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Something Else - Bloco Vomit - Play This Ya Bastard - Samba Punk download full album zip cd mp3 vinyl flac

Published 20.05.2020

Download Something Else - Bloco Vomit - Play This Ya Bastard - Samba Punk
Label: X Creature Productions - bloco 002CD • Format: CDr • Country: UK • Genre: Rock, Latin • Style: Punk, Samba

There is one school you can attend with thousands of other like minded students. A place you can go and wrap youself in the blanket of bluegrass, Americana, country, alt-country, general accoustic meriment as well as a little of the punk, metal and rockabilly attitudes we all know and. This school does not cost any money and only happens once a year. It happens in Golden Gate Park on the first weekend in October and is a gift to the world from one Warren Hellman, venture capitalist and bluegrass fan.

Hardly Strictly Bluegrass Festival is a wirlwind of country and bluegrass royalty, peppered libberally with rock and punk artists performing with their accoustic alter egos, spread across 5 stages Uneasy Toon - Various - Brutal 100 % the park.

There are of course others. So many others there are to many to list here. Much too many. It is mind boggling to say the least. You too can go to this school. For more information about Hardly Strictly Bluegrass, check this link:.

There was going to be more to this post. Following is an exceptionally long list because this computer sucks. This will push our count back over 5, and you never know when I am apt to get a data dump from the Russian and could easily push that count back over 10, You just never know when this project will finish.

Here is what dripped out of The Well in the last 5 weeks:. Posted in Uncategorized Tags: countryHardly Strictly Bluegrassipoditunesjazzmusicpop countryJeg Vil Ha Hjertet Ditt - Staysman, Lazz* & Stian Thorbjørnsen & Lasse Jensen - 1998-2008 (File, Al and rollshufflethe well of songsuncle Tupelo.

While the On The Road list contains much of the prerequisite atmospheric music listed above, it also has a liberal sprinkling of punk rock tunes from the Ramoneses and the Social Distortionses of The Well. I pretty much cannot travel anywhere without my Cheap Trick Canon. Note that the 2-disc reissue of Budokan is manditory because it is the entire concert, albiet recorded over 2 nights — it is still much, much better than the original 1 disc release.

The On The Road playlist still needs plenty of work. Right now it has 8 hundred and so and so songs on it, but it needs to double in size at least to have all the songs that fit around the campfire, on the river and the mountain passes and still have songs on it that when people hear it they have to ask me what the hell that song is and who is singing it…still one of my favorite parts about playlists with obscure songs on it….

The following list is what was spilled out of The Well before my vacation got in the way. We will return to our regulary unprogrammed playlist shortly. Posted in Uncategorized Tags: black flagblind boys of alabamacamper van beethovencamping tunescheap trickcrackeripoditunesjames brownjohn hiattken nordinemegadethmelvinsmike Maybe - Janis Joplin - I Got Dem Ol Kozmic Blues Again Mama!musicpere uburoad tunesrock and rollshuffleslipknotthe well of songs.

I often wonder what some of my favorite rock stars would be doing if they were still around today. In some cases, like Jimi Hendrix, you can kind of see where he was headed with the issue of First Rays Of The New Sun, which was the album he was working on at the time of his death, and can be found within The Well. While still a heavy blues based rock psychedelica work, you can also feel a jazz influence Oliver Cromwell - Albion - In Cloudless Sunshine its way in.

If Jimi where still around, would he be making jazz records right now? What would he have thought of punk rock?

I know he stated that he liked The Stooges. I like to wonder what Buddy Holly would be doing now. Would he be a crooner with a big band? Like Brian Setzer has done? Would he be a rockabilly king? That would be mind blowing…. They had most of their success after his death with Brian Johnson. Is that because of the momentum of years of work by Bon and the gang? Brian stepped in at the right time? What would the record that followed Highway To Hell be like? We can never know but its un to think about….

