set the glass down on the bar. Have you heard Rap God? And for over 6 minutes? He truly deserved that award he won. Just like he cautioned him, Zayn said he was feeling sleepy sometime around three-thirty and went to bed. Niall shooed him off, insisting that it was all good, fam Zayn rolled his eyes for longer than normaland he would occupy himself with whatever.

Some of us took Italian in high school. Niall Service Station (Vocal Only) - Unknown Artist - RCA Thesaurus Hot Spots: Hot Spots Sell-Tunes for the shut of a door but it never came so he assumed he left his bedroom door opened. Having already had a tour of the penthouse, he picked up a beer from the fridge, or three, and headed for the large balcony. He took his shoes off before stepping out, and perched his feet on the rail, leaning back in his large bean bag and the LA blue skies making the afternoon perfect.

On Twitter, the buzz of voting for the Billboard nominations was still underway and every other fandom could tell the Directioners were at war between themselves and the Zquad — each fandom outdoing the other. Selena Gomez, who had not been nominated for that category, had voted for Niall two hours ago and immediately Louis sent him a congratulatory message on WhatsApp.

And one from Eleanor fangirling over Selena Gomez, Nini! He rolled his eyes because of-fucking-course. He set his phone down on his thigh and properly leaned back Writings On The Wall - Green Carnation - Alive And Well. In Krakow (DVD) his orange bean bag, looking sightlessly in front of him. Times like these, with free afternoons, he utterly treasured them. Lately, his mornings were filled with interview after interview, talking about the same old same old then the afternoons were either spent flying to a new location to promote This Townrehearsing for a live performance or more mind-numbingly boring interviews.

He was alone now. He no longer had his four brothers by his side as they sat in radio interviews, laughing about nothing. He no longer got to let others speak because now he talked throughout the entire interview. And perhaps she was right, but he still could help but shake this feel that had gripped onto him like a stain on a white shirt that he was alone and it scared him a little that the feeling will only go away if he was back. He would settle for the four of them, if he had to.

Just as long as he was not riding solo. He deeply sighed and, pressing the second number on his speed dial, Bullet - Misfits - Als Bar 82 his phone on loudspeaker. The sun is hot?

Last time you were this vague was because you had something gnawing on the back of your mind…. Eleanor sternly asked Niall to drop it, citing something vague and lame as things happen for a reason which. Niall could not accept it. So he called Greg up, asked him to take a look at the contract and has been working on it ever since. Whoever Max hired as lawyers are pretty great. Please find a loophole, Greg.

She lost Louis, she lost her almost-baby, and now her website, along with her bestfriend… She deserves one good thing in her life. Niall rolled his eyes with a knowing smile on his lips. We want her around, Niall. Niall laughed shaking his head.

When Eleanor had been officially introduced to Gregory, the two instantly clicked, their love for elephants a strong, strong glue. Niall, Maura and Denise could do nothing but gawk at them talking at length about elephants, all night long, really, and Niall swore that the two did not sleep that night.

Niall smiled at the phone laying on his thigh fondly. Anyway, call me if you get a break through on the loophole? The sun began to set with Niall still perched on the balcony, his mind far, far away therefore he did not hear Zayn walk through the opened balcony door, greeting him with a groggy voice.

Niall tipped back in his bean bag, twisting far too quickly and a cracking sound startling Niall. Zayn simply chuckled as he pulled out a pack of cigarettes and a match box. Watching Zayn shake out a cigarette from his Dunhill pack and lighting it up, Saturday (Block 2) - Various - Hit-Динамит took comfort in knowing some things have not changed.

He Imago - Derrière Le Rideau (File, Album) at him as Zayn blew the smoke in the late afternoon air, closing his eyes and Niall pocketed this information, pocketed the fact that Zayn cannot live without his cigarettes.

Every time you take a drag, you do this thing with your face. Zayn looked at him for a while more, cigarette now dangling between his lips, occasionally smoke blowing in the air through his nose, still not a word uttered. What is it? Niall nodded. Zayn squashed his the butt of his cigarette against the balcony railing and headed inside, closing the door behind him.

Niall walked down the white walled corridors with random photographs of his family — some with Doniya, others with all of them, one with his father, and plenty with his mother. Zayn stopped to see which photograph Niall was looking at. A slow smile spread on his lips and his eyes were lidded with nostalgia and an ache of missing his parents immensely.

Sort of a family holiday and Walihya took a photo of them. He said all this looking at the photograph, then blinked In Conflict - Owen Pallett - In Conflict whatever moment was there, Niall knew it went and he turned on his bare feet, continued walking to his bedroom.

