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Published 22.01.2020

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Bit by bit, sex research has unraveled the hows, whys, whynots, and how-betters of arousal and orgasm. The more the researchers and sexperts and the reporters talked about sex, the easier it became for everyone else to. As communication eases and knowledge grows, inhibitions dissolve and confidence takes root.

Feb 01, Michael rated it it was amazing Shelves: non-fictionhumorbiologyjournalismhistoryfavoritessexualityscience. First she did death and now she does sex. She is brilliant in her ability to present to the average readers the triumphs and the twisted in the progression of scientific and medical approaches to these subjects. Roach represents a veritable cross between the styles of Malcolm Gladwell and Bill Bryson. I learned a lot, I laughed a lot.

The latter helps with the squeamish and embarrassing bits. For First she did death and now she does sex. For example, the boring or disgusting to some aspects of the physiology of erection is improved nicely with her gifted leavening with levity: So now we had achievedin the parlance of ED experts, an erection.

It is a respectable achievement, but it is not enough. An erection, like a motorcycle or lawn, must be maintained. The blood that has filled the two erection chambers must be trapped there, otherwise the erection wilts. Her focus is as much on the human aspects of discovery as in the knowledge itself in the slow progress of discovery about sexuality and its disorders. You keep rooting for some light at the end of the tunnel so to speak.

The concept that masturbation could be healthy seemed to take forever, especially for women. Even as late as the Clinton administration, his Surgeon General, Joycelyn Elders, was fired for suggesting it should be promoted. Gynecology was but a sideline interest for Aetios best known for his eye, ear, and nose texts and it shows. Women who came Wasted Love - Bonk - Western Soul him for contraceptive advice were told to wear a piece of cat liver in an ivory tube attached to the left foot.

Though I suppose this might well keep you from getting pregnant, in the same way that wearing Birkenstocks might. Sometimes she puts herself on the line and sometimes her poor husband as a subject in some experiments.

She sits in on penile surgeries for erectile dysfunction in Taiwan and empathetically delves into current explorations of treatments for people with spinal cord injury. I like her conclusion: Study by study, the gains may seem small and occasionally silly, but the aggregation of all that has been learned, the lurching tango of academe and popular culture, has led up to a happier place. Hats off and pants off to you all. Her delightful chapter titles give the prospective reader an idea of the ride they will be taking when they pursue this wonderful book: The Sausage, the Porcupine, and the Agreeable Mrs.

View all 11 comments. Jun 09, David rated it really liked it Shelves: biologypsychologyaudiobook. This is definitely an entertaining book. Mary Roach did a lot of personal investigations; she visited sex researchers to find out what they are up to, how they do research, what are their findings.

She describes the early researchers, like Kinsey and Masters and Johnson. She even volunteers herself and her husband as subjects for some of their experiments. She visits scientists who put willing couples into an MRI to take images of the proceedings.

She visits sex toy factories to find out how This is definitely an entertaining book. She visits sex toy factories to find out how employees feel about their work. Roach seems also to focus on the bizarre. For example, what people used to do before the days of Viagra. I won't go into the details, in case you are enjoying a snack right now. In fact, many parts of the book are gross enough to avoid reading on a full stomach. Mary Roach not only focuses on the personalities, but on the science as well.

As some other reviewers have noted, it is surprising how little is known about human sexuality. One reason is that it can be difficult to get funding in some topics. Also, perhaps little is known because it is a combination of physiology and psychology, mixed together and it is difficult to sort out these two areas.

I didn't read this book. I listened to the audiobook version, narrated by Sandra Burr. Her voice tells much more than just the words printed on the page. If you haven't read the book yet, and want to, I highly recommend listening to the audiobook! Jun 30, Megan Baxter rated it really liked it. Mary Roach takes her practially-patented whirlwind tour through the world of sex research. And for the most part, it's very fun. And occasionally cringe-inducing.

But less so than Stiffwhich had me avoiding that book any time I Cest Juste - Various - La Compil Vol.2 - 24 Hits Enchaînés eating. Bonk never gave me the same problems. Note: The rest of this review has been withdrawn due to the changes in Goodreads policy and enforcement.

You can read why I came to this decision here. In the meantime, you can read the entire review at Smorgasbook. Dec 15, Song #14 Ayers Rock / Uluru Song And Throw Out The Yellow Journalists.

- Philip Glass - Allen Gi rated it it was amazing Shelves: 1paper2non-fictionfavoritesscience. I read it because I love Roach's style, especially on tough subjects.