If you look deep inside the well, you will see that I Take Away - Missy Elliott - Singles & B-sides a definite bias as to which version of the band I like best. Much like the sizes of these two pictures, I think the Bon era band is better than the Brian era band. Freddy Mercury was a genius. Queen was one of the biggest bands in the world at the time of his death.

I really miss Freddy. Queen has managed to keep going in some iteration or other but it is just not the same with Paul Rodgers singing. Its just plain weird.

More like a Queen Tribute than Queen. Queen is dead, long live the Queen…. Sid Vicious was not much of a musician but he was quite a rock star. What would he have gone on to do? Johnny Rotten was smart enough to go on to quite a prolific career with P. He was definitely a creation of other influences…Dying made him immortal. Dying made him a rock star of rock stars…. Darby Crash killed himself as soon as his band The Germs was starting to make it. It was apparently a part of his plan.

He either made the most profound punk statement of all time or he was the biggest dumb fuck of them all. Listening to the Germs can be quite an experience. Their music was obviously both ahead of its time and a product of its environment.

A rare thing in music but a common thing in punk, I think. You will find virtually all of their music within The Well. He certainly was the reluctant rock star though. He wanted to be able to make music and nothing else. I think he hated all the attention.

To himself, he was just another fucked up dude and not worthy of the rock star status. To us he was almost a God. Being unable to reconcile the difference between musician and rock star is what killed him. Kurt wanted nothing to do with that and only knew one way to say it….

With Jimi Hendrix and Jim Morrison. The list of dead rock stars is virtuously endless. Lots of good music on the songs Something Else - Bloco Vomit - Play This Ya Bastard - Samba Punk follow. We are getting closer to finishing up on this project, but still some distance from the end. There is light at the end of the tunnel, be it ever so faint…. The Well is a special place. Gathered together in one place is everything I know about music.

All my influences and influences I have yet to realize. All my memories of concerts, parties, cruisin down the highway, hangin in the park, everything musical everywhere …Just about every moment of my life is represented in The Well. From my first concert to makin out in the back seat. From tender Frank Sinatra moments to terrible Black Flag screaming.

We are on an even playfield. Metal sits next to folk sits next to jazz sits next to hip hop. Punk rock is saying what you want and not giving a fuck. This statement suits me fine. It is a wonderful credo and I like living it. Years ago, I didnt think this way. I thought the world was Punk and Metal and nothing more. Something Else - Bloco Vomit - Play This Ya Bastard - Samba Punk have grown since then and The Well represents that to a T. My musical horizons are as wide as can be and I like it like that.

I say it over and over again: Juxtiposition. The following list is 3, songs long and is quite clunky. It takes up way too much room and I promise to try to update this blog weekly from Hello Darling - Tippa Irie - Hello Darling on. It certainly will make it much more interesting, much more in tune with the spirit in which this blog was started.

That being said, there are still a shitload of wonderful songs on the following list and wonderful songs is what this project is all about…. The Well of Songs My attempt to listen to every song I own.

The End? Y: Mass. Pearl Jam Vs. Dre Feat. The Sky is Falling in. Bungle — 01 — Sweet Charity Mr. Joe Jackson Look Sharp! Sublime 40 Oz. Dire Straits Communiqu?? King B. Recordings Disc 1 Why? Hopesfall feat. The Grandeur Oh Boy! A: We Are Devo! Guitar disc 2 The Cruise of the U.

Recordings Disc 5 Woodland Rock T. Set It Off P. About your legs; I can still make you fabulous. You've just got to learn how to wear stockings; the season will help.

I'll get the final things we need and find Blaine for him to see my work of art. She chuckled. Next thing she knew; Kurt had found matching stockings for the dress and some great shoes to go with it. He had tricked her into wearing a bright red lipstick and was pulling her by the hand out of the cabin.

Sometimes you can't really see the beautiful woman you have become. But for you not to forget; I have a gift for you. It's just the basic needs but I'm sure you don't have a good one. He handed her a make-up case from a brand the only thing she knew about was to be an expensive one. She looked at him with moist eyes:.