Zayn reached to the door knob of his bedroom but Niall let out a not-human screech that startled Zayn. Niall quickly nodded. I—I need to go to That Lucky Old Sun - Karel Gott - Karel Gott Sings, uh, home—hotel. He did not know what came over him right there and then but he needed to leave immediately.

Like, we can talk on phone instead of Twitter. He taps his number onto his phone, saving himself as NIAZ and handing him back his phone. Alright, he was lying. He did not hear but he hoped that Zayn was following him. Niall huffed. I think she loves it, secretly dragging my feet out of bed. Sometimes literally. Not a Chelsea fan, just so we're all on the same page!

Zayn and Niall talk of what-could-have-beens and later, Jawaad's birthday party which does not go swell for Niall Eleanor looked up from her laptop to Niall sitting on the couch next to hers, scrolling down his phone and munching on Doritos.

Eleanor snorted and turned her attention back to her laptop, doing the finish touches to her next vlog entry onto her blog: Where Are We Going, El? Eleanor did not actually come up with the name. Niall and Eleanor were drunk one night and she had been looking for blog names for her completely new blog. Happy endings, anyway, because her blog picked up really, really fast. Niall finally looked up from his phone.

Like, holy shit, how have I not been listening to Ocean this whole time? Niall shined, all teeth smiling and crinkles by his eyes. Can you come? This is your thing with Zayn. You barely knew Frank last week. Niall rolled his eyes. Did you forget I have Liam as a friend? Eleanor levels him with a look.

Religionist, maybe? What phrase does he say? We have so much in common! She shuts the laptop and plopped down beside Niall on the couch. Eleanor scoffs on his shoulder.

Niall said nothing, as he logged on Twitter. He clicked on the Create New Tweet icon and typed his lyrical tweet and pressed send. Well, not to me. Me thinks Art is something that disturbs you, something that rips the floor underneath your feet and makes you fall. Eleanor looked at him for a moment, as if studying the number of eyelashes he has. She was trying to understand how one can stand to be with someone who makes you feel as if you were drowning. How Niall can feel this about Zayn, as if he was under water and still somehow feeling alive when, really, he should feel as if he was dying!

Niall did not know what he was talking about then it came back to him in an instant: the Billboard nominations. Hazza has The Internet and Jessie J. Niall has Ellie Goulding. One more, Ni?

If Niall was being honest, he did not. Plus, he could not arsed to find a new artist to help in their Billboard voting process. Their fandom was huge, very huge, them Directioners, and he thinks that Louis, and the rest, are taking this too seriously. I stopped questioning a long a time ago. Is he going to tweet? Niall could not help but laugh because he, too, did not believe Liam could get Usher Raymond to tweet his support.

Or really, get a conversation out of Usher. Just gotten a notification on my phone. Niall grinned at his phone then. They met at some party, were seen in the same photo for some Rolling Stone article and just like was the case with a lot of instances, everyone thinks they are friends.

Sometime last year in September? Or October? For some reason, Perrie Edwards — and anything her related — grossed him out and—he just did not like her. There was no explanation, really. No deep reasoning, no profound explanation, nothing she outright did to him, or people that he cared about if Zayn did not countbut he just did not like her.

So he scrolled down to where the conversation ended. Niall groaned inwardly, knowing that this was a lie. It was all a lie! He left them on Read, opting to take a small break from what he felt was going to be a lecture from them. He walked to the mini-fridge near the door to his hotel room, and walked back and plopped on top of his King-sized bed. It was his day off and he would be most likely be spending it in bed.

If Niall sank into the bed, like melted caramel, no one will ever know. Leave me alone. It took a moment before he replied the time in which Niall was already three-quarters done with his can of Guinness. Niall, ever since he started this friendship thing with Zayn, had been looking for a nickname that he can use to call Zayn.

Did you know?! Honestly, was Zayn serious? Trying something… something he did not even know, he waited a while before replying. In the meantime, he went ahead and replied to Deo, Willie, his Ma asking when he will come to Mullingar for a visitSelena, Michael, Eleanor updating him on her vloggingLaura, Konstantin Mayra - Joyfully until he got antsy and replied to him.

Niall face palmed himself. Why is he typing out ellipses? Why is he typing them? Why is he High Hopes - David Gilmour - Royal Albert Hall 2015 weird!? His heart, and stomach and everything internally, dropped to his wacky knees. Zayn wanted to come over?

He burped just then, his mind frozen in time. Zayn wanted to come over?! His head spins fast, analysing his hotel bedroom, checking it is orderly. He asked, for good measure. He got off the bed, donned in only sweatpants, and walked into the main area.

He was internally, and forever, grateful that Eleanor was In The Air - Mac Miller - Best Day Ever a clean person and therefore Still In Love - Various - Wicked Vibes mess of empty pizza boxes are gone, as well as all the beer cans he had been missing by a mile hitting the trash can.