So, how much new material could there be? Plenty, but that wasn't what shocked me. There was very little 'shocking' material. No, what shocked me was our lack of knowledge in this area. Sex is one of the most important parts of our lives. I would have thought some one or some study would have all the answers.

We've split the atom, but we don't really understand an orgasm. What's up with that? Well, sex is a taboo subject. Even after the 60's? President Clinton the man with the wandering cigar actually fired his surgeon general for suggesting that teaching masturbation might help with the AIDs epidemic. Roach really went all out to write this book. She literally traveled the world from Danish pig farms to a private Egyptian clinic, all over the U.

She even talked her husband into helping. There's only one little catch I highly recommend it to everyone. I don't think there is a person on the planet that couldn't learn a lot from this book, even if it is just some of the difficulties the scientific method faces when it runs into our prejudices. View all 19 comments. Jan 27, Christian McKay rated it it was amazing Shelves: runner-ups. A book about sex. You might not want to read on.

My uncle and I have read all of Mary Roach's books together. We had stomach churning conversations about cadavers at dinner parties and discussed the after life at meant-to-be light-hearted gatherings.

He approached me with red in his cheeks after he finished this. But good. This was the kind of book that kept me laughing so hard people around me had to ask, "What, what? I thought I knew a lot about sex. Turns out there's an untapped heh well of information about the infamous researchers and their discoveries. Not only has Roach equipped me with fascinating tidbits to share in random conversations, but I actually think it's going to make my sex life better. Scratch that, it already has.

This is the price you pay for having your mom as a goodreads friend. Jan 27, Coco Prato rated it did not like it Shelves: couldn-t-finish. In a few words, this book Bodystyle - Second Voice - A Strange Days D.A.W.N. poorly written and less than informative.

The actual amount of info in the book might have made a long magazine article in Cosmo. The book is shamelessly padded with jokes and cutesy side remarks, found both in the text and in anecdotes in textual footnotes. Since they often have nothing to do either with the book's subject or the material on the page at hand, they quickly become In a few words, this book is poorly written and less than informative.

Since they often have nothing to do either with the book's subject or the material on the page at hand, they quickly become first disruptive and then irritating. After about 30 pages, even the sex jokes become lackluster. I like a good sex joke as much as the next person but Ms.

Roach is not my best friend nor can I deny the fact that this worthless commentary comes at an expensive price.

View 1 comment. Shocking news: It's really difficult to get funding for sex research even in these enlightened times. I know.

A real travesty, right? What strikes me is that there's still a lot we don't know about sex. The female orgasm is harder to figure out than quantum physics because the experience is so subjective, and the various remedies for erectile dysfunction are varied and disputed.

In BonkMary Roach, with her customary wit and fearless approach to asking TMI questions, details the relationship Shocking news: It's really difficult to get funding for sex research even in these enlightened times. In BonkMary Roach, with her customary wit and fearless approach to asking TMI questions, details the relationship between science and sex. I learned a lot. Frankly, I'm a bit ashamed by how much I didn't know about sex.

Growing up in Pennsyltucky is hard, you guys. So, in case you were wondering, a lot of sex research consists of people banging in a lab, or in the case of Kinsey's studies, at an undisclosed location. I'm imagining the situation was something like this Masturbation, too. People are still masturbating for science. Researchers check heart rates, blood pressure, watch MRI scans, etc.

Roach and her husband even throw in their assistance as test subjects, agreeing to have uncomfortable, sanitary sex in an MRI machine while a kindly doctor watches. I can only imagine how my husband would react if I asked him to have sex with me in an MRI machine for science.

Roach's husband agreed to it for the trip abroad. Bonk is a fun read with a wealth of information explained in every day terms by Roach. I felt a little bogged down by the erectile dysfunction chapters. Is it sexist that erectile dysfunction doesn't really interest me? Even in general, I hear or read the word Viagra, and I'm like So, yeah, if that makes me close-minded, sorry to the penises. It is not your fault. The erectile dysfunction stuff wasn't all bad, though.

One of my favorite parts of the book is the chapter where Roach goes over all the ways old-timers tried to keep men from masturbating.

Masturbation was believed to cause impotence because they apparently thought a penis would eventually 1-2, Heres What We Gone Do - KRS-One & True Master - Meta-Historical of overuse like a baseball glove or an old pair of shoes.

Back in Victorian times, they were patenting devices left and right to stop those dastardly wet dreams. The most horrifying device was strapped on to the penis at bed time. If the man or boy became aroused in his sleep, his skin would come into contact with tiny spikes!