Thank you. I'm glad you convinced me. You two actually. And Blaine; I hope you know how lucky you are to having this one loving you. I get it; I was not nice. My proposition to you was simply awful and I'm here to apologize. Can we start over? Good morning, Louisa. You are looking very nice in your new clothes.

I knew Kurt was somehow involved. I must say I have a keen for Kurt's make-overs; they always work. Brody went to the corner of the empty classroom they were in to turn the stereo on. Brody was dancing in a sexy provocative way that made Louisa laugh at first.

However, she decided to The Reflex (The Dance Mix-Edited) - Duran Duran - The Reflex the challenge and synchronized with Olivia Newton-John's voice while dancing in a teasingly way. Anyone passing by would say they were singing and dancing in a flirting way but neither of them would admit it.

Well, My Heart And I - Antoinette Ventura & The London Starlight Orchestra* - Unforgettable (16 Romantic F first. They finished the duet so close that they could feel the other's breath on their skin. Their eyes were locked in a gaze. Brody closed his and said smiling:. This week had been a roller-coaster in Louisa's life.

Kurt was even closer to her to make sure she was alright. Kurt's makeover had helped her awake a confident side of her that had been left aside; she had even turned a few necks at NYADA. Today she was feeling particularly well and confident. She went to an empty rehearsal auditorium and turned all the spotlights on.

She imagined herself in front of a full auditorium and sang all her South-American pride through the lyrics of Milton Nascimento's Para Lennon e McCartney. She left her voice flow high not worrying about anything else. As she finished, she heard applause coming from the audience. She sheltered her eyes to see through the light and saw Kurt and Blaine giving her a standing ovation. Blaine screamed:. Blaine returned her a grin but Kurt was still looking around a little disgusted.

Louisa chuckled at her cousin and got him into a hug:. I now it's incredible small and away from pretty much everything. But I'm paying my own rent in New York City; shouldn't you be proud of your cousin? This means you'll have a place to crash whenever this one is giving you a hard time.

I thought you two had solved your issues! But you are right. Having your own place is something big, boo. Even if I don't think I'll need a time off from Blaine; it's good to know I'll have a place to sit other than your dormitory bed whenever I come visit.

Why don't we look for a decent coffee shop around here to have a celebratory cup of coffee? Finn had his mouth full of waffle as Rachel left the bathroom and kissed him good-morning. He managed to swallow as she rushed around preparing her breakfast. Finn just nodded and looked back to his waffles. She examined him before exclaiming a little offended:.

You see; I think it's not fair that last week I completely opened myself to you about what I feel towards Louisa and you said absolutely nothing about Brody. Even after I accused you of still having feelings for him. That doesn't mean that I don't care if you go around playing friendly-friends with him! I want you to tell me what feelings are those! I was completely honest with you, Rachel; why can't you give me some light and explain things to me?

She sighed and looked down for a minute. Then, in the better Rachel Berry style; she broke into a song to show her mind to Finn. And her mind was in a bitch mode in tune with the Spice Girl's Wannabe. At the same time, he couldn't help but to feel overshadowed.

All the feelings of rejection by not having entered the first time he auditioned and not having a great reputation by now bugged him every day. It was right that Louisa's reputation was more due to her fierce personality; but everyone knew she was a great singer and no one disputed that. Blaine, on the other hand, was known uniquely because of his talent and, although extremely happy for him, Kurt couldn't avoid feeling inferior.

Blaine smiled and pulled him for a kiss. Kurt pecked him but was trying to get away from the embrace. Blaine tightened the grip and whispered in a low voice in his ear:. I miss you so much. We've spent the whole morning apart. Kurt couldn't resist Blaine's sexy voice and gave in locking their mouths in a passionate kiss.

Blaine broke apart after a while with a wide grin spread across his swollen lips. Kurt looked at him and smiled back:. Come on; walk me to my work place and Polska Från Bingsjö - Kebnekaise* - Kebnekaise III feed you lunch.