And left the large window open. Just continue what you were doing? He, for some odd reason, found Dope on his laptop and he knew for sure that it was part of movies that Eleanor downloaded that she has never gotten round to watching. Just like the other 46 movies still sitting round on his laptop waiting to be watched.

As he poured snacks into large silver and dark blue bowls another call to the Kitchenthe obvious Doritos and some cookies, he wondered if he should be playing some music in his hotel room?? Walking to the living room, he placed the bowls on top of the glass table and headed back to the kitchen. The cleaners were done in a record 20 minutes and the place smelt clean — too clean if he was being honest but Zayn would be here any minute, and he did not look casual, and he needed to do his hair.

He un-paused Dope on wherever he paused it to look as if he had watched a little bit of it but not too much of when Zayn would ask, what are you watching? He decided to actually watch it as he waited for Zayn to arrive. Six minutes in, the movie was actually quite interesting, if he was being honest, and he brought the bowl with the double chocolate chip cookies to his chest, drew his knees up, and focused on the movie.

Just then, there was a knock on the hotel door. Niall started, toppling some of the cookies on the carpet. He grabs the three, four cookies off the floor, wiping off the crumbs on his Irish shirt, and throws them in the bin before heading for the door. Zayn has a small smile on his lips when Niall opens the door wide. He is dressed in black ripped jeans with black boots, a trippy, graphic shirt and on top was a black leather jacket.

Zayn grinned as he walked in and Niall only noticing that he was carrying a bottle of…. Love his album too. Actually, it is Rae Sremmurd because Niall was not that acquainted to his music.

Niall could physically feel water dripping down from his hairline. He strained his ear to listen for some words, some lyrics from the song but he only got snippets:. He heard wrong.

Putting things into Stands To Reason - Stiff Little Fingers - Now Then as he takes out two glasses from the cabinet, Niall thought he should have put a Hip-Hop song he could hear the words to. And he does not know why he thought of Nicki Minaj If You Wanna Party (Aladino Mix Edit) - Molella - If You Wanna Party. She is worse than this Rae Sremmurd lad.

I already met up with this sick mate and he said that we should. Niall slaps him on his back. Zayn smiled in response. Niall nodded with his chin towards the living room area, two glasses between his fingers on one hand, and six-pack of Guinness in the other. He was now seated on the silver couch, tucking in one leg underneath his thigh. Niall rolled his eyes playfully, casually punching his arm, and telling him to go on.

Well, all its hotels have been called Hilton. Zayn shook his head. Sometime inthough. Oh if Eleanor was right here, if she could hear him lying through his teeth, she would literally not be ashamed to sell him out in front of Zayn.

Of-fucking-course his casual cover would be blown! What was he thinking? Of course no one watches a movie if they really, really are while listening to music on what was now that he was paying attention high volume. Niall was saved by the bell. He does, coming back with a litre of ice cold water from the fridge. They had barely talked for a minuteand the bowls of snacks between them.

Zayn had brought a bag of gummy bears that Niall fished out another dark blue bowl and was placed between them on the couch. As Niall had previously never watched, he was forever thankful that Zayn said it was wiser if they watched the Bring Him Home - Barry Manilow - Showstoppers from the start. Niall, probably overdid it, said it was no problem, that he would gladly watch it again.

I watch it, literally, every fortnighthis mouth uselessly quipped. Me too, he answered in his head. Instead, Niall shyly smiled ignoring the tingly feels on the tips of his fingers. He slides down in to the couch, wanting to occupy his stupid tingly fingers with something other than the feeling in them.

He popped several gummy bears into his mouth and hummed happily. He was pretty sure that he was the one who has emptied the Doritos bowl as Zayn seemed to still be closed in on himself. His socked feet were planted on the carpeted floor, whiskey clasped in his right hand and eyes glued to the large TV screen.

It was pretty interesting, 36 minutes in, and he thought the movie was just picking up. The main character, Malcolm, went to a party, the party had a shoot-out, they escaped, but come Monday morning in school, Malcolm, and his two friends, discover he has pounds, and pounds of dope in his bag.

And a gun. Niall feels his body freeze right there and then. Of course Zayn looked at him liked he had the answers to his questions because he lied he had watched the movie. Every fortnighthis mouth had supplied helpfully. Zayn seemed satisfied with that answer as he leaned back into the couch, his hand searching for the bowl of cookies. He parts his lips to take air in his lungs, his fingers holding his can tightly because holy shit! He was almost caught. For the rest of the movie, Niall kept his eyes on the TV, not only because watching read: being creepy was a dangerous game but because Dope had an interesting story line.