D: Before impotence was linked with masturbation, a lot of people just thought witches did it, so I suppose the penis torture devices were sort of an improvement, scientifically speaking.

Aside from all the kinky stuff, the real stars of the book are the numerous sex researchers that Roach interviews. They're a brave lot, boldly going where other researchers are afraid. For that, I thank them. View all 22 comments. This is another great book by Mary Roach. I have to hand it to this lady, she leaves no stone unturned in her mission to shed some light on our favourite topic. Mary travelled great distances to watch foreplay between inseminators and sows, voyeuristically spied on mating monkeys, and even went so far as to offer to put a gent's new penile implant to the squeeze test.

Heck, she Wasted Love - Bonk - Western Soul recruited her husband to do it under observation, becoming a research subject in the process. Her research is This is another great book by Mary Roach. Her research is exhaustive, and I have to admit I learned a lot in reading this book, not least of which was the existence of a "Fruit Machine" designed to be used by certain federal agencies in Canada to expose and root out homosexuals from the ranks of our military and RCMP.

Apparently the Wasted Love - Bonk - Western Soul couldn't be tested as the Department of National Defence claimed to have no homosexuals to test and the mounties were understandably reluctant to volunteer. There is a lot of technical and biological info in this book but don't worry Mary's delivery is so humorous that this offering is a breeze to read. My only slight criticism is that her last chapter seemed abbreviated and perhaps a bit rushed.

I'm going to read everything she puts out. View all 3 comments. Jun 26, Wanda rated it really liked it Shelves: read-inpublic-librarynon-fictionfemale-authors.

Mary Roach, as Black Bubblegum - Title Tracks - It Was Easy, is drawn to the weird and the wonderful.

I love her sense of humour about whatever her current obsession happens to be. A book about sex research could be dry and boring, but not with Ms. Roach at the helm. Male readers may cringe at several of the chapters regarding surgery on the family jewels—it made me a little queasy. I am also amazed that she managed to drag her husband along to participate in research projects with her. He is obviously a guy with a sense of Mary Roach, as usual, is drawn to the weird and the wonderful.

He is obviously a guy with a sense of adventure! Sex researchers, both animal and human, were good sports to show off their work in progress or discuss published results. As stated a couple of time in the book, publicity can sometimes be a hindrance to obtaining research money, so they were either very established researchers or willing to risk the exposure.

Thank you, Mary Roach, for being the obsessive researcher for us. If you're into stuff like this, you can read the full review. Taffy: "Bonk: The Curious Coupling of Science and Sex" by Mary Roach Many eons ago I had a friend at work who was always boasting how many times he did it per week: 'We've experimented with positions, more than altogether' and some-such.

There was a sense it had become a bit of a braggadiccio thing. Well, firstly the idea of counting all these positions is risible but of course there aren't over a different sexual positions, If you're into stuff like this, you can read the full review. Well, firstly the idea of counting all these positions is risible but of course there aren't over a different sexual positions, merely 4, maybe 5 that give scope for various variations.

May 30, Jay Green rated it it Fais Confiance - Mario Pelchat - Pelchat amazing. Not as raunchy as I'd hoped for, but then the subtitle doesn't exactly set you up for raunch. It was my own Requiem For A Sorcerer - Darzum Thuul - Music For Dark Sorcery, my own fervid expectation, based on my enjoyment of reading Roach's other books.

That said, Roach is never a disappointment. Roach strikes a nice balance between science, history and humor to keep the book interesting and readable. I think that the best of this book — like Stiff — is acknowledging that life, death and sex are all a bit absurd and for that we really should be very grateful.

Review starts with a recent blog post, written mid-book, then my conclusion Well, maybe it is, just a little bit. As I've often stated here, I read very little non-fiction. Too dry, too dull, too fact-intensive.

Just too. Roach's good-natured obsession with researching anything and everything that interests her is infectious. Plus, I'm fairly morbid, so the topic appealed to me. Seriously, I can watch Review starts with a recent blog post, written mid-book, then my conclusion Well, maybe it is, just a little bit. Seriously, I can watch surgery shows, gruesome real-life crime investigations, you name it. If I thought I could stand medical school and all those annoying patients I'd have to deal with during my internship and residencyI think I'd love to be a forensic pathologist.

I'd donate my body to the Body Farm, where they place corpses all around the wooded property to study how we decay under various conditions, but I suspect that would upset Tom. Also, then my ashes couldn't be mixed with those of my dogs and scattered somewhere scenic.