Finn was in a hearing distance but somehow concealed so they weren't seeing him. He saw Brody tapping his girlfriend's shoulder and listened to him saying:. But I insist on paying you lunch today. It's only fair after all the work you went through this morning to teach me those steps. Finn watched Rachel taking the guy's arm and walking away with him. He didn't know what to do and just stared as the pair slowly faded away in the crowd.

He was standing in the middle of the lobby, the bouquet threatening to fall from his hand when he felt a hand lightly touching his shoulder:. He looked at the source at the voice still a little dizzy.

He saw Louisa standing next to him with a half-smile on her lips and looking like she was expecting an answer. He nodded but she didn't buy it:.

She started walking on the bookstore's way and it took Finn a few seconds before deciding to follow her. Louisa opened the door to Books'N'Stuff and smiled a little at the now familiar sound of the bell. Finn was following her looking out of place there; as he wasn't a NYADA student, he didn't go there so often. She turned to him trying to make him more comfortable:.

They sat in silence while Finn drank his latte and ate a sandwich. It wasn't awkward and they stared at each other and exchanged some smiles. When he was finished, she friendly touched his arm and looked straight in his eyes:. He walked where she was pointing and connected his iPod to the system. He searched for the song and hit play to John Lennon's Jealous Guy. He sung the entire song looking at Louisa. His mind was troubled mixing images of her and Rachel; he didn't know to whom he was singing anymore.

She's confused about her feelings and I'm about mine. Anyway, thank you for the help. I'll let you work now. Here: you can keep the flowers. Rachel and Brody decided to go get coffee after lunch and were walking towards Coffee'N'Stuff. They saw Louisa sniffing some flowers in a vase before placing it at the shop's window.

Seconds later, the door opened to reveal Finn waving at her and leaving the shop. Rachel pulled Brody by the arm to hide behind a column:.

Brody didn't thought he'd be so annoyed that Louisa was interacting with Finn. Wasn't it what he wanted after all? With Finn out of the way; Rachel would be free, right? Without seeing what he was doing Brody had guided them towards the classrooms and they were entering an empty one. Rachel threw her purse away and let her body slide against the wall to sit on the floor. Brody was quick to sit at her side and take her hand. She looked at him:. She's just the girl next door.

Her Channel hair is so last season and her face is just normal. It's all just because you know she's Brazilian. And since Kurt gave her a makeover; you can see it. You are not a guy; but there's something about those hips.

It's like they say: Brazilians do it better. Maybe I'm just getting tired of being single. You still insist on Finn And, in case you haven't noticed; I want it all In his best rock-star posture, Brody stood up and plugged in an electric guitar.

Rock was his thing and Brody shined in all his colors. Rachel had no choice but to give him a standing ovation when he was over. He took her to a cozy Italian place they hardly ever went because it was expensive. After an appetizer of a few focaccias to dye for, Louisa's tongue was freer:. Boo, what the hell happened this afternoon? I was sure you had something going on with Brody! So he gets there with this huge bouquet and sees her going to lunch with Brody.

That's when I walked in and saw him devastated. I took him to have a cup of coffee and we talked. Actually, he sang about being jealous. It was supposed to be about Rachel; but his eyes were telling something else They are already a triangle and you are just entering some very turbulent waters.

But what can I do? The people I hang out around here are your friends. They all already had relationships going on and I simply appeared out Eating On All Fours - Green Apple Quick Step - Wonderful Virus thin air!

But this is your group too; don't think you're not welcome. But maybe hanging out with other people would be good for you. Apple something At first I thought Something Else - Bloco Vomit - Play This Ya Bastard - Samba Punk couldn't conciliate it with work and school; but now I'm considering it.

You are being hypocrite! The hot guy could have a show-choir group but I can't join it without becoming a pariah? You are not doing it because you love it; you are doing it to push people away! You are so afraid of showing people who you really are that you are forcing people to see you as an outcast.