That they only asked because he was black? Malcolm probably had to say why he wanted to attend Harvard because of where he comes from.

Zayn for what seemed like a minutes Raggabreak - Various - Free Parade 07 silence, said nothing. His eyes however searched desperately into his, as if—. He did talk about the whole thing of not fitting in, and all these definitions he could not fit in either, think he made sense in asking Harvard why they asked.

Plus, he was smart. He turned over to find Zayn intensely looking over at him. He could see the cogs working behind his hazel brown eyes.

Zayn peered at him from his glass. Roefie Huetings Down Town Jazz Band* - Roefie Huetings Down Town Jazz Band punched his arm and asked to be serious for just a second.

Zayn twisted himself on the couch, the TV long forgotten, and leaned against the couch. Be a teacher at it? Zayn snorted. We always had to have some clean cut image, including our fucking dreams. He poured himself more whiskey, Niall noting the grip on the bottle was shaky. I had all sorts growing up. From dogs, cats, hamsters, fish, rabbits, a Parakeet and later as a gift from my aunt, an Amazon. As the years went on, I got my first lizard named Fire, snake, which I had to return the following day because Safaa found it in her room that morning, so instead my Dad said I can get a sugar glider.

Zayn laughed, really laughed. Or a pet shop. One neighbour called the police when she saw me walking my baby llama. Zayn nodded sheepishly. His tipsy hand has lost its grip on the glass and fallen onto the couch while Niall is drinking his sixth beer.

A baby tiger? It was yellow, so fluffy and cute and. I got a rat but my mom jumped out of her skin when one Sunday afternoon it went loose in the house. With his face on his hand, he listened Zayn list off the pets he had over the years, some he still has to date just twoothers died on the way, others had to be returned to the pet shop, some he gave away, some his Mom screamed at the top of his lungs at why he had it. Some he kept in hiding spots within the house — broken dryer, the dog house, his bedroom, the basement, attic — because his parents would not be pleased and Niall was so, so floored.

And it was not just because of Zayn taking care of all them, it was the way he spoke about each of the pets he had, remembering them all even, the way he had compassion for each one, not loving one more than the other because they were all equal in his eyes. Swear it. I could not Bullet - Misfits - Als Bar 82 still. I ran from one end of the Orphanage to the other, my nose permanently pressed to the glass when there was.

My eyes never blinked at the lions, baby tigers, monkeys, even the lizards, crocodiles with their children that I got to pet. I fed the tall giraffes, the rhinos—I got to hug a panda. He shook his head up and down against the couch. I think I had balancing tears and think that my Dad noticed cause he asked the Orphanage keeper if I could stay a little Various - Auf Wiedersehn, Bye Bye, Adios Mallorca. It was against the rules, but the Keeper agreed and I got to hold the panda as well as feed it bamboo.

Like something was pulling you through? On the train ride back to Bradford, I Googled and searched, endlessly which Universities in the UK offered courses to do with animals. What came up instead was Veterinary Medicine at University of Melbourne. I told my Dad all about it and he said that if I was sure, yes I was, and if I had the necessary grades, I did, and he said Service Station (Vocal Only) - Unknown Artist - RCA Thesaurus Hot Spots: Hot Spots Sell-Tunes should maintain that throughout A-levels and that the rest he would sort out.

Or even a veterinary surgeon! Niall blinked at the question. He thought Zayn would continue with his tale of what happened thereafter? Did he apply to the University of Melbourne? Did he ever get a new pet as he did his A-levels? What went through his mind when he wanted to study to be a veterinarian as he auditioned for X-Factor the following year? Niall put his empty beer can in the empty bowl of Doritos.

He ducked down his head, breathy laughing, too. Everyone was a Lawyer. The Horans, simply put, were lawyers, well, attorneys actually. Niall shrugged one shoulder. Well, not really. Books, affidavits, the lot, and it was quite interesting. He guessed it made sense. In fact, he was the one who had found the loophole in the agreement Max and Eleanor had signed regarding their blog, The Trend Pear.

He found a loophole within Article b that saw Eleanor regaining back the blog if given the right conditions could achieve that goal. That was how Niall forwarded the contract to Greg as he specialized in Contract Law and his mother to see if he was right. That you never became a lawyer like the rest of your family?

Soft like cotton candy, all pink and fluffy. Niall shrugged. Well, almost. He had never thought about it before. It was never really because he never went to Law school, it was just because something else came along the way and Niall being an spur-of-the-moment Irish lad took the chance and became an artist instead. Niall frowned, wondering what is was all about. As he disappeared to the bathroom, which Niall illustrated for him, Eleanor let herself in, holding eight, nine lander shopping bags on both of her hands.