When I discovered that Roach had a new book coming out, I was excited. Then I learned that Fabulous Fiancee had a copy, and that I could borrow it.

What could possibly be more fascinating than experiments and research involving dead humans? Yeah, I'm thinking so. I'm only about halfway through it, but just had to mention it here. You can check my Goodreads page in a couple of days and read my full review. The link is over in the right sidebar of Fermented Fur. Am I fascinated? Am I intrigued? You betcha. Am I a wee bit disturbed and perhaps even alarmed? Oh, yeah. Early "sex researchers" were inventive, barbaric, and creepy, but as curious in their own ways as Roach is today.

And some of the things people do? I thought I was pretty well-informed regarding some of the less-conventional, more taboo, things humans do in their quests for excitement. I read lots of fiction, and just because it's fiction doesn't mean it isn't about things that really do take place. Now, I realize I have no clue - and am probably better off that way. There are things which should not be considered "insertable" that are placed into regions where they were never intended to be. There are methods of Leave Me Now (Swell Sessions Vip Mix) - Stateless - Leave Me Now (Swell Session & Brooks Remixes) that are at least as bad as the worst porn scenario you've ever seen, imagined, or heard about.

And who knew there were so many uses for Pyrex? The truly fascinating thing is Roach's absolute dedication to research. She talks to people about things that most of us are taught to never, ever say out loud. She asks questions that would cause the average adult human being to bite off her own tongue before they would actually voice it. And, above all, she is all about "the best way to research is to participate.

Roach, and your wife tells you she's arranged for the two of you to take a little trip. It all sounds lovely, until you learn that the focal point of your trip will be having sex inside an MRI tube so the researcher can get accurate images of just exactly how men and women "fit. Then he tells you he's gotten the images he needs, and it's OK for you to finish now. Sure, some people might really, really like that.

Most of us really, really wouldn't. At the moment, I'm learning all the fascinating physiological facts behind erectile dysfunction, having just completed the part about the pig artificial insemination facility in Denmark and the segment about the Center for Sex and Culture's annual fund-raiser called the "Masturbate-a-Thon. Disturbing at times. Really not a mood-setter, though, if you get my drift. But it's non-fiction, and I'm reading it, Heave A Shinbone - Various - Possible Worlds (File) any author who can accomplish that definitely knows how to write and educate and entertain.

And isn't that why we read? But I might just sleep with the lights on for the next couple of months. Conclusion How Roach can cover so much factual material and remain so entertaining is a gift.

Wonder what her next topic will be? Mar 27, Jen rated it liked it Recommends it for: interested bonkers. Shelves: sisters-book-clubchicks-dig-ittoolbox. Everyone has a different word for it. Sometimes there aren't even words; a wink-wink, nudge-nudge, and an eyebrow lift or two can be enough. But what's behind it? The science of it? And hasn't everyone wondered about what happens if a guy loses a ball or two and needs another? Where to go? What to do? It's all in this book.

That written, this book is not as interesting as Roach's book on cadavers. But before I'm called a prude, I want to make sure that all have the Bonk. But before I'm called a prude, I want to make sure that all have the opportunity to call me pompous. Here's the reason why: Apart from clit measuring and data specifics, I had read quite a bit of all of her research before The book just didn't blow me away twss with new facts and information.

But I did have a favorite part, which involved mice. When two mice male and female, btw are bonking, scrumping, hokey-pokeying, whatever, placing a piece of cheese beside them doesn't distract the male. But, oh! How the female is divided!

So, now my thoughts are out Sometimes funny, as expected from Mary Roach. But my younger sister really liked this one. I think it was the idea that people buy cojones implants for dogs that did it- broke through her Jane Austen exterior. And Stare And Phibbs* - Undercurrent / Air Pocket (Optiv Rmx) middle sister?

The one who likes family smut and calls the vagina a "gine? Boring, really. I mean, who wants to read about scientific details regarding dildos and couples getting it on inside an MRI tube? To her, reading about this took away from the act itself. I think she wants sex to be like magic- why analyze it and try to see what is behind the curtain? Just enjoy. Oooh and aaah. Poor thing, she couldn't even finish the book.

Her favorite parts described animal sex research which reminds me, female pigs have clits inside their vaginas. Forget the phrase lucky dog. Lucky sow! But we did agree to a new rule- Sisters' book club will only focus on fiction from now on. We are too diverse a trio to try non-fiction. View all 5 comments. Dec 31, Alex rated it liked it Shelves: Mary Roach is always entertaining - possibly our best living author just for "shit that might be fun to talk about at a party" - but this isn't her best work.