Blaine was anxious waiting for Kurt to get home. He had said he would meet Lou at the bookstore but it had been hours ago. Blaine had called him several times but all the calls ended up in voice mail. Something must have happened. After the last unanswered text Blaine let himself fall on the couch and stood there massaging his temple. The problem wasn't just that Kurt was late; the problem was that Kurt always had somewhere else to go.

They hardly saw each other after having breakfast SpongeBozz - Planktonweed Tape nowadays.

Kurt was always surrounded by new friends and classmates. The only new friend Blaine had made was Kurt's Lets Do It - Eartha Kitt - Miss Kitt, To You and even she didn't like him very much.

He fought his Something Else - Bloco Vomit - Play This Ya Bastard - Samba Punk the best way he knew how: singing. He sat by the small keyboard they had managed to squeeze into the apartment and began to play a song by the indie artist Darren Criss. However, he couldn't finish playing Jealousy without letting the tears fall. That was when Kurt entered the apartment and saw him crying. Well, I tried; we fought and she stormed out.

So I walked around for a while to calm down. You clearly must be hurt about something; but there's no need to use this tone with me. I had a rough day too!

Blaine had tears running down his face and he swallowed hard before turning to Kurt with a broke voice:. You always have a different party or a gather-around to go to and I'm alone in this place, cooking dinner you won't eat.

My only friend is your cousin; who hates me, by the way! How do you think it's like to feel you haven't accomplished anything? How do you think I cope with people approaching me just to praise you?

It's not because I'm not proud of you; I am. But are you proud of me? Blaine got fed up and went to their room slamming the door behind him. Kurt wouldn't be the one crawling back; he grabbed his bag and left the apartment. Thank Goodness; I thought you were still mad at me.

Blaine called at least a hundred times. Not with you like this. Today, I'll only prepare you a hot chocolate with all the calories the situation requires. Kurt made himself comfortable at her couch and she went to the kitchen. She returned with two mugs; handed one to Kurt and sat by his side:. Do you want to start trashing Blaine? I mean; telling me what happened? I said things I didn't mean and left in the worse way possible. To top it all; he was absolutely right about me.

He also have known you since you were little and he could read you were just upset because he was right. He already forgave you because that's how good he is. Also because he screamed nonsenses to his boyfriend and really needs your shoulder to cry on. She put both their mugs away and pulled him to lay on her on the couch while cuddling and massaging his head:.

The thing is that we have hardly see each other; I mean, spending quality time together. There were things we were both denying and that boiled up today.

I grew up feeling this about you. And now I feel about Carmen Miranda. I'm talking about the myth people created around me and that I couldn't possibly live up to. I'm also talking about the mask I hide behind to keep people from finding out about my disease. Let me give you the same advice I gave Finn this afternoon: why don't we sing about our feelings?

After proper dressing up; Kurt and Louisa were back in the living-room singing a mash-up consisting of Kurt singing Mr. There are a million unanswered calls from him on my phone. I know it was childish of him to run and slam the door; but that's no reason for you to disappear in New York City not telling anyone where you are. I wouldn't betray you telling him you are here; but he's really worried. You are making things up with your boyfriend today.

We are buying him his favorite kind of coffee, we'll go to you guys' apartment, you are going to give him the coffee and talk things over with him. Then you'll engage in amazing make-up sex and luckily I'll be far away not to hear it. And I want to see you happy.

What can I do? Your mind is set that Blaine is the one Besides, the guy has already called me a hundred times; he packed my mail Turn Around (Radio Edit) - Rezo-Wave - Turn Around and voice mail. And I know you; you won't call him back. He grinned back at his cousin and walked towards the barista to order his and Blaine's favorite coffees along with some heart-shaped cookies.

Finn rubbed his eyes and it took him a few minutes to remember where he was. It wasn't the first time he had to sleep in the bedroom that once belonged to Kurt; but this time it was his choice to sleep there.