Alejandro was the Colombian owner of a thrift store in downtown L. And whiskey? Cilla Black was selected to record the song, and her version peaked at 95 upon its release in the USA. A cover version by Cher used in the USA prints of the film peaked at Warwick, at first, balked at recording the tune and asked Bacharach "How many more versions of Alfie do you need?

Today, "Alfie" is considered a signature song for Warwick. When disc jockeys across the nation began to play the track from the album in the fall of and demanded its release as a single, Florence Greenberg, President of Scepter Records, complied Service Station (Vocal Only) - Unknown Artist - RCA Thesaurus Hot Spots: Hot Spots Sell-Tunes "I Say a Little Prayer" became Warwick's biggest US hit to that point, reaching 4 on the U.

While the film version of Valley of the Dolls was being made, actress Barbara Parkins suggested that Warwick be considered to sing the film's theme song, written by songwriting team Andre and Dory Previn. The song was to be recorded by Judy Garlandwho was fired from the film. Warwick performed the song, and when the film became a success in the early weeks ofdisc jockeys flipped the single and made the single one of the biggest double-sided hits of the rock era and another million seller.

At the time, RIAA rules allowed only one side of a double-sided hit single to be certified as Gold, but Scepter awarded Warwick an "in-house award" to recognize " Theme from Valley of the Dolls" as a million selling tune.

By the end ofDionne Warwick had sold an estimated thirty-five million singles and albums internationally in less than nine years and more than 16 million singles in the USA alone. Exact figures of Warwick's sales are unknown and probably underestimated, due to Scepter Records apparently lax accounting policies and the company policy of not submitting recordings for RIAA audit.

Warwick's last LP for Scepter was the aforementioned soundtrack for the motion picture The Love Machine in which she appeared in an uncredited cameoreleased in July InBacharach and David sued Scepter Records for an accurate accounting of royalties due the team from their recordings with Warwick and labelmate B. The label, with the defection of Warwick to Warner Bros. Records, filed for bankruptcy in and was sold to Springboard International Records in The album peaked at 57 on the Billboard Hot Album Chart.

But the film was panned by the critics, and in the fallout from the film, the songwriting duo decided to terminate their working relationship. The break-up left Dionne devoid of their services as her producers and songwriters. Dionne was contractually obligated to fulfill her contract with Warners without Bacharach and David and she would team with a variety of producers during her tenure with the label.

Faced with the prospect of being sued by Warner Bros. Warwick, for years an aficionado of psychic phenomena, was advised by astrologer Linda Goodman in to add a small "e" to her last name, making Warwick "WARWICKe" for good luck and to recognize her married name and her spouse, actor and drummer William "Bill" Elliott. Goodman convinced Warwick that the extra small "e" would add a vibration needed to balance her last name and bring her even more good fortune in her marriage and her professional life.

Unfortunately, Goodman proved to be mistaken about this. The extra "e," according to Dionne, "was the worst thing I could have done in retrospect, and in I finally got rid of that damn 'e' and became 'Dionne Warwick' again. There were no big hits during the decade aside from 's " Then Came You ", recorded as a duet with the Spinners and produced by Thom Bell. Bell later noted, "Dionne made a strange face when we finished [the song]. She didn't like it much, but I knew we had something.

So we ripped a dollar in two, signed each half and exchanged them. I told her, 'If it doesn't go number one, I'll send you my half. There was an apology on it. Other than this success, Warwick's five years on Warner Bros. Records produced no other major hits. The singer's five-year contract with Warners expired inand with that, Warwick ended her stay at the label.

The song was produced by Barry Manilow. The accompanying album Dionne was certified Platinum in the United States for sales exceeding one million units. Warwick had been personally signed and guided by the label's founder Clive Daviswho stated to Dionne "You may be ready to give the business up, but the business is not ready to give you up.

Dionne became the first female artist in the history Water Ballet - Dan Gibson - Woodland Flute the awards to win in both categories the same year. This was adapted into the weekly one-hour show Solid Goldwhich she hosted throughout and and again in Major highlights of each show were the duets she performed with her co-hosts, which often included some of Dionne's hits and her co-hosts' hits intermingled and arranged by Solid Gold musical director, Michael Miller.

After a brief appearance in the Top Forty in early with Johnny Mathis on "Friends in Love" - from the album of the same name - Warwick's next hit later that same year was her full-length collaboration with Barry Gibb of The Bee Gees for the album Heartbreaker.

The song became one of Dionne's biggest international hits, returning her to the Top 10 of Billboard's Hot - for the first time since - as well as 1 Adult Contemporary and 2 in the UK.