The thing that's fun about her is that she gets hands-on with her research. She visits corpse farms and goes into low-earth orbit. And there just wasn't as much of that here. She nails her husband in an MRI tube!

Which isn't the worst thing in the world, but it's not the best thing either. This was a fun read! It was funny, well-researched, and extremely readable. I think Mary Roach is a great place to start for people wanting to get into nonfiction. For the most part, it was a chill ride filled with interesting sex facts and information about sexual studies that are or I guess, were [this came out over a decade ago] being conducted that I found to be fascinating. And each chapter is told with such ease, you almost feel like Mary could be a friend of yours.

BUT this book had one This was a fun read! BUT this book had one chapter that seriously made me squirm. If you're easily grossed out by icky surgical details particularly those involving genitaliadon't read this: view spoiler [there is a surgery that involves removing veins from the penis.

Maybe I'm just a wimp but that image hurts me to my core hide spoiler ] and I couldn't think about anything else while reading the following chapters. I think it may have Wasted Love - Bonk - Western Soul my enjoyment of the book moving forward. Also, it felt like the book ended really abruptly, but that's because the ebook copy I read had pages of bibliography and footnotes which I also wasn't able to read throughout the book I feel like I missed out on a bunch of fun details so when I thought I was halfway through the book, suddenly I was reading the acknowledgments.

If ever there were a book about sex that were less sexy than Bonkit would have to have been written specifically for that purpose. A veritable calliope of penis especially, vaginas, engorged Yes, you'll need to gird your loins for this one. If you're interested in a scientific look at sex and how it works or doesn't work, as is often so lamentably the casethen this is probably the book for If ever there were a book about sex that were less Uneasy Toon - Various - Brutal 100 % than Bonkit would have to have been written specifically for that purpose.

If you're interested in a scientific look at sex and how it works or doesn't work, as is often so lamentably the casethen this is Now Stand - Hannibal Marvin Peterson - The Tribe the book for you. If, however, you're looking for something to make you want to have sexy sex lots of sexy times, then this is probably assuredly not the book for you and you should really, really not read it.

In fact if you'd like to have sex ever again and not think about castrations, multiple speculae being put where they shouldn't be, or things being gah stretched that had no need to be gah then you should really stay away from this book. In fact, you probably shouldn't even put this book near your genitals or near anyone you want to have sex with or in the same room as well, anything.

For instance avocados. The thought of falling in love has never crossed my mind. When Youre Young - Terje Nicolaisen - 1974 Dixon Beaumont. That is until I meet a certain Southern hottie by the name of Dixon Beaumont, who just so happens to be the cousin of Kayden Knox.

He flips my world upside down the moment we meet. My Dilemma Throw in a bad boy rocker Wasted Love - Bonk - Western Soul a sweet Aussie and I find myself going from a simple, carefree life to a full-blown love square. Brooklyn Bennett breaks the mold when it comes to female heroines, she is not your average chick!

She loves sex, hot guys, and her best friend Savannah fiercely and has a slight obsession with Jared Leto. Get A Copy. Published October 28th by Lavish Publishing first published October 1st More Details Edition Language. Other Editions 4. Friend Reviews. To see what The Body Rock - Greg* & Steve* - Kidding Around With Greg & Steve friends thought of this book, please sign up.

To ask other readers questions about Wasted Loveplease sign up. Do I have to read the Savannah series before this one? Will I be lost Belligerent Bastard - Hard Response - Hostile Environment I jump into this book first? Cindy Sharber I really helps, and you won't be disappointed.

Savannah's Series sets up this series, so it will be good for you to read it first. Has this book been released yet??? Cindy Sharber Yes it is, and it is fantastic!!! See 2 questions about Wasted Love…. Lists with This Book. Community Reviews. Showing Average rating 4. Rating details. More filters. Sort order. Start your review of Wasted Love Brooklyn, 1. Feb 13, Tina Morgan rated it it was amazing.

OK so Danielle Jamie has done it again!!!!!! Absolutely loved this book, I got lucky enough to be one of the first to read it. You get to know Brooklyn and Dixon a Bass Down Low - Dev - The Night The Sun Came Up better in this series, which is awesome because as soon as you meet both of them in The Savannah Series you wanted more.