He went a little drowsy to the kitchen were Rachel was already having breakfast. He tried to smile her good-morning and she simply 1234 - Sun Children Sun - Japanese Title her head away. He was still outraged as he spoke:. Louisa saw me distressed and invited me over for coffee. You know what, Rachel? I'm tired of us trying to tell the other what to do Finn went to the bathroom slamming the door behind him.

He heard the front door closing a few minutes later indicating Rachel had left the apartment. Blaine was preparing breakfast when Kurt entered the apartment and looked at him with a coy smile:. Blaine tried to hide his grin from seeing the boy but failed.

Instead, he decided to let his emotions show:. Look, I said something I didn't mean to and I know it wasn't fair to leave you not knowing where I was. But you got to understand that my head was hot and if I talked to you yesterday it would have leaded to even more fighting.

I don't want to fight with you Blaine didn't know if it was the moist in Kurt's eyes, Strange Fruit - Killing Mood - Just Another Love Song words he was saying or simply Kurt's presence; he only knew he had to kiss his boyfriend right then.

He took fast steps towards Kurt and pulled him by the waist into a passionate kiss. They broke it moments later to recover their breaths. He smiled at Kurt:. Do you want to have breakfast with me? I was wishing you'd come home today; but I must admit I didn't think you would because of your stubbornness.

I have to tell her that you bringing me heart-shaped cookies was a stroke of brilliance; I could never resist it! Rachel was walking to her class when she saw her.

Louisa was talking and laughing with Kurt and Blaine; but Rachel wouldn't get distracted by that. She walked closer to her nemesis and grabbed the girl by the arm. Louisa began to protest:. Rachel continued to walk and drag Underneath The Bunker - R.E.M. - Lifes Rich Pageant girl, now followed by Kurt and Blaine, and she simply turned back to reply:.

So now it's you and me on a diva-off; this academy is too small for both of us. They finally reached an auditorium and Rachel let go of the other's arm. She went on turning the lights and sound-systems on and turned to Louisa:.

I'd go with simple sing-off competition: one song each from the Broadway catalog. You'd like to go first or can I take the stage? Blaine gave Kurt a stare that seemed to call him down, seeing that both of them nodded. Rachel smiled at them:. Rachel's performance was breathtaking; she sang her entire soul to every note. Being a dancer and a singer was everything Rachel knew how to do and everything she trained for since she could remember. She wouldn't let a girl from a faraway forgotten land to steal it from her.

As she finished the song; she was receiving a standing ovation not only from Kurt and Blaine but also from Louisa:. I must admit that I don't like you as a person as I think you don't like me. I'm not saying we should be friends; but there's no dispute that this is what you were born to do.

You are a true diva, Rachel Berry. I'm not trying to steal your thunder or anything; I simply think there's enough room for both of us around here. There's room for only one diva around here and I want things to be clear that the room is mine. It's Finn, isn't it? It's because I had to comfort him after he saw you flirting around with your ex-boyfriend?

I won't let a Brazilian whore come here and steal him from me! Kurt and Blaine had stood up in Wald & Wiesenlied - Various - Eigenheimer jump and were approaching the girls. Louisa, however, had a calm look on her face:. Like that; Louisa turned on her heels leaving the other three stunned behind her. Blaine was the first to recover from the shock and turned to Kurt:. Blaine had to run around a little to find Louisa.

However, he wasn't prepared for what he saw when he finally found her. She was obstinately walking towards an open window; with her eyes wide like a maniac and hyperventilating. Blaine acted on instinct when he ran to her and captured her in his embrace while, at the same time, he took her out of the way from the window.

She instantly began to cry very hard making her gasp for air even more strongly. He was absolutely scared and not knowing what to do. He just kept rocking her and trying to calm her down.

She managed to say a few words in a hoarsely voice between sobs:. He got up to reach her the pills and luckily found a water bottle in her purse. He got her the medicine and sat back down by her side on the floor.