The title track was taken from Boobs & Bums - Various - 4444 Seconds Of Austrian Pop!music (Volume 8) / Austrian Sound Odyssey (Vol album of the Service Station (Vocal Only) - Unknown Artist - RCA Thesaurus Hot Spots: Hot Spots Sell-Tunes name which sold over 3 million copies internationally and earned Dionne an RIAA USA Gold record award for the album.

The project came about when Clive Davis was attending his aunt's wedding in Orlando, Florida in early and spoke with Barry Gibb.

Barry mentioned that he had always been a fan of Dionne's and Clive arranged for Dionne and The Bee Gees to discuss a project. Dionne and the brothers Gibb hit it off and the album and the title single were released in October The album peaked at 57 on the Billboard album chart. The song spent four consecutive weeks at 1 on Billboard's Hot chart. It was the year's biggest hit - certified four times Platinum in the United States alone. The single, credited to "Dionne and Friends" was released in October and eventually raised over three million dollars for that cause.

Inthe Washington Post wrote: So working against AIDS, especially after years of raising money for work on many blood-related diseases such as sickle-cell anemia, seemed the right thing to do. I was so hurt to see my friend die with such agony", Warwick remembers.

It also was ranked by Billboard magazine as the most popular song of With this single Warwick also released her most successful album of the s, titled Friendswhich reached 12 on Billboard's album chart.

In Dionne scored another Old Ghosts - Jethro Tull - Stormwatch with " Love Power ". The album's title song, a duet with KashifBig City - Operation Ivy - Operation Ivy also a chart hit.

Other artists featured on the album included Smokey Robinson and the late June Pointer. During the s, Warwick hosted infomercials for the Psychic Friends Networkwhich featured psychic Linda Georgian. The number psychic service was active from to According to press statements throughout the s, the program was the most successful infomercial for several years and Warwick earned in excess of three million dollars per year as spokesperson for the network.

InInphomation, the corporation owning the network, filed for bankruptcy and Warwick ended her association with the organization. Warwick's longtime friend and tour manager Henry Carr acknowledged in a Biography Channel interview that "when Dionne was going through an airport and a child recognized her as 'that psychic lady on TV' Dionne was crushed and said she had worked too hard as an entertainer to become known as 'the psychic lady'.

Warwick's most publicized album during this period was 's " Friends Can Be Lovers ", which was produced in part by Ian Devaney and Lisa Stansfield.

Featured on the album was " Sunny Weather Lover ", which was the first song that Burt Bacharach and Hal David had written together for Warwick since It was Warwick's lead single in the United States, and was heavily promoted by Aristabut failed to chart.

ABC also alleged that Warwick flew first class and was accommodated at first class hotels for charity concerts and events in which she participated for the Foundation. Warwick, who had no executive, administrative or management role in the organization, challenged ABC to investigate the foundation further and alleged that the ABC report was racially motivated.

An Internal Revenue Service investigation of the Warwick Foundation found no wrongdoing or criminal activity on the part of the Board of Directors or Warwick and its status as a non-profit charity was upheld. ABC maintained the report to be factually correct but the item has not been repeated since the original air date. The Foundation was later dissolved. InDionne Warwick's first Christmas album was released. InRhino Records re-released the CD with new cover art.

Warwick appeared on the May 24,fifth-season finale of American Idol. Millions of U. InWarwick signed with Concord Records after a fifteen-year tenure at Arista, which had ended in Her first and only release for the label was My Friends and Mea duets album containing reworkings of her old hits, very similar in fashion to her CD "Dionne Sings Dionne".

The Golden Palominos. The Gospel Christmas Project. The Gospel Gold Singers. The Gospel Keynotes. The Grafton Street Buskers. The Granville Williams Orchestra.

The Grapes of Wrath. The Great American Songbook Orchestra. The Great British Jazz Band. The Great Deceiver. The Greatest Showman Ensemble. The Green River Boys. The Greenbriar Boys. The Gregg Allman Band. The Grim, Grinning Ghosts. The Groovie Ghoulies. The Groovin' Strings and Things. The Growing Vision. The Guitar Orchestra of the State of Imaginos. The Gurdjieff Folk Instruments Ensemble. The Guy Barker International Quintet. The Half Dead Organization.

The Hall Johnson Choir. The Hall Johnson Negro Choir. The Handsome Family. The Hank Haller Ensemble. The Hank Mobley Quintet. The Harlem Community Choir.

The Harlem Footwarmers. The Harlem Gospel Singers. The Harmonizing Four. The Harry "Sweets" Edison Quintet. The Harry Bluestone Orchestra. The Harvey Rosencrantz Orchestra. The Head and the Heart. The Heart Attack Horns. The Helio Sequence. The Hi-Frequencies. The Hidden Cameras.