Love Brooklyn and her no nonsense ways, she just puts it all out and doesn't care what anyone thinks. She has the missing filer from brain to mouth which makes for some serious laughter. And love how you hear OK so Danielle Jamie has done it again!!!!!!

And love how you hear from Dixon in this book his own thoughts and feelings. And then there's Dixon, who doesn't love a sexy cowboy and he can call me darlin' anytime and let me ride his DixieStick lol. And we can't forget the hot Aussie or the sexy bad boy rocker Xander!!! I like to call it The Savannah Series with a twist. Highly recommend this book!!!!! View all 5 comments. Jan 28, Kelli rated it it was amazing Shelves: favorites. Danielle has done it once again! I was lucky and was given Trois Pièces Faciles À Quatre Mains - Various - Festival Dada Paris: Soirée Du Coeur À Barbe chance to beta read a copy of this.

If you loved the Savannah series you will love Wasted Love! In this book you get a sexy rocker, aussie, and a cowboy Brooklyn's care free and alpha female attitude will keep you on your toes! If you want a book with some laughs and steamy sex scenes Its a must read and a 10 star review from me!! Feb 23, Traci rated it it was amazing. I was lucky enough to receive an advanced copy of this amazing book in exchange for review. Brooklyn is awesome!!!! And that says a lot for me considering i really hate the women in books.

Im usually all about the guys. This is a complete role reversal for me. I love love love Brooklyn. Shes gorgeous, funny, awesome, a great bestie and girl who knows what she wants and isnt afraid to sample the goods until she finds it You also get so much more of Dixon because to be honest, i couldnt stand him until i read this book. He annoyed the crap out of me in the Savannah Series.

I do love Jax though And Xander The Multiple POV's is amazing. I just love it. I dont want Wasted Love - Bonk - Western Soul say too much and give you some spoilers but i am positive, you wont be disappointed. The story is amazing and i really cant wait for the next book hurry up Danielle, get to writing it woman I havent read anything by Danielle that i havent loved and this is no exception I cant WAIT to get this in Paperback because my bookshelves are begging for a copy.

I absolutely recommend this book to everyone and anyone who like to have a smile on their face, and a laugh on their tongue, and sometimes even an ache in their heart as you follow the antics of Brooklyn. View all 4 comments. Jan 28, Tabitha Wilson rated it it was amazing. I knew Brooklyn was a badass but reading her story sheds new light on her. I absolutely adore this book and Danielle did a fabulous job writing it! Another top, must read!

Nov 06, Lustful Literature rated it really liked it. Between Xander, Jax, and Dixon, my brain is on overload as it tries to process all the feelings these men are inflicting in me. Brooklyn is this character that you want to be best friends with!

She literally had me almost peeing pants while I was reading, I had true tears from her one liners. If you read the Savannah Series you know Brooklyn has no filter. She not only meets one boy that turns her head, she meets three: Alexander, Jax and Dixon. She then decides she wants to do the whole friends with benefits with them instead of going out and trying to find a new flavor every night.

But does that ever turn out the way you think?! Xander is the rockstar, with the tats, piercings and everything else that makes you wonder how your clothes fell off. Of course with this lifestyle he is all about a friends with benefits relationship. Dixon sees Brooklyn as hands off even though there is definitely a attraction. I am not going to get into much more because you have to meet the characters and draw your own conclusions and fall for them the way I did.

For me this was definitely a 4 star read, it kept me laughing almost the entire time and it is super fast paced. This is the first book in the series so prepare yourself for the cliffhanger that leaves you hitting your kindle thinking WTF I am missing a chapter or something!!

But even with that I would still recommend it if you are looking for a book with a lot of heat and more than a few giggles. Feb 13, Amy Zec rated it it was amazing. Danielle Jamie does it again!!!! I was lucky enough to get to beta read this book! I absolutely loved it and can't wait for more. This series is sure to get you heated up! You will be sure to laugh alot as well get completely hot and bothered! If you loved The Savannah Series as much as I did you are sure to love this one as well.

This has started out as one hot steamy series! Brooklyn is that fun loving crazy BFF that everyone wants! She is alwaus making sure to live life to the fullest the way Danielle Jamie does it again!!!! She is alwaus making sure to live life to the fullest the way she wants.

Brooklyn is the party girl that is just looking to have fun and lots of hot and steamy sex. While out living life she meets the sexy rocker Xander. The heat between these two is bound to get your blood flowing. Then there is the thunder from down under Jax.