She took the pills and rested her head on Blaine's shoulder. He tentatively passed his arms around her and she made herself more comfortable in his embrace. Her tears continued to run for a long while but her breathing was beginning to even.

Blaine kept whispering that he was there and she wasn't alone and she managed to give him a feeble smile. After that, she closed her eyes and Blaine could only tell she wasn't sleeping from the occasional sob she gave.

After several minutes, she began to move in his embrace and he let her sit up. She looked at him with her face still swollen from crying and tears running down her cheeks:. But if you are feeling well to talk; I must say you scared the hell out of me Would you What was attracting me mostly was that piece of broken glass by the window. Blaine nodded but without really having understood. He felt like he was crossing some kind of limit and getting into something deep personal with her. To his surprise, she continued talking:.

It's also the reason I build so many protective walls around me. Kurt knows because he has watched me having several panic attacks like this over the years. It was much scarier for him because we were much younger and I hadn't so much control over myself like now. Blaine was drinking her every word but still had more questions than answers. She must have seen it because she chuckled and took his hand:. It takes me to having panic attacks like the one you just witnessed.

I know it's not pretty and people tend not to understand it. There's too few information about it to the general public and so I went through a lot of prejudice when I told people about my disease. You see; it's a disease; I have no control over it. I'm in therapy and medication; I'm better but sometimes things get out of control.

I'll tell nobody about your secret and I'm now an ally you can count on. I'll ask for Kurt's help to research about it and learn as much as I can to help you. I was about to thank you for helping Kurt and I make up and the opportunity just raised from me to help you back.

Not that I liked that you are suffering And I'm really grateful to you. Eleanor, the lady I work for, is also helping. Her son had depression too and But the medication keeps things in order. We would feel better knowing you are, at least, happy. Just tell Kurt to leave some room in the kitchen for me to do some treats. As Blaine went running after Louisa, Rachel and Kurt stared at each other.

Kurt tried to smile but Rachel turned away shaking her head:. I get that she's family, I love you very much; but there is absolutely no way for me and her to become friends. However, I wasn't going to say anything like that.

I know my cousin very well and I know best than to get on her way when her mind is settled about something. I don't think you and Louisa will get along anytime soon. I wonder, however, what happened to us? We used to be so close and now I feel like I haven't talked to you in ages! But let us be real; we began walking opposite directions since I started dating Brody. Besides, the times at the beginning of term when we tried to go out in group; the tension between you and Louisa and Brody and Finn was unbearable.

He got around the stage like he owned it. His moves, faces and dance steps were worth of any Broadway number. Rachel laughed excitedly from the audience. Kurt bowed at the end and winked at her. I'm sure Blaine won't mind not eating with me if I was catching up with an old friend. Louisa and Kurt kept bringing treats from the kitchen. Most of them Blaine knew; but several he had never seen before.

When the others sat down and began to dig in; Blaine looked puzzled between the two of Something Else - Bloco Vomit - Play This Ya Bastard - Samba Punk. Louisa saw it and explained:. Kurt grew up with me and is used to the Brazilian culinary. Blaine took the spoon in his mouth and was surprised by the delicious taste of that different consistency chocolate:. We Brazilians are particularly proud of it and it's really easy to make if you have the ingredients.

I have to take care of my men. And partly because I forgot it Or I'll simply call Louisa to cook for me. Speaking of which, since you've forgotten the recipe she taught you; I think it's only fair she chooses the film tonight.

In this little pen-drive I have digitalized photos of me and my dear cousin from the vacations we spent together at Grandma Hummel's place. Especially since Kurt has forbidden Burt to show me most of his childhood pictures.

You are not Triffids - Seb Taylor* - Collected Downtempo Vol. 2 (File) this to me boo, are you? Blaine helped her set the laptop to slide-slow her photos. He then sat by Kurt's side rubbing his legs cheerfully. As the photos passed, Blaine exclaimed about one or other; making Kurt's cheeks more scarlet with every comment. She always dreamed of becoming a ballerina but her father forbade her.