The Hillsong Worship Team. The Hip Hop Bebop Junction. The Hit Crew Kids. The Holiday Symphony Orchestra. The Hollyridge Strings. The Hollywood Argyles. The Hollywood String Ensemble. The Holmes Brothers. The Honey Dreamers. The Honorary Title. The Hope Conspiracy. The Horrible Crowes. The Hot 8 Brass Band. The Hot Club of Cowtown. The Hot Club of San Francisco.

The Housewife Beat Communications. The Hudson Brothers. The Hudson Falcons. The Human Abstract. The Hunter Ronson Band. The Hydraulic Raisins. The I Don't Cares. The I Chronicles.

The Ib Glindemann Orchestra. The Icelandic Choir. The Icicle Works. The Imperials Quartet. The Inchtabokatables. The Incomparable Shakespeare. The Incredible String Band. The Independent Jazzwerkstatt Orchester. The Ingham County Regulars. The Innocence Service Station (Vocal Only) - Unknown Artist - RCA Thesaurus Hot Spots: Hot Spots Sell-Tunes. The International Carolers. The International Childrens' Choir. The International Country All-Stars. The International Submarine Band.

The Internationals. The Irish Brigade and Friends. The Irish Descendants. The Irish Philharmonic Choir. The Island Choral Experience. The Island Ispirational All-Stars. The Ivor Raymond Orchestra and Chorus. The Jack Halloran Singers. The Jacobs Brothers. The Hair - Various - Ready To Rock Brown Band. The James Brown Orchestra. The Jane Cornish String Quartet. The Japanese House. The Japanese Popstars.

The Jazz Christmas Ensemble. The Jazz Crusaders. The Jazz Messengers. The Jealous Girlfriends. The Jeff Healey Band. The Jerry Kennedy Orchestra. The Jesus and Mary Chain. The Jimi Hendrix Experience. The Jimmy Castor Bunch. The Jimmy Dorsey Orchestra. The Jingle Punks Hipster Orchestra. The John Butler Trio.

The John Cougar Band. The John Schroeder Orchestra. The Johnny Keating Orchestra. The Johnny Otis Show. The Johnny Shines Blues Band. The Johnson Mountain Boys. The Johnston Brothers. The Jon Spencer Blues Explosion.

The Joy Formidable. The Juliana Theory. The Junction Forty. The Junior Varsity. The Kansas City 7. The Karaoke Machine. The Keith Christmas Blues Band. The Kenny Wayne Shepherd Band. The Kentucky Headhunters. The Kenyan Boys Choir. The Keystone Quartet. The Kids From Sesame Street. The King Brothers. The King Singers Orchestra. The King's Division Normandy Band. The Kings Of Jazz. The Knickerbockers. The L. Multi School Jazz Band. The Lancastrian Theatre Organ Trust. The Last Goodnight. The Last Shadow Puppets.

The Latin Jazz Quintet. The Latin Rhythm Connection. The Latin Sound of Guitars. The Latin Sounds Orchestra. The Laurence Cottle Big Band. The Laurie Berkner Band. The Lawson-Haggart Jazz Band. The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen. The Legendary Masked Surfers. The Legendary Pink Dots. The Legendary Shack Shakers. Son Of Mr. Green Genes - Frank Zappa - Hot Rats Legendary Tigerman. The Leiber-Stoller Big Band.

The Lennon Sisters. The Leon Young String Chorale. The Les Humphries Singers. The Letters Organize. The Light Crust Doughboys. The Lighthouse All-Stars. The Lightning Seeds. The Little Dippers. The Little Mermaid Cast Ensemble. The Little Series.

The Little Willies. The Living Legends. The London African Gospel Choir. The London City Boys Choir. The London Session Orchestra. The London String Orchestra. The London Studio Orchestra. The London Westend Singers.

The Lonely Island. The Lonesome River Band. The Lonnie Donegan Group. The Lords of the New Church. The Lost Children of Babylon. The Lost Generation. The Lost Mountain Orchestra. The Lounge-O-Leers.

The Louvin Brothers. The Love Language. The Love Me Do's. The Love Sponge Strings. The Lovin' Spoonful. The Lowest of the Low. The Loyola University Chamber Orchestra. The Lyndsay Diaries. The Lynne Arriale Trio. The MacDonald Bros. The Machine for Making Sense. The Madden Brothers. The Magic Movie Orchestra. The Magic Orchestra. The Magick Brothers. The Magnificent Mercury Brothers. The Magpie Salute. The Main Ingredient.