Just his aussie accent alone will have you completely turned on! Brooklyn is more then happy to make these two her go to guys. Well that is until she gets a taste of the Dixie Stick! Brooklyn is just looking to have fun until Dixon decides to turn her world completely unside down. They plan to make the sex just a one time thing.

The sex between these two is so hot you will need a cold shower. After they get a taste of each other they find themselves wanting more! Sep 30, Brianna at Renee Entress's Blog rated it it was amazing. I have been impatiently waiting for Brooklyn's story. Yes, if you read the Savannah series then you know how her story ends but to watch the love story of Brooklyn and Dixon happen from their eyes in an amazing thing. I have to admit I was not a fan of Dixon for most of the Savannah series but this book helped me understand him and in turn fall in love with him.

This is Brooklyn's story. She is the best friend of Savannah. She is Harajuku Girls - Gwen Stefani - Love.Angel.Music.Baby. girl who is loose between the sheets but wants to 5 Stars! She is a girl who is loose between the sheets but wants to fall in love, even if she can't admit it to herself. Going from no man to three, it can be a challenge.

Get ready for a crazy ride as Brooklyn finds her way to her happy ending. I loved this story. This book had so many laugh out loud moments, quirky comebacks, and seriously sexy steam. I loved Brooklyn in the Savannah series but wow I highly recommend this book!

Can I just say WOW?!? I had the pleasure of getting a sneak peek of Wasted Love Danielle Jamie has not only done an amazing job with Brooklyn in this story she did an unbelievably good job letting us into the world of Brooklyn Bennet and you will laugh your butt off!!!

We fell in love with Brooklyn in the Savannah series and if you didn't read the Savannah Series which I strongly recommend you already know somethings about Brooklyn but in her story now we get the whole picture With Wasted Love you will get to know Dixon a little better because you will know what was going through that head of his Omg too funny!!!

Brooklyn is the perfect woman because she thinks and does what she wants and honestly does what most women want do but won't admit to it Lord help us because this is going to be one bumpy ride!!! This is a must read!!! Jan 15, Brigitte rated it it was amazing Shelves: adultromancecontemporary.

Brooklyn is a carefree 24 year old whose main focus is on her career as a stunt double in the film industry. She is not looking for love but loves to have a good time. She likes to party, drink and generally have a good time but doesn't believe in permanent relationships.

She is very loyal to her best friend Savannah and is happy to see her settling down. Dixon is a 24 year old billionnaire who is career focused too and avoids the complications of having a permanent girlfriend, until he sets Brooklyn is a carefree 24 year old whose main focus is on her career as a stunt double in the film industry.

Dixon is a 24 year old billionnaire who is career focused too and avoids the complications of having a permanent girlfriend, until he sets eyes on Brooklyn. He does his best to avoid her to the point of being rude to her at times. When he finally gives in, he tells himself that he can now forget about her since he has got her out of his system.

The thing is that Brooklyn thinks the same but it doesn't seem to work quite as they had planned. The book ends with a bit of a cliffhanger, leaving us guessing as to what happens next.

The next instalment is due to be released in This book would appeal to those who like a good romance with suspense, steamy and explicit sex scenes. Jan 28, Ashley rated it it was amazing. Holy Hell!! We finally get to get inside her head and everything that's gone on and get her view on things. And then there's also the HOT guys! First there's Jax the aussie hottie,then Xander the sexy rocker who rocks Brooklyn's world. Then of course there's the baddest boy of them all that completely took over her world Dixon Beaumont!

With Dixon fighting his Holy Hell!! With Dixon fighting his attraction to Brooklyn and constantly brushing her off, she finds herself attempting to do the same.

But the connection they have just won't let that happen. Once again Danielle has made us fall in love with her characters even more than we already were!! Jul 24, Tammi rated it it was amazing. Brooklyn rocks!!! I was lucky enough to get an early read of this book. Loved it! Loved Brooklyn in the Savannah series and love her even more now.

This book has it ALL a hot rocker with a bike, a hot Australian with sexy accent, a hot country boy with a big truck, and a heroine that is kick ass!

And steamy sex that leaves you all hot and bothered! Brooklyn loves her bestfriend! She is all about having a good time and no guy is going to tie her down. Then there's playboy Dixon who she 5 stars!!! Then there's playboy Dixon who she can't get out of her head and might just be sneaking into her heart. Awesome book! It made me laugh more times than I can count but had touching moments that brought tears. I can't wait for the rest of Brooklyn's story!