So now, my dearest cousin, will join me performing Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious just like our grandmother taught us. Louisa stared at him with a mortal glance; but Kurt wouldn't take no for an answer. This time, all recorded on 4 track, using a lot of sequencing with rhythms and keyboard layers. A large proportion of this album are instrumentals, there are 3 songs with guitar and vocals accompanying. Recorded between October and Mayfeaturing a couple of collaborations with Robin Miller where are you now?

Nature's God, Alice, X. Similiar in style to the previous offering, this is the last of Gary's electronic phase. There are no songs here, just instrumentals, flowing from ambient to experimental to dancey. The guitar is not neglected and makes it's appearance along with the bass guitar on a few occasions.

Recorded between January and June Back to basics, he gets the two cassette decks out and records this in March and June with vocals and acoustic guitars. He does get onto a 4 track for a couple of songs. This is the last of his solo work for a decade. Where Next Columbus? They split up in and reformed for a couple of performances in and At the end ofGary reunited with David Honeyman on drums and have been rehearsing, with the odd performance, under phase 3 of Where Next Columbus?

Paul Chambers now plays lead guitar and Mick the Maestro Hastie on bass. They are planning to record their debut cd this summer Tracklisting - Do You Remember Beauty? The Gobi Desert Canoe Club existed between and Gary and Lisa T played guitar and sang, they were accompanied by a drum machine a primitive Dr Rhythm and then upgraded to a TR?

Gary and Lisa shared the songwriting. There style was punky, gothy, industial, poppy. Appears on Recorded at Sing Sings studios, Glasgow, February


Fixing A Hole Mirando Un Bache - The Beatles - Sgt Peppers Lonely Hearts Club Band, Shades - Iggy Pop - Classic, Double Deal - Blues Dimension - Blues Dimension, Dueling The Basilisk - John Williams - Harry Potter And The Chamber Of Secrets (Music From And Insp, How Long Has This Been Going On? - Various - The Complete Gershwin Songbooks, Make The Leaders Fight - Intrepid A.A.F. - Songs Of Battle, Fairies Wear Boots - Black Sabbath - We Sold Our Soul For Rock N Roll, My Favorite Things - The Lennon Sisters - The Lennon Sisters Favorites, Harlem Nocturne - Harold Kelling - Harlem Nocturne / Jezebel, Steamy Windows - Tina Turner - Foreign Affair

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    Vomit, Congleton. 3K likes. NEW DOUBLE ALBUM OUT NOW called Punk Rock Past & Present and a New Live album called Live & Loud on TIN TOWN records,70's style punk at its best!! Lee Vomit 5/5.
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    This article is the target of 1 redirect(s). Main/Justification (17); Found in articles, excluding discussions.. Since January 1, this article has brought 6, people to the wiki from non-search engine links.. A Fool And His New Money Are Soon Parted.
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  4. Mezizilkree   Molar
    They play searing punk that's a little bit Rip Off and a lot of ''78 UK punk, including a great version of The Valves' "For Adolf's Only". Kind of like a combo of The Infections and a volume of England Belongs to Me. Featuring a nice chunky guitar sound, this thing could probably be whittled down to produce a good EP worth of material.
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    Blackbean And Placenta Tape Club. This is an attempt to create a complete Blackbean And Placenta Tape Club discography. If you know of any other existing release, please contact me. Acme.
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    POTROTAINO - Demo Primera maqueta de esta banda de Ordizia (EH), del año
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    Vomito Con Víctor a la voz, Claus al bajo, Dani a la batería y Mikel “Johnny” a la guitarra, “Vómito Social” inicia su andadura en el año sobre los escenarios la primavera de ese mismo año y en septiembre graban su primera maqueta “Los gobiernos pasan, las sociedades mueren, pero la policía es eterna”, donde ya se encuentran unas embrionarias “Ley de vida” y.
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