The Manhattan Skyline Quartet. The Manhattan Transfer. The Maranatha! The Marshall Tucker Band. The Marty Paich Orchestra. The Mary Jane Girls. The Master Musicians of Jajouka. The Masters Apprentices. The Masters of Music Big Band. The Matt Catingub Big Band. The Mauna Malahini Islanders. The Maynard Ferguson Big Band.

The McClain Sisters. The Mcclurg Family Singers. The McCoy Tyner Trio. The McGuire Sisters. The Memphis Symphony Orchestra. The Men They Couldn't Hang.

The Merry Melody Singers Orchestra. The Metronome All-Stars. The Metropolitan Music Ensemble. The Michael O'Neill Quintet. The Michael Zager Band. The Mick Lloyd Connection. The Midnight Blues Band. The Mighty Blue Big Foot - Charlie Parker - The Immortal Charlie Parker. The Mighty Clouds of Joy.

The Mighty Diamonds. Potočnica - Various - Pjesmice O Cvijeću Mighty Gospel Imperials. The Mighty Mighty Bosstones.

The Mike Flowers Pops. The Mike Hennessey Chastet. The Mike Leander La Cura - Battiato* - Last Summer Dance. The Mildred Snitzer Orchestra. The Milennium Jazz Orchestra. El Humahuaqueño (Carnavalito) - Chet Atkins - Class Guitar Milestone Singers.

The Milk Carton Kids. The Millar Brass Ensemble. The Million Dollar Quartet. The Milton Raskin String Choir. The Minister of Soundalikes. The Mischievous Moon Chamber Players. The Mississippi Children's Choir. The Mississippi Mass Choir.

The Mistletoe Singers. The Mitchell Brothers. The Mitchell-Ruff Duo. The Modern Jazz Giants. The Modern Jazz Quartet. The Monks of Doom. The Monroe Brothers. The Monterey Jazz Ensemble. The Montgomery Brothers. The Moods Unlimited Orchestra. The Moody Brothers. The Moonlight Players. The Moonlight String Orchestra. The Morris Stoloff Orchestra.

The Most Requested Rhythm Band. The Most Serene Republic. The Mothers of Invention. The Mound City Blue Blowers. The Mountain Brothers. The Mountain Goats. The Moving Sidewalks. The Mr. T Experience. The Muppet Barbershop Quartet. The Music Masters Of Armenia. The Mutato Muzika Orchestra. The Mysterious Girl. The Naked and Famous.

The Naked Brothers Band. The Nashville All-Stars. The Nashville Bluegrass Band. The Nashville Edition. The Nashville Session Singers. The Nashville String Machine. The Nashville Teens. The Nashville Tribute Band.

The National Opera of Greece Choir. The Neighb'rhood Childr'n. The Neighbourhood. The Neon Philharmonic. The Neve Philharmonie Frankfurt Orchestra. The Never Land Pirate Band. The Neville Brothers. The New Strings Orchestra. The New American Guitar Ensemble. The New Amsterdams. The New Basement Tapes.

The New Christy Minstrels. The New English Rock Ensemble. The New Humblebums. The New Jazz Composers Octet.

The New Jersey Kings. The New Lost City Ramblers. The New Merseysiders. The New Orleans Feetwarmers. The New Orleans Jazz Ramblers. Lulu - Cyan - Lulu New Orleans Social Club.

The New Pornographers. The New Radio Dance Orchestra. The New Recovery in Motion. The New Stan Getz Quartet. The New Symphonia. The New World Philharmonic Orchestra. The New World Philharmonica. The New York Restoration Choir. The Nicholas Brothers. The Nick Contorno Orchestra. The Night Flight Orchestra. The Night Watchmen.

The Nightcrawlers. The Nils Landgren Funk Unit. The Nitty Gritty Dirt Band. The Norrie Paramor Orchestra. The Northstar Orchestra.

The Norton Sisters. The Notorious B. The Notorious Cherry Bombs. The Notting Hillbillies. The Nuclear Whales Saxophone Orchestra. The O'Neill Brothers. The O. The Official Receivers.


Shake Up Yu Dread - Lloyd Parks - Time A Go Dread, Sam Hall - Frank Tovey - Tyranny And The Hired Hand, Boobs & Bums - Various - 4444 Seconds Of Austrian Pop!music (Volume 8) / Austrian Sound Odyssey (Vol, Seasons - Mae - Seasons, Bootleggers Advice - Assembly Of Dust - Recollection, Something Else - Bloco Vomit - Play This Ya Bastard - Samba Punk, Tiger - Various - Go North 06, Isolation - Toto - Isolation + Fahrenheit, Solve For X (Derek Plaslaiko Remix) - Codine - Circadian Rhythms, Good Morning Little Schoolgirl - Ten Years After - Live In Concert

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