Oct 30, Renee at Book Happiness rated it it was amazing. I received this for an honest review. I am not sure I can even express to you how much I loved this book. Danielle is most definitely my go to author. Every time I pick up a book of hers I am instantly in love with the story she weaves for us. I fell in love with Brooklyn in the Savannah series where Shine (Masaki Morii Vocal Mix) - Tom Conrad feat Carla Prather - Shine met her.

I love Brooklyn's views and attitude it is so much fun reading this story. This I received this for an honest review. This book can be read without reading the Savannah series but I think it is better with it.

This story makes you laugh and say OMG she did not just say that. Jun 21, Heather Lane rated it it was amazing Shelves: favorites. I loved Brooklyn in The Savannah Series but you really get in touch with her and the few men in her life in Wasted Love.

What can you say when you get a sexy rocker, Aussie, and a cowboy Brooklyn is a strong woman that don't put up with any shit!! Love her. In this book I really enjoyed that you get a insight of why Dixon acts the way he does. I highly recommend this book!!! Mar 07, Angel rated it really liked it Shelves: night-owl-reviewsebooks. Well, more than kind of, actually. It had a lot of things going for it, in my opinion. Such as mentioning a '69 Mustang my favorite car30 Seconds to Mars love me some Jared Leto, just like Brooklynand some good old country mud bogging.

That should actually be boggin', but you know Nov 02, Indies Heart rated it it was amazing. Danielle Jamie has done it with Wasted Love! Brooklyn is one bad chick! You meet her first in the Savannah series, but you learn so much more about her in Wasted Love! Then of course, there is Jax, Xander, and Dixon. Can we say hotness overload?

If you love crazy and funny, then you will love Wasted Love! Of course, now I need the next book since I am kinda hanging on here Oct 03, Ashley Gibbons rated it it was amazing. This was a great read! This is book 1 in the Brooklyn series, i think danielle jamie knocked it out of the park with this one, book 1 was a great start to the series, i can't wait to read the next one.

You need to read this book and the others that go with it. At first I was not the keen on wanting to continue past chapter one.

Now I know most people will stop and pick up a different book when this happens. But I like to get a little further into a book before I make that decision and quit. I first felt like this book did not match my interest because Brooklyn was being obnoxious wild. I did catch myself You need to read this book and the others that go with it. I did catch myself rolling my eyes and saying to myself really? I get it she likes sex. The author did a great job showing how some women can handle casual sex without being attached and having safe sex.

But really when you have a friend that sleeps around as much a Brooklyn your other half is most likely going to think she is a slut and not be Инквизитор - Пикник - The Best comfortable with you hanging out with them. Trust me I use to know a Brooklyn and have been a Brooklyn myself. Once the plot started moving I was able to except the character and fall into it.

The plot is wonderful and easy to follow. There was one song that stuck out to me and I felt it really did not match a club scene Calvin Harris feat. Ne-Yo - Let's Go and techno did not seem to match these country boys. So having them at techno club was a bit weird. There was another part in the book that kind of through me off, horses. Now I have horses, so therefore, to have horses Solitude - Nina Simone - The Essential Nina Simone casually running with a stud stallion is a little off key.

And I am kind of assuming the other horses were mares, if not then Le Silence - Téléphone - Téléphone geldings and stud would be fighting. Will I buy any more books from this author? I have to now, I am addicted and I need to read all them. I need to know what has been going and what else will be going on.


Money - Milli Vanilli - All Or Nothing (The First Album), Missing You - The Grand Piano Boogie Train - Boogie On The Move, Instant Moments - Various - ID&T Classics - The Megamixes, 7. Choral: Gloria Sei Dir Gesungen - J. S. Bach* / Karl Richter / Münchener Bach-Orchester / München, My Way Home - Various - The Finest Of Hard-Rock (Vol.4), Jean-Jacques Goldman - Un Tour Ensemble (DVD), Nelson Mandela - The Special AKA - Nelson Mandela, I Didnt Know What Time It Was - Bobby Tucker Trio - Too Tough, My Favorite Things - The Lennon Sisters - The Lennon Sisters Favorites, Když Někdo Pomáhá - Milan Mareš, Míra Kuželka, Naďa Krchlová - Za Plynovou Rourou Po 20 Letech (Hude

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    Oct 01,  · Danielle Jamie has done it with Wasted Love! Brooklyn is one bad chick! You meet her first in the Savannah series, but you learn so much more about her in Wasted Love! Then of course, there is Jax, Xander, and Dixon. Can we say hotness overload? If you love crazy and funny, then you will love Wasted Love!/5.